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im confused… what does the app ? and is it a eclipse project ?

Only Android Studio. This is the first racing game on Play Market based on physically existing radio controlled cars. No computer graphics.

hello , in the demo you gave link paid for playing. Do you have a demo can be played without pay ?

Good day, You can request promo codes to ride a car.

Good project i tested with your promotion coin. However very hard to controll. Maybe you can improve your radio controll system. Glws

Controls depend on internet speed and location. Users from USA connect to cars in Europe without problems.

How can we test it? And how can a thousand player Play it

You can download it form store. There is live queue to ride a car, so depends on count of available cars.

Seems you need more cars…. will your app control my real cars?

This app can control only custom made cars.

i need more information about this app

What exactly you would like to know ?

me too confuse, so where to get those cars, and how much will cost, so who ever install this app they should have a remote control car right, is it based artificial intelligence?

You do not need the cars, we provide them. You can build your own app on our base. If you want to buy a car you can preorder it from us

app says internet connection must be fast and stable – my connection 15mbit up/15mbit down fiber cable ?

connection ok, camera ok but car can’t be controlled

It is a real life based game. Racing cars can fail or brake any time like in real life. Our team always solves all the issues.

I can’t even play the car. Why?

Please retry now

and if I want to build my own cars? you teach what should I buy and how to ride?

You can preorder cars from us since they should be correctly configured

and for code source??? we can do our team of cars ?

There are kits available on our website for preorder

what about the IOS version?.

Most likely we will publish it in the nearest future.

1 I know work with Arduino and saw on your website that uses Arduino, if I buy the code for mobile will come with the code for me to ride my own server? 2 you from the list of components that should I buy? 3 if so I paid even more for you to provide me everything, I have a hpi savage xs flux hp

Currently its not possible. Sorry for inconvenience.

hi i bought this game i need help to fix some things please repond to email

Internet conection must be FAst and Stable This What I see When I click on The button racer My conexion Excelent , Help me to Solve this

Dear Ronaldev,

We received information from other marketplace that you tried to resell our app without any prior permission. This is a serious violating of CodeCanyon and RCWorl.mobi licence agreements.

what the roal of the licence you selled with source code

here we are

Dear Ronaldev and/or Ismail Chamam,

We received information from other marketplace that you tried to resell our app without any prior permission. This is a serious violating of CodeCanyon and RCWorl.mobi licence agreements.

those this game got in-app purchases or admob orso to make some money out of it??

Right now its not legally allowed but we plan to change it the nearest future.

Hi Kenzapsia, i am little confused about this app can you please advise exactly what we can do with this template to launch it on google playstore?

1) Once i buy this template can i reskin and publish it to google playstore without any issues?. 2) Will i just need the api key from you?. Other than that do i need to pay for anything? 3) Can i integrate with admob and monitize with this app?.

We are not selling backend at the moment. The game is not virtual it provides access to physical infrastructure of real radio controlled cars which you can buy and share within our platform of 100 000 gamers.

okk..i am totally confused now..Can you please tell me step by step how i implement this game?. What are all the steps and how much will be the initial cost and what are the ROI on this?.

Yes sure but this describes it all: http://rcworld.mobi/product/rcworld-mobi-buggy/

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hello, I have also liked the idea.But is there away you can add the option of users being able to earn some coins when he wins a race and of which can be turned into cash after accumulating to a certain number? because apart from enjoying the game, people are always looking for fun ways to make extra income during their free time and this is the best way to earn that extra income in a fun way.

I look forward to see it added.

Thank you Ronnie

Then, how do i receive my payments made when people buy coins to play on my app?


So, how do i benefit from the app or how do i MAKE MONEY WHEN I INSTALL IT? because i pay for the script and everything else to be able to make some money out of it.

hello sir what if i well buy it what i well get ? and where is control panel

You will get a video streaming example code. There is no panel available.

If you can reskin it to me, I will buy it, please reply thank you.

is there ads of admob to earn by theme?

In google play

Write us e-mail and we will give you quote