Rebeloper Messages - iMessage App in Swift 3, iOS 10

Rebeloper Messages - iMessage App in Swift 3, iOS 10


Version 3.0.0 is here! The iMessage app that you all loved just got even better!


Now Supports Auto Renewable Subscriptions! The iMessage App Store Gold Rush has just begun! Be among the firsts who make a huge profit!


Rebeloper Messages brings Free to Play to the iMessage App Store.

Now you can let users download your app for free, let them try out some of your stickers and than pay for extra Stickers with In-app Purchases.

Rebeloper Messages is on the App Store as Black Cats Messages!





  • Written in Swift 3
  • iOS 10 ready
  • supports 3 auto-renewable subscriptions
  • arrange your stickers into 3 categories
  • Let users download your iMessage app for free – this is how you will get tons of downloads
  • Unlimited Stickers
  • Free Stickers / Locked Stickers
  • “Unlock All” In-app Purchase – this is where you will make money
  • Custom Background
  • Supports Simple Stickers (png)
  • Supports Animated Stickers (apng)

You will get your hands on the Rebeloper Messages source code and hands on video tutorials how to put your own reskin of it on the App Store.




Setting this source code up takes less than 5 minutes! It only takes 3 steps:

  1. Add your Free and Locked Stickers
  2. Add your In-App Purchase ID
  3. Publish on the App Store

And if you need guidance than you’re in good company. You will get access to 2+ hours of hands on video documentation. A step by step video walk trough of everything you need to know from downloading Xcode to Submitting your app to the App Store!

When you purchase a Rebeloper Source Code you purchase more than just a source code. You purchase the awesome documentation and constant support.

Act now and catch the iMessage App Store Gold Rush! Be the first who unlocks the massive potential of Free to Play! Leverage the power of In-app Purchases.

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Got a question? Ask it in the comments section. We answer each and every question in less than 24 hours, but mostly within 3 hours (if we’re not asleep). Customer happiness is our #1 priority. And of course, we offer a 14 days money back guarantee.


What is the difference between Rebeloper Messages and a Sticker app that can be created in Xcode without writing any code?

Let me tell you the difference between this template and a sticker app (that you can easily create in Xcode). The point of this template is that it has In-app purchases. Why is this a big thing? There is a huge trend that started about 2 years ago that shaped the App Store forever. It is called ‘Free to play’. Till that time developers either charged a flat price upfront for their app or they created 2 apps (one for a flat price and one for free but with fewer features). The idea was that users can try out the free app than go and buy the other app. In-app purchases had drastically changed this business model with the ‘Free to play’ approach. With ‘In-app purchases developers now need to create only one app, sell it for free (witch means more donloads and free tryouts) than ask for money only after the user knows that the app is great without leaving the current app and the need to download another app. Now this is where Rebeloper Messages shines! If you wish to create a sticker app (which is quite easy and requires no coding as you said) you have the option two options of pricing it : free or for a fee. This is the old way of doing business on the App Store and is outdated, it will not make you a lot of money. The smart way of making money today on the App Store is to follow the Free to play’ business model, which requires In-app purchases, which in tie does require coding. With Rebeloper Store users have the chance of downloading your app for free, tr it out (with a few free stickers) and than buy the other stickers with an In-app purchase. Caching!


3.0.0 – (10.07.2017) – This is a BRAND NEW PROJECT; you’ll need to start a new project to update your pre 3.0.0 version apps

  • Added option to choose sticker sizes
  • Silenced a few Warnings
  • Updated project to recommended settings
  • Resized ButtonPurchaseAll.png, ButtonRestore.png and HeaderBackground.png
  • Added new images for update
  • Removed Store.swift
  • Added new stickers to accommodate Categories
  • Changed Setting.swift and MKStoreKitConfigs.plist to accommodate new in-app purchases

2.0.1 – (21.02.2017)

  • Added support for gif Stickers (files changed: StickerBrowserViewController.swift – line 53, Settings.swift – line 27)
  • Added more robust explanation for how to set up Auto-Renewable Subscriptions (files changed: Settings.swift – line 16)

2.0.0 – (18.02.2017)

  • Supports Auto-renewable subscriptions (this is a brand new project; start with a fresh download)

1.0.1 – (20.12.2016)

  • Added Progress Hud (files added: JGProgressHUD folder; RebeloperMessages-Bridging-Header.h; files changed: MessagesViewController.swift, Store.swift)

1.0.0 – (10.11.2016)

  • Initial Release