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Gave this item a full 5 star rating. Danilo, the author of this plugin has been really helpful and supportive.

Excellent, all around!

Well done.

Hey Dude, nice work! One Question please.

The Plugin ist installed on www.segapro.net. I see only one Post. :| What is the problem?

Hello Simon and thanks for purchasing. In the plugin options, under the Content tab you can select the content of the gallery.

If you need more help ask for support in my profile contact form and send me a link where i can actually see the plugin in action and more info about your current selection in the plugin Content tab.

Currently the left and right tabs make the playlist move one cell at a time. When you have 50+ items in it, it’s quite laborious for to click click click constantly to move through the timeline. Is there a way that this can move say, 5 or 6 posts at a time, or better still, clicking the left and right tab would move the total amount of posts visible and reveal the next set in the line-up = less clicks and less frustration.

Other than that, I love this plugin.

Hello danieljaems and thanks for your feedback, at the moment my only suggestion is to increase the sliding speed in the plugin options. The slider has been specifically created for this plugin therefore i have the complete control on it and maybe in a future update will be improved, if this will happen i’ll send a notification to the buyers.

Thanks, It would be a beneficial update. At the moment, its a little bit annoying with the repetitive clicks. I think longterm the user gets bored and might not bother going back past 20+ clicks.

I think this is a good solution for something I’m working on. Has there been any testing for mobile it’s seems to scale down but when I scroll it disappears. Again I’m on a very old android phone though

Hello, as you can see in the “General” tab screenshot, i’ve included the “Autohide limit” option. I’ve used this option in the demo to hide the rendering under a specific limit, if you want you can set this option to 0 to avoid this behavior. Anyway the gallery is a fixed element ( in term of CSS ) and i recommend to hide the plugin with mobile devices if your website allows the mobile zoom feature, because many mobile browsers don’t handle properly fixed elements and the zoom feature at the same time.

I would like to buy this plugin but i need to use it only on homepage. Is it possible ? Can i do it via shortcode or hardcoding it into template ? Thx.

Hello reling, yes is possible, you have simply to add the is_home() conditional tag in a plugin file. After purchasing contact me via my profile contact form and i will tell you how.


i have installed the plugin, but menu dont show right, only vertical not horizontal. and not open all menus right in the admin section.

have you any solution?

thanky regards

i have deaktiv all plugins and try again, but the same.

Hello mounty, the menu in the back end make use of the jquery tabs library ( https://jqueryui.com/tabs/ ), if this library is not loaded properly you can have this kind of problem, please check that you don’t have javascript errors in your wordpress back. If you are not able to solve contact me directly via my profile contact form with the source code of the page.

Can you please add Random to the Order..? or is there a code i can put in to make this random..?   Also is there any way i can get this to show Random posts of a certain category per page..?   ex: www.mysite.com/page1 only shows posts from category “cars” www.mysite.com/page2 only shows posts from category “girls”

Hello, please check out the “Shortcode Advanced” section in the plugin documention, you can set custom content, random posts, set a category etc. This is an advanced feature that allows you to set the parameters for the http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/get_posts function, if you need help with this contact me via profile contact form and i’ll be happy to provide you some shortcode.

Also the solid color line where you can title it above the posts… is there a way to remove that? If there is … can i also make the plugin lets say double in size i feel like its just a little too small?

Hello, please send me a screenshot for this via my profile contact form and i’ll be happy to help.

Hi I have installed your widget on my post pages @ sickchirpse.com but it is not sliding automatically. How can I enable this?


Hello SickChirpse, the items included in the slider can only be moved manually, an automatic sliding feature is not included at the moment. If you need more info about this plugin or for support please contact me via my profile contact form.

Hey, forget my other requests.. this plugin is interfering with comments … it duplicates them/ hides comments box… can you fix this..?

Hello jaynurrun, please send me a link to your website or more specific info about your problem via my profile contact form.

A new update ( Recent Posts Revolution v1.56 ) has been released and this problem is now solved. Thank you to jaynurrun for reporting this.

Does the plugin remember state? In other words, if a user closes/mimimizes the recent posts bar, and then navigates to another page (using any other link) will the recent posts bar on that subsequent page still be minimized? Or would you have to close it every time?

Hello futuremedia, yes, a cookie named rprgallerystatus saves the current status ( open, closed ) of the Recent Posts Revolution bar, so if you close the Recent Posts Revolution bar and then navigates to another page of your website the Recent Posts Revolution bar remains minimized. The downloadable version from CodeCanyon includes this feature, the feature is not implemented in the live demo because the version installed in the live demo doesn’t include this plugin update.

Does the plugin cache the listed items? Or does it hit the database every time it displays? I’m on a shared server and have to be extremely careful about database overhead.

Hello futuremedia, the items are not cached, this plugin make use of the get_posts() wordpress function to retrieve the items/posts.

Not sure how to see the design types in the demo.

Hello StacySmith, I don’t understand your question. Please add more details if you need an answer. Thank you.

Is this plugin only for the horizontal slider of recent posts? or does it work as a vertical feed of recent posts as well?

Hello reelpeoplereviews, this plugin generates only the horizontal element visible in the plugin demo.

If you need more info feel free to ask.