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Hi. Pre-sale question.

Can I add my .apng animations? It’s unclear. In the description says “supports simple stickers (png, jpg)”, but also says “Supports Animated Stickers (apng)”.


Hi, the latest version does not support apng, sorry for the confusion.

How do we make the app send stickers normal size without the icon watermark? Behaveasstickerpack toggle cause app to not even load on testing advice

It looks like you haven’t purchased the source code from CodeCanyon. To be sure that you do own a copy please contact me at the site where you purchased it. Thanks.

I bought it on Udemy and posted a sticker size question yesterday

Will reply there. Thank you.

Restore Not Working, In your latest update, it says that the restore function is working. But when I tested the app, the iap all work fine but Restore does not work, causing my app to be rejected by Apple.

Any ideas?

I get this error

There’s no information available for In-App Purchases, Try again later 21105

Most probably Sandbox iTunes Connect servers are latent or down. Will investigate the Restore issue. Thanks for the bug report

Can you make it so that there is a iphone app connected to it? That way user can unlock sets are browse emojis from iphone extension as well? I think it will be easy to do.

I mean like when user installs it, there is no app on iPhone Home screen

Yes, that’s is how Rebeloper Messages is built. No app on home screen

I know but because of this, any app created will never rank on the main app store which is where all the money is made. All we need is a simple one page added as an iphone app extension. It can be basic. With just a custom banner image followed by a restore button if we have iap enabled.

This app doesn’t support gif or apng?

Currently not. It needed to be removed as of version 2. But I’m in the process of updating it to iOS 12 and I’m really considering adding that functionality back in again. Stay tuned it will be available real soon so you may submit your apps before the Holiday Season. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Version 12 is up now. So, does it supported gif and apng?

Hi, I have struggled adding those into the new version and could not. So png is what it supports for now.

Pre-sale question: what’s the size of a sticker in pixels

Hi, it can be anything but suggest size should be between 512×512 and 1024×1024. Let me know if you have any further questions

can i add my custom made icons inside the app?

Hi, yes of course as long as they are png

Best place to get stickers made?

You can join our design service:

Hi, can I buy it for you? comes the source code?

Yes, contact me at for details

Hi there, great job with the app and tutorial! Quick question before I purchase. Can the numerical navigation menu in the bottom corner be replaced with icons (PNG pictures)? Also, can the original category menu be added back to the header? Thanks

Hi, I have since updated the code and the navigation menu has been added to the top of the view. And for the original menu please contact me at

any error when run testing?

Nothing that I found. But if you find one I’ll fix it, just let me know.

Can this app be uploaded to itunesconnect?

Yes, of course. You just need to set it according to this documentation:

Just purchased it. but theres no guide line / documentation in the file. Please share or its this: thanks

Hi, yes. That is the correct link to the documentation

Hi, checking in to ask a few questions after purchase. First, have you added GIF support back to the code? Also, the most recent version of Xcode (10.2) is requiring that “BulletinBoard” be converted to Swift 4 (it was created with Swift 3.x). Should I download Xcode 10.1 to migrate the code or are you planning to update it shortly? Thanks!

Hi, I’m planning to update it shortly. Till than just bump up the BulletinBoard version.

hi, if I want to add new stickers, need update app every time?

Yes, you need to submit a new version of the app to the App Store