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Doesnt work! nothing changend in the Backend after installation!

Hmm, worked on latest magento without any problem. I’m currently abroad with limited access to the internet, please open a support ticket on thank you

does not work!

Have you opened the support ticket on as we asked you? So we can check your issue and help you with it there. You can contact us also via live chat on Thank you.

Hello matto3c, the live magento demo isn’t working.

How does this affect server load? Because this is selfhosted, I’m afraid it will slow it down, specially when lots of traffic comming in.

Hi, the demo works now:

Hi there.

I need to track people when they click on a certain link on the website – rather than as visitors.

The project we are working on will be like this:

We sell cards to people, the website is all about doing good deeds. The people then do the good deed, give the card away… and then click on the website and it logs their location.

This will then create a map that can be zoomed in and out of and show all of the relevant logs.

We would also like to have different type of logging. type 1, type 2, etc.

Can you help?



Looks to me more like a custom project with custom requirements rather than the out of the box solution. With our sw you can track click on links without any problem and other elements too, but regarding other things, this would need adjustments to fit your specific needs.

Hi There, What about server load? Does it track user’s previous search and give report?


Hi, server load is very minimal, you can check it later on with pingdom and it was optimized cause users didn’t see significant impact on website’s load times. User’s previous search? In google? From the moment it’s active, tracks keywords if they were provided by google.

Hi! This module works fine on Magento 1.9 CE? Regards!

If I buy this product, is that mean I can use only in one website/domain?


We are unable to get this module working, we followed the instructions and when we click on live stats we get error “Error: It was not possible to write data to the database! Check your database permissions”

The magento 1.9.1 install works and has been working, so I doubt the actual database permissions are incorrect.   What else would cause this error ?

Hi, please

Can I use this product without Magento CMS? Maybe with same framework?

you can check cloud version which can be used with any CMS / or even standalone HTML

I didn’t understand… At cloud you have clear just html files?

Very nice, glws