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Admin can send push notification to Agents ?

When will you update where user can upload their property without becoming agents..?

Can you integrate youtube video or link to listing ?

This app shows driving direction ?



Admin can send push notification to Agents ?
When will you update where user can upload their property without becoming agents..?
It can be possible but we might consider it adding it in next update.
Can you integrate youtube video or link to listing ?
You mean instead of image user acn add video/ youtube video link?
This app shows driving direction ?
Upon clicking to route button, you will be sent to Google Map app, you can change it their either walking or driving.


1) Yes youtube link or youtube video

2) Your downloaded app from android crashed after twitter login and few times..

We have updated the APK.

do you have android version of it?

is it possible to customize the APP for other use?

Hi, yes and also it depends on your needs.

Hello, I emailed you regarding problem with uploading images from both app and admin side from xph.......@gmail.com . Please have a look – thank you!

Hi, please wait we will take alook at it.

Hi, are you using marker clustering to display a large number of markers on the map? – thank you.

Hi nope sorry. The main features is a fully dynamic smart fetching. Radius can be adjusted under settings menu

Is it possible to give the user right to create ads?

Currently, Agents have the rights but we can adjust it in the app.

Can your code support the Zillow API?

Hi, no. Sorry.

Is the code Swift or ObjC?

Can your code support the Zillow API?

Hi, no. Sorry.

is there an example app in the iOS app store that I can download to test on my iPhone?

Hi we dont have any link from our customers.

Hi, First of all, really cool design. The sidebar is amazing. Any chances of having the same on Android? Secondly, how is the app fecting data from backend? I have my own backend, and would like to integrate it with my backend.

Good Luck with sales :)

Our app does have its own backend so it works together with it. We intend to add a differencet layout in Android because it follows its own design guidelines. You will notice the difference too in Facebook for Android and iOS if you make a comparison.

do we get the full source code to change things like user interface and add new features like in app purchases it seems like a nice designed app with clean code great workk!!

Yes, you will get the full source code. You can change also the user interface to your liking.

thank you very much

Your welcome.

I’ve followed the instructions, and it works on my hosting. But when I try to add a admin or anyone i get a white blank page. When i try to register a user i get a network error. I’ve chmd things, and i can login to the back end and post properties etc just can’t do any adding users from the site or the app.

Hi, invalid api key comes with two problem.

First, ff you changed the API_KEY found on the Config.h, you should make the API_KEY the same on both iOS and Android Config file.

Second, have you changed the Twitter API key? It should have the Secret and the consumer key.

Yeah I figured the API_KEY in config needs to be the same as the mobile app. I changed the secret and the consumer, it still returns status code 4 invalid. I’m assuming 4 is a failsafe. I just removed twitter/facebook from use. Nice code, nice apps. One of the few authors to actually Support/help you with their product. Thank you!

Ok cool you figure it out. Yeah the API_KEY is explained in the Config.h/Config.java that should be the same on the PHP backend Config.php. Anyways, thank you for your purchase. :)

Hello, now normal users can upload their own house for sell without being a agent? Thx

Hi, not possible only agents can register in the app. If you want you can freelance it to us. Email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

i got error when register,

Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field ‘deny_access’ doesn’t have a default value in controllers/ControllerUser.php:44 Stack trace: #0 /controllers/ControllerUser.php(44): PDOStatement->execute(Array) #1 /rest/register.php(75): ControllerUser->registerUser(Object(User)) #2 {main} thrown in /controllers/ControllerUser.php on line 44

problem solve with SET GLOBAL sql_mode=’’, thanks

hello sir, i got empty field photo_url and thumb_url in table tbl_realestate_photos and tbl_realestate_agents how to fix it? thanks

Can you email us here your server url mangasaurgames@gmail.com and we will check your server.

hi does this have a front end for web version? and does user allow to upload new listing or admin have to do it?

Hi, it does not have a front end website but we will releasing it next year. User can add listing within the app. Admin can also add via Admin backend.

hi any update with the web version. i m waiting to buy all 3 version. Thanks

HI yes we are still currently doing it. We will let you know once it is done.


I was using your 1.3 version of the app, it was working fine until around a month ago when I stopped receiving properties from the server. Any idea why this might have happened?


Hi, email us here your server url for testing. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

Email us here for your concern. mangasaurgames@gmail.com


Chuba93 Purchased

What the username and password for backend, email to my mail: michaelchuba@yahoo.com

We are registered real estate agent in Canada and have access to MLS . Can you customize this APP to fetch the feed and our customers are able to browse MLS list?

Yes, possible to customize the app to fetch on the MLS server. Email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

We are going to use this wordpress plugin to fetch MLS listing : https://realtypress.ca/ . Can this APP work with Realtypress plugin wordpress website?

Hi, nope but we can adjust it to listen from the MLS listing instead.