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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you mate


jochite Purchased

I have access installed plugins and I get the following messages in paragraphs registration and

ERROR for the website owner: Invalid domain for site key

Hello Jochite,

You need to enter valid domain site key. Please have a look at the documentation for how to get site key. http://documents.wpeliteplugins.com/recaptcha-for-woocommerce/#recaptcha-key

You can create support ticket if still you have issue


Hi, how can I use reCAPTCHA into a WooCommerce Theme were your plugin don’t add it? Thanks

Hi stan_cristinel,

You can do via custom code. You can call woo_display_recaptcha method of public class. Let us know via email where exactly you want to add and we are happy to help you

Hello, plugin do not display captcha when I turn on captcha in AffiliateWP plugin settings. Please check compatibility with AffiliateWP.

Can you please let me know plugin url. Also please send plugin zip on email so we can check compatibility.

Hey there, I just successfully install the plugin and have to set to appear on my checkout page but nothing is showing up. Site Key and Secret Key are active. URL is http://spinnywhoosh.com/checkout/ Please let me know if there’s anything I need to fix to make this work. Creating a support ticket now.

Great. Yes, let me know on support helpdesk. We will check issue then.

Replied on support helpdesk

Hi, I have set it up but it’s showing up neither on registration form nor lost password form.

url is https://pure-athlete.com/my-account/

Hello SimplyLogoDesign,

Please contact us on support helpdesk or email with recaptcha settings screenshot


Hi I have purchased this plugin and installed successfully, But I found an issue on recaptcha. I have added this in to my checkout page and once i filled up the checkout details then i have mistakenly missed the mandatory field in my page, but I have checked the recpatcha thing. once i try to place order form validation points to fill the mandatory. So then i have filled and re submit it, then it shows Enter ReCaptcha. But it’s alread ticked. So how can I re tick? nor refresh link or nothing near recaptcha thing. waiting for Quick respond. please reply me via isuru@osmium.lk or isuruosmium@gmail.com

thanks, but it wont help me to solve this issue which i have faced.

Hello Mate,

As it’s working on demo so there should be some plugin/theme issue. You can provide development site details abandoned we are happy to help you further

Really would like to be able to place this directly above the “Place Order” button. I think there is a hook for that. Think you could add that feature? Then this would be perfect.

Hello There,

We have added option to display reCAPTCHA before place order button

Thank you

Perfect, thanks!

Most welcome! If you satisfied with support and plugin then can you please rate it

Best Regards

Hi, I’m actually having the same issue now as osmiumptyltd, where if I check the captcha, and then billing fails (for example) then I can change credit card and retry, but it fails because it says the captcha is no longer valid (even though it is checked and cannot be unchecked). I’m using a theme with AJAX checkout, which I assume is the issue.

Hello, Can you please contact on support help desk or email with site url. Our support team will help you there

I want to by and use this plugin but is it compatible with Woocommerce 3.0?

Yes, its compatible with WooCommerce 3.0

I purchased your plugin and it isn’t working. The reason I purchased it is because I was using the plugin “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce” by Agbonghama Collins and it stopped working after I updated Woocommerce to 3.0. Assuming a compatibility issue, I purchased yours. It is behaving the same way. It does not display the reCAPTCHA “I’m not a robot” on the Login nor the Register page. I checked the following check boxes during setup: Login Form, Registration Form, Lost Password Form and Checkout Page. Please help!!!


It is working. There is issue on register form and its already resolved. We have launched plugin and its waiting for approval here. Will be available soon

Let me know in support helpdesk or email if you have any issue after update


Is this plugin working correctly with latest WP version

Hi. Thanks for the plugin, but it only works on the woocommerce pages? It can run on the standard form login/registration of Wordpress?

It’s only for woocommerce. We can help you if you want for WordPress. Let us know on email.


Is this plugin compatible with latest WooCommerce?

Cheers, Sonny

Yes, it’s compatible with latest version of WooCommerce


quaero Purchased


in the same page where there are Login and Registration forms will it shown two captcha or only one?

If there are to Captchas in the same page I will buy :)

Yes, it support multiple captcha on same page. see features list


quaero Purchased

Bought, thanks, looks great!

OK. please rate if you satisfied with plugin

Have a good day :-)


Thank you for the great plugin, one quick issue as the reCaptcha script conflict with other reCaptcha scripts, as an example i’m using the “WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form” plugin, I was able to remove the “WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form” reCapatcha form the enqueue list but if you can enqueue your plugin script too in a way we could have more control on the script and avoid conflicts.

Thank you.

Hello Mate,

Yes, we have added code like so you can remove script on page that you don’t want. If you are not able to do then let us know on at support helpdesk or email wpeliteplugins@gmail.com and we are happy to help

Best Regards

Hey, Thank you for your reply!

Another issue I’m experiencing is when I use the reCaptcha with password reset, the password reset email is sent and the reCaptcha is valid, but the link doesn’t work and I get “Invalid Key” error message. With that being said, if I disable the password reset reCaptcha, the password reset links start to work fine again. Please try the described scenario above and let me know.

WP version: 4.7.5 WooCommerce version: 2.6.14

Hello Mate,

We have resolved issue in latest version and will launch it soon. If you have urgent then let us know on email wpeliteplugins@gmail.com and we will provide you latest copy

Best Regards

does this work correctly on wp-login.php for login and lost password?

where would I hook into and what function would I call? Is this tested by you and works on wp-login.php and will I get the sollution once I purchase?

nevermind, decided to go with a different plugin. Thanks for your time.

OK, no problem.