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I am thoroughly confused. I bought this iMessage App, is the UDEMY tutorial included with purchase? or is it separate? Not sure why it has to be so confusing and not clearly presented. If it is free, I don’t know where I can access the link to view it

Hi, sorry for the confusion. The Udemy tutorial is included for free in this product. Please, contact me at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com for your own special link to enroll in the course. Thank you.

Will you ever support gifs? We have a huge selection of gifs that we’d like to be able to add easily for timesake.

Hi, this is a great idea. Rebeloper Messages does support using gifs as stickers, however you would need to code a little bit. This is why I decided that I’ll update the code myself to support gifs easily. I have just submitted version 2.0.1 for review and it should be available to you within a few days. Thanks for the idea and enjoy.

Just saw your update. Can you explain briefly to me how Auto-renewable subscriptions work for this app? Especially if I have users who have already unlocked stickers?

You don’t need to supply new content each month. Users will get access to thew locked stickers as long as they are subscribed. This is possible due to Apple’s new approach to Auto-renewable subscriptions. While you had to provide new content monthly in the past, now you don’t need to. Users subscribe to get access.

Okay, understood now. Can you recommend a good subscription price? The lowest? Do you have an example app that shows this? Your Black Cat one looks like it is still on the old model.

I would suggest going experimenting, but $0.99, $1.99 or $2.99 should work. It’s still a fresh market and one can ask more than the standard $0.99

New update is giving (2) errors:

Unused Entity Issue: Unused variable ‘controller’ MKStoreKit.m

Missing File: Sticker1.gif

OK, I went into the left side and just deleted “Sticker1.gif”


Great. Welcome.

hi, I requested the video instruction. How soon will you respond to the request?

Paid the order. Wrote a request for instructions to the developer. The answer never came. Like everything did, and in app purchase does not work. Impression that threw money away.

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. We are closed on weekends. Have sent you the link to the course in the support ticket. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Hey can I get the video documentation? I sent in a support ticket.

Hi, I have sent you the link to the course in the reply to your support ticket.

Hi this is a great template! Do you have any plans to add Tabs across the top so that users can different Categories?

Hi MrArchitect, Thanks for the compliment and your suggestion. Actually we are releasing version 3.0.0 of Rebeloper Messages in a few days thta has this exact same feature :)

Does this new version support gifs still? Is there a way to create more categories?

Hi, it still supports gifs. Adding more categories requires changing some code. Contact me at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com and I’ll do it for a small fee.

OK, let me see how many categories we are going to need, at this point its one for each main emotion, so 3-5 I also have a question regarding the locked png files. Do we have to upload locked files for every single sticker? We have over 200 stickers and that would nearly double the size of the app just having locked images. Is there a way to just show the free ones and then when it’s bought, they all just appear?

Hi, 3-5 categories is fine. Also, when you order your custom code make sure to ask for the modification to remove the locked stickers (or just show one png of a lock image for all the locked stickers) I personally like the second option because it shows the volume of the locked stickers. It entices the users to find out about all of those other 200 stickers

Hi, can you add the functionality of the iMessage app you offer to an existing app?

Hi, sure. Just contact me at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com with as much detail about he project as possible.

can I add admob ads to it ? also what is the min Xcode version to compile and run this project ?


Thank you for your interest.

Currently Apple does not allow ads in iMessage apps, so AdMob does not have an implementation for these kind of apps. The minimum Xcode version is Xcode 8. The code is written in Swift 3. After an few days (once Xcode 9 and Swift 4 are released to the public) it will be updated to Swift 4 and you will be able to run it in Xcode 9.

Let me know if you have any further questions, Alex

What exactly is the new “Support Accesibility“ feature? Please explain…

Hi, Accessibility aid users with disabilities use your app. I’ve added Voice Over Accessibility. Basically the phone reads out loud the buttons and available controls. See more here: https://www.apple.com/accessibility/

Does this X version also support gif?

Hi, not at the moment. Please use the 3.0.5 version for gif support.


nsoud Purchased

Thank you for the app, but i have tested the Xcode 9 project on my iPhone and using also Simulator it is working but the animated stickers are not animating? please why is that, thank you


nsoud Purchased

thank you man for all the help, your support is great , thank you


nsoud Purchased

Dear rebeloper i have sent you an email for earlier version support animated stickers , ” nsoud2008@gmail.com ” thank you very much

Thanks for reaching out. Have replied with he necessary details.


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1) I have an issue with AppTitle, It changes its appearance depending on running device, on iPhone SE it looks taller, but on iPad Pro 12.9 it looks wider. 2) Can I change the height of the MainBar? If so, where can I do this?


elBato Purchased

1) Solved! Had AppTitle on 1X instead of 2X

Hi, you should not change the height of the main bar as it might effect other elements. Let me know if you have any further questions.

How can I get the Swift 3.0 version – I just bought the 4.0 version – thanks!

Sent you an email on how to join Udemy course. You can get it from there.

When will this have GIF support? It’s a must have for my app.

Hi, the current version cannot support gifs because it has a UICollectionView. However older versions 2.x.x do support gifs. Go ahead and download them from the free videos Documentation Page.

How do i change the amount of categories? Thanks!

You can do that by setting up the Categories plist file. It’s all in the Documentation videos. If you haven’t got access to the Documentation videos than contact me at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com

hi, thank you for all support, please how auto subscription work , i mean when i click on locked sticker it only show non-consumable but where is the auto subscription button, thank you


nsoud Purchased

hi, i still can’t find where is the auto subscription button, i only see non consumable purchase, i have send email now

You will learn more about the code setup after you take a look at the video Documentation, but my guess is that you need to set enableSubscriptions to true in the Setup.swift file.


nsoud Purchased

thank you very much for the great help, i will try this for sure