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If I buy your apps will you be available for any minor custom codes? I may need to add / remove a few input fields and I may need to create an activity with a webview.

I have reviewed your app and comments with interest. Can you please reply with an answer to my questions that are not resolved with email me at the following email address that you have provided on many questions.

I would like answers to the following:

1. Can I customize your app to fit my needs with my own developers? 2. If I currently host thousands of properties within my MS SQL database can I send these properties to the app? 3. I am looking to develop an app similar to the original business model. The model consisted of searching singular properties with multiple sub-properties without displaying a million units per search. To further explain I want to search lets say Beverly Apartments which is a singular address that consists of 25 different floor plans. If I conducted a search for 1 Bedrooms under $2000 a month and 10 of the Beverly Apartments showed up as results in your app would each unit show up as a result or would the singular property show up with a starting price point of the least expensive 1 bedroom? If not could this be programmed on my end to work with your code?

I have many more questions however these are the main questions that I look forward to hearing a response. Thank you for your time.


1.) yes as long as your developers know what to edit in the app. Our support only caters to make the app running in your end and server installation. If your developers will ask us how to edit or add something, I think they should look it somewhere else as we do not offer tutorial services.

2.) The app is paired by PHP backend to manage content inside the app. In your scenario, you might be pulling data in a private database then it needs code modification.

You can email us here.

Hey, in the Config.php file you don’t explain how to change the constant API_KEY or what it is used for? Also, is there an option to have the drawer menu slide out the normal way without folding?

Current settings already slide in and out.

I ask how to have normal slide instead of folding drawer menu?

Wait can we clarify. Your project still using folding drawer menu?

How do i open this app within Adobe XD? Please explain process for editing the application?

Hi you need XCode to open the project for iOS

Can you tell me why I am getting this error when i try to create the agent in the admin panel? and

Hi, can you send us your FTP and we will check it. Send it here

I would like to know if I can change kilometers to miles within the app because no one in the United States uses kilometers?

Yes possible. You can look at the calculation and display of distance and adjust it to miles instead of kilometers.

I cant seem to change the about text.


Ok cool. Thanks for letting us know.

I notice their is a map view however does the theme have a list view?

What you mean list view?

You currently only show a map view. List view would more or less be a searchable list of properties as they show up in the Favorites or liked page of the application without the map background?

Hi, the home page we designed it as a Map View while other portions in the app like homes for sale, rent are in list view. If you tap search button, it will show a list results.

Was push notification added back in?

Hi, nope. It can be done via freelance work. Email us here

Hey there, is the admin panel/back end all shared? I want to use this but not have 104 users who are named tester to get access.

You mean specific data for a certain user? currently the backend is for admin only to moderate contents inside the app including adding additional categories.

how can i using this system in multi language in ios and android

I liked your app I would like to know if it is possible in the registry to select agent or owner and if you can put more options for example real estate and builder and each has a different panel

Hi, you can email us here for freelance request.