Discussion on Recette - Share your recipes with the world

Discussion on Recette - Share your recipes with the world

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Hi, very interesting – my questions:

1. Is it possible to handle 100 000 – 500 000 users with this app? 2. What are the drawbacks using google sheets?


The app makes one request when it is opened or when the user refreshes the page then saves the data in a local database to be used offline. Google Spreadsheet api has a quota of 300 requests per minute but because of the low number of requests performed per user the app can handle a large number of users. One of the drawbacks of using google spreadsheet api is in case of a high frequency opening/refreshing the app we can exceed the limit of 300 requests per minute especially if the app has a large number of installs. Google spreadsheet is dedicated for small/medium size apps where the owner doesn’t want to spend money on backend. If you want to get the source code with a backend please contact us on

thx for the answer – thre a way to increase the limit?

2. there are many applications out there that require a server. So why should i consider your app?

Yes you can ask for a quota limit increase. Concerning the backend, you can request for a custom version using a backend with Firebase for free and we would be happy to assist

Is it possible to add search option in it. And what about offline accessibility.


The data fetched from the backend is saved to a local database in the phone so Yes, there’s offline accessibility. About the search option, there will be future updates with more features including search and advanced filtering.

Thank you

مرحبا اخي هل ادا شتريت نسخة 59 دولار هل يمكنيني استعمالها في أكثر من تطبيق او لا

التطبيق يعمل بالانترنت، لكن المستعمل بامكانه الاطلاع على الوصفات لاحقا بدون انترنت لان التطبيق يسجل الوصفات الجديدة في الهاتف في حال عدم وجود انترنت

بامكانك اضافة الوصفات من خلال Google Sheets

لمعرفة طريقة تحضير التطبيق واضافة الوصفات ستجد ملف به فيديوهات والخطوات التي يجب اتباعها

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I want to buy. But I want learn how add recipe ör add category. Please give support PDF or example video


when buying the source code you will get video documentation on how to setup the app and add categories and recipes. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thank you.

Hello, Automatically closed the app when I open it…


We will reach out to you and see what could be the problem. Thank you

can i use this template for short stories app?


Unfortunately the app is made just for recipes and can’t apply it’s structure for other types of content.

Hmm what the google sheets api have a limit, per day or anything?


The app is made in a way that it doesn’t request from google sheets everytime the user enters the app or refreshes. there’s a cooldown time that the app owner can set when configuring the app. Everytime there’s a request, the data will be saved into a local database and the app will just access that database to retrieve the recipes.

yeah, but i think u should describe that limit things too.. i already purchased, so how configure the cooldown time like u say? thanks


In Docs > 6 – Configure Recette.pdf, you will find all the necessary configurations to setup your app. AVG_ADDING_TIME is the attribute to set the cooldown time, everything is explained in the docs.


What if the comment field, can you add it below the recipe? I also want users to be able to add recipes and give likes, comments to other users who share cooking recipes.


Thanks for your suggestions. About the comment section we’re planning on adding it in the next updates but technically it hard to implement the ability for users to post recipes because we are using Google Sheets as a backend.

Automatically stopped when I open the app


Can you please provide us more details about the problem.

I have bought your App

But you can’t find the documentation to configure I don’t see the information for the backend

Please send complete information

I await your prompt response


Sorry for this inconvenience, Initially the archives contained all the needed files but after the first update I sent only the new code, I will reupload the Documentations and the needed files and you will get updated when they get published.

Again, Our apologies for any caused inconvenience.

Hi, It looks a great easy design and overall app idea. I am actually interested. How can I buy the code and after purchase services. i.e. skinning etc


Thanks for your interest in the app, glad you like it. You will find a button in the right panel with the name “Buy Now” from there you can buy the app, follow the instructions. After you buy the app you will find the Documentations included on how to setup the app, configure it and even do some reskinning. If you find any problem or want to do some changes you can either comment here or contact us on

hello friends, if you have required Reskin service like app name change, package name, logo, admob setting, playstore listing, firebase setup, facebook ads, admin/back panel setup etc. for any android application in reasonable price, please contact me on

Is there any demo apk to test the app before purchase?


The demo APK is ready and you can download it. I wish you will like the app.

How about translate, string in google sheet can be translated to different lenguajes?


Yes you can translate the app to any language you want and the process is described in the Documentations + The app supports RTL languages like Arabic.

About the content of the recipes, it depends on the language you use in google sheets. We are working on making it possible to add multiple languages in google sheets in the next update.


Hi, Glad you like it.

Best Regards.

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck with Sales :)

Hi, Thank you for the support

Best Regards.

i think the google sheets idea is a good idea. can u make more apps using this backend idea? also make ios apps. or just use flutter or react native.

Hi, thanks for your comment. I have some other ideas that uses the same concept of using Google Sheets as backend. New source codes will be published as soon as possible so stay tuned.

can you make 50% discount for first 5 buyer?

no just change your item price. you dont need to use the discount feature. just edit the price.

I see, My bad. It’s a new feature so I just assumed you have to apply discounts from there. Working on it

Done!, you can now get the source code with only 20$


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