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Butiful result but some freeze

Hi there. I find the best application is to target a container. I use it on my own website: Personally, I don’t want to have snow falling on the entire page/site but its a matter of choice. You can use it in whatever way best suits your own site.


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Hi, a presell question: Can this script be used on a non-wordpress website, just a simple html static website? Is this also covered in the documentation (e.g. what jquery version is needed etc.) Thank you!

Hi there. It certainly can. It comes with a standalone html page demo so is very simple to set up. It comes bundled with jQuery 2.2.1 but also works with jQuery 3.0.0 (you would just need to change a single line of code to support 3.0.0). You can also link to jQuery versions online if you prefer.


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Great, thank you! I just purchased…


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Sorry, that maybe a stupid question from a js newbie: How do I set the variables in the <head>? This does not work: <script> escript_snow._heightVal = 300; escript_snow.init(); </script>

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Hi, if you want to specify a height (rather than target a container which automatically works out the height/width) you can set the height attribute in the escript_snow_vars object:
var escript_snow_vars = {
    container:"", //id of target container,
    src:["flake1.png","flake2.png","flake3.png","flake4.png"], //flake images
    flakes:200, //number of individual flakes, recommended max 250
    height:300, //null defaults to container height, or set a number
    width:null, //null defaults to container width, or set a number
    speed:0.6, //0.3=slow 0.6=med 1=fast
    spread:200, //varies the angle of fall, a smaller number is straighter
    size:30, //flake max size in pixels, recommended 30-60
    preventOnMobilesAndTablets:false, //to prevent on mobile devices
If you need a different implementation, please feel free to get in touch using the support email address.


I have a problem with flakes images not loading on the french ( ). It looks like the path used is not an absolute path so it tries to find images in

I tried to change the path in the JS file but nothing works.

Thank you for your help!

Hi, This has come up a couple of times so I’ll update the plugin so the asset path is absolute.

In the meantime you can change the asset path at the top of the script:

var escript_snow_assetPath = “”;

Hit the Update File button to save the change. Make sure your browser is serving the updated file – you may need to clear your browser cache if you don’t see any change. Some WP sites also have a cache plugin – if yours does, clear that too to refresh.

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Definitely great work. Goodluck with your sales

Thanks. Happy Christmas!