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Hi, I was trying out the demo app, and it force closes when agent adds property photo. Also, is it possible remove property adding via app altogether? like Property should only be added via backend?

Hi, we will check the APK file. Also, yes, we can remove the functionality for adding property from the mobile app if you wish for but via freelance request.

Okay cool. One more thing. On property detail screen, you tap on call, it directly places call. It would be great if it could just open the dialer with number. Same with the sms. It directly send sms without any confirmation.

Facebook too directly posts on the wall instead of opening the page :(

Android version getting UI changes anytime soon?


Myrealstate view does not work. Send the package you are currently editing to your mail, but no response

Thank you.

We will be sending our own build. Not the Project file you sent to us. Send us your Purchase code in our email: mangasaurgames@gmail.com

Ok, I already sent the purchase code, thank you

Ok please wait.

Hello the application has problems synchronizing with the platform at the time of creating a property, this error problems_encountered_while_syncing

Hi we did not received email from you. you can email us again. mangasaurgames@gmail.com. Or your email went to the spam folder as our spam folder are automaticall deleted.

Ok, I’ll send it again

Ok we will check it now.


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Hello, can you help how to change color, some icons, logo login and translate
Best Regards!

Hi, yes email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

Hey, are the php/mysql backends for both android and iOS similar now? As I don’t have access to the backend yet, I’m wondering how you get access based on end-users, agents, and admins?!

It uses the same backend for both iOS and Android. Access only are for Admin user to moderate contents of the app, such as users access on the mobile app, categories, etc.

Hi bro, geofencing? will this be a feature available for this?

The listings shows obviously near by, i suppose

Yes, it shows nearby properties.

Can we restrict the app to a single city?

The app is based on nearby. So basically if you are in San Francisco, nearby real estates are found. If you are in Singapore then nearby real estates are shown in Singapore.

On the question you raised, yes but not limited to.


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Please where I can find the “public static final String API_KEY”?

Hi yes, sure.


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I sent you an e-mail message, please check it

Hi, yes we are currently checking on it.

hey from germany…. can u tell me where to find “server api key” for the config file? we host eour webspace in an hosting package of all-inkl.com but i downt know about server api key… :-(

Best regards


Thanks for that, works pretty good.

next question… have u got a how-to-doc, how to make app ready for the store? where and what to rename (package name, app name etc) ?

would pretty helpfull, im a total noob and will lern what to do within your app lol

- last question: in php backend when i try to edit propertys, i cant see description of the fields (bath, beds, etc… i wont show me the titles of the fields.

Best wishes… Sascha

quote: php backend question fixed, had installes wrong php version.

Hi, email us and we can give you steps on the package rename. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

Hi, are you developing an iOS version? Please advise.

Hi, you informed me that there is no rss/atom feed option but it can be done via freelance work. Do you mean I should hire a freelancer or you can do it as freelance work ( extra charge) ? Can I simply add a rss or atom url link in the PHP backend to launch the feed instead of the News ? Please advise.

We can freelance it no need to hire. The news uses individual entry(Title, desc, URL, photo).
Hi, I have just seen your Multi-Purpose Aggregator + CMS template that has RSS. Are you close to releasing Android version? Then I would purchase this instead. Please advise.
Not yet close but for Event Finder/Deal Finder Android are almost.

Hi, I really need rss/arom feed to display live updated content. If I go for Store Finder, and you do the freelance work on it. How much extra cost will it be to add rss/atom for this app? Please advise. Thanks.