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fantastic work on this, nice job :) i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales ;)


Congratulations. and good luck for sale :)


kindly provide live iTunes link of the app

Hello nine_apps

Here you have instructions on how to download and preview the app

Thanks for your interest.

How much firebase data we can have ?

Hello dezzzy

There is no limit on how much data you can put, no limit on how many recepies you can have.

I am assuming the Expo Client is just a way to show the app working ? correct?

and that we would create our own app and upload to iTunes?

Hello ihmunro

Yes, the Expo client is the way to show you the app. There will be all our app that can be tested.

You get the source code, and then you can make your own app.


I’ve got an issue below when I’m try to load the mobile app:

[Unhandled promise rejection: TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating ‘data.navigation’)]

Could you please let me know which part of the code this is referring to?


Hi amarjoshi45

Did you follow the docs here

Especially the step where you need to import the demodata.json in firebase.

Let me know if that helps?

Thanks for the purchase.

Hi Mobidonia,

Do you have AdMob implementation in the current project?

Does this app work Offline?

Can you share a direct link of Google Play Store?

Sincerely, Azaz

Hi azaz729,

Yes, AdMob are implemented in the project.

We haven’t implemented local cache yet. But thanks to firebase cache mechanism the data CAN be downloaded, just open the link below and read how you can make it.

You can test the app here, just open the link and you should have installed EXPO to your phone, and just scan the QR code.

We are hoping that you will like our product. And if you have other question feel free to contact us again.

Hello Mobidonia, where I find the recipe database?I see only for the restaurant and shop database. Thanks

Hello cascogiallo,

Did you follow correctly the steps for installing the admin panel, please open the link

We think that you missed this step—>

First, in the folder that you get from CodeCanyon there is folder “DemoData”. Inside that folder you will find “app.js” file. Extract the zip file from “AdminPanel” and replace the file “src/config/app.js” with the “app.js” from the “DemoData” folder.

Next, in the same folder you will find the file “schema.json”. Move that file to the “src/config” folder of your admin panel, replacing the existing file there.

In the same folder you will find the file “firestoreschema.js”. Move that file to the “src/config” folder of your admin panel, replacing the existing file there.

If you still have problem please create ticket here

Thanks for the purchase.

Regards, Team Mobidonia

Hi, can it take recipes from my existing food blog and populate the app? Can i set it up on my existing server I host my site on?

Hello kambeas,

Yes, you can, just have to write a script similar like we have for Shopify. We can give it to you, and then you can synchronize your script with ours.

We can help you to do that, and we are so sorry for the late response. We are waiting for your response.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

That would be great – Can you provide me with more info on this ? Thanks again

Hello kambeas,

You can contact our developer and she will guide you what you have to do.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

does it work offline ?

Hello sultan140402

Unfortunately no. Only online.

Thanks for the interest.

Hello, Does it support Arabic language?

Is the react native code stores-based? like redux, mobx, etc.


We are interested in buying this application but we have the following question: 1. Is your react native code stores-based? like redux, mobx, etc. 2. Does it support push notification? 3. Does it support Google analytics?

Hello sawsanbasem, Sorry for the late response we were busy working on the update. 1. We don’t use redux, mobx for now but we plan to use in the other updates. 2. Yes, our app support push notifications. 3. For now, our app doesn’t support Google analytics, but thank you for the suggestion we will add to our new update.

If you have another question please feel free to contact us again.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

Can this be used for multiple users with their own recipe posts?

Thanks in advance.

Hello donaldrubio

Not yet, but we are going in that direction. We just finished the login/register following/followers functionality.

Next step will be to enable users to sed recipes. But we don’t have clear eta for this.

Thanks for the interest.


Will wait and look forward for these changes before I purchase.

Thank you.

is there a favorite feature ?

yes, there is favorite feature.

I can’t see in the screen shot, can i get the demo, i just wanna make sure before purchase it

Hello Protius888

It is not in the demo of the recipe app.

But all our apps share the same code, so we will send you instructions on how to add the “Favorite” functionality. It is matter of configuration of firebase, and not in the code.

android demo please

Hello sanavela, Here is the link of every app in the UNIEXPO app There you can find recipe app.

If you have other question feel free to contact us again.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

Does it support YouTube videos for Recipes

Hi abufahad5050,

Absolutely, there is option to set a vide link when you create the items. So if you have other questions, feel free to contact us again. Thanks for the interest. Kind regards, Team Mobidonia