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hi there bud… the last WordPress update causes the plugin to crash :( can you please help !? thanks :)

Thank you Macster, i will try to fix that as soon as possible.

Please tell me how to display it in theme not in widget???

Where are you “AUTHOR” The plugin cause server ovelload!!!!

Hi Abatu, You may have problems with your configuration . Plugin has been tested by other users. Author is little busy these days, i can not check it right now. But i will when i’ll have time if you ask ‘politely’. Thank you

I think i asked very politely,I asked (comments 3 times),Just then you replayed….!!!!
You could answer from first comment and say i am busy.
If you can’t support your products then, Trust me you will loose or even never have clients!.


Im looking for a possible way to show a green (online/logged in) or red light (off/logged out) for each user in his fronetend profile. Any idea – or is this with this pugin possible?


Hi, Of course Within the plugin files, you will find the used icons . You can change them but try to keep using same size.


Thank you for your plugin “Real-Time Online Users” – we’ve bought it in Codecanyon and we liked it.

But we have one problem with the plugin. We can not see images for online users and others because the way to the image is So the images should be in the folder “rtou_widget”, but really rhere are no such folder on the server. The name of the plugin’s folder is “codecanyon-3740135-realtime-online-users”. How can we fix this problem?

Seems I’ve just fixed it. The problem was in the name of the archive – it was named “”, I’ve renamed it to “” and it worked!

Hi, This isue is frequent, i will simplify that in the next version. Thank you

Hallo, i want to buy this Plugin, but is there also a possiblility to see USERS – LIST ONLINE ? or only the numbers of members, users and guests …

Hi Cristen, sorry, only numbers

What is the Correct setting for the refresh. I set it to 10 and it shows the count for 10 seconds then the number goes away and I have to wait another 10 seconds with the widget showing no count. After some time, it displays no numbers at all. The count is also only on one line at a time. It will show users online but not registered users.

Hi I just got this plugin and install it on my site but the number keep disappearing after every ten seconds and after certain time it comes back. Any help


hello can you please check this plugin is working with https word-press site or not

and please send me email on this issue cuz i am unable to see any info on sitepage


hi, how to change ” % Online user(s)” in another language?


Hi, The plugin supports only french and english. if you want to add your own language : Add a new translate file in Lang folder. Feel free to contact me if you have problems adding a new language.

A new version will be available within minutes, to add a new language all you have to do is to deposite your translate file (IE: es.php) withing the /Lang folder of the plugin.

Hi do you have a version that can be put on a site that do not have wordpress?

Hi Magus, for the moment no, sorry. I will be working on this requirment as you are not the only one who asked for this. thanks.

Hello. :-) I was wondering if there is any way to customize this plugin to show a widget for each individual staff member or advertiser, so that website visitors can see when they are online and available. Eg show a green light when a particular user is online, and the green light disappears when they log off?

Kind regards

Hi, This is absolutely possible, but it needs modification of the source code. This is a specific need in your case, so i cannot update the current version with such functionality (It also requires some, which i cannot have … )

Is there anybody who could do this for me for a fee?

Hello There,

I have now bought the plugin, unfortunately it seems to be totally out of date, as there with the current version of WordPress is not working.

Please therefore to cancel the purchase.

Notice: Use of undefined constant WPLANG – Assumed ‘WPLANG’ in/var/www/vhosts/ on line 364 Notice: Undefined index: title in/var/www/vhosts/ on line 147

King Regards Andreas Fritz

Hi, A new version has been uploaded, it is working with the last version of WordPress

I installed this and it took a really long time to come up and had broken icons and didn’t work. Thoughts?


It must be a permissions problem (HTTP Server cannot copy the files apparently).

In your case, you can do this : 1- uncompress the plugin; 2- Copy all the images inside /images folder into : .

Hi, a new fix is published, please update the plugin if you did not install it manually.

Demo url is down

Sorry about that, It will be available in a few minutes.

It’s available now