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Hi there… can you tell me if this module could work in prestashop 1.4? I have an older website on PS 1.4 and using a lot of old modules and it would be a real headache to upgrade it and I’m looking for a module or a solution to stop certain visitors (which I suspect are bots) that every day ad a lot of products to cart creating a lot of abandoned carts. I’m not sure what kind of spam strategy is this but I would like to put an end to it so I think that your module would be able to do this.

Just installed Prestashop 1.4, it’s really prehistoric :)

Prestashop 1.4 has old MySQL library. I’ve made some changes in the code, but still after that getting: ‘Tab cannot be found.’ PS 1.4 uses some different old way of initializing tabs. As you cannot upgrade to latest Prestashop, I can recommend you to use our Cloud-based solution, where you need only the HTML code snippet: http://stats.extrawatch.com/register.php

Thanks for the effort my friend! Does the cloud-based solution have the ability to block bots or spammy visitor? And how much does it cost? I read on the website something about “Paying lower monthly fee for hosted version” but I don’t understand what that means.

I may miss something but I can not find a way to check the demo. Do I have to look for an installed module? What is it that I can do?

Hi, the demo works now: http://extrawatch.com/demos

Is it compatible with 1.6x ?

yes, it is

thnx for quick reply…..its compatibility is not updated in your software version….let me check module properly and will probably buy it tomorrow….thnx

I’ve just updated the compatibility label and there is also a demo server deployed with this software running as a plugin to latest prestashop 1.6

No es un módulo para prestashop. La instalación es demasiado complicada en prestashop. Lo he comprado y no lo voy a instalar, repito… no es un módulo. Lo siento, no lo recomiendo.

There is a module for prestashop. The installation is too complicated in prestashop. I bought it and I will not install, I repeat … not a module. Sorry, I do not recommend it.

No hay instrucciones de instalación para Prestashop. Solamente para Jomla, Wordpress y Magento. En todo momento pensé que era un módulo, y que podía instalarse como cualquier otro módulo de prestashop, pero no es así…

No installation instructions for Prestashop. Only for Jomla, Wordpress and Magento. At all times I thought it was a module that could be installed like any other module prestashop, but not …

For prestashop you just need to upload this zip and it installs just like any others prestashop modules. As I said, if you have problems with it, create a support ticket on extrawatch.com or contact us via live chat in lower right corner and we can install the plugin for you so you don’t have to and we guarantee it to work. You can also send email to support at codegravity.com so that we can help you

This version in this store has been updated now to the latest version, you can also contact me on support at codegravity.com to get this new version if you’ve purchased the previous one

Hi, if I turn in the smarty cache, the module stops working extrawatch live what is happening in the store

Msg me via live chat on extrawatch.com

where is live chat ?

lover right corner

I have this problems during installation ( prstashop)

Warning: unlink(/var/www/clients/client0/web194/web/modules/extrawatch/extrawatch/components/com_extrawatch/sql/ip-to-country/extrawatch-10.sql) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in /var/www/clients/client0/web194/web/modules/extrawatch/extrawatch/administrator/components/com_extrawatch/install.extrawatch.php on line 47

Warning: unlink(/var/www/clients/client0/web194/web/modules/extrawatch/extrawatch/components/com_extrawatch/sql/ip-to-country/extrawatch-11.sql) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in /var/www/clients/client0/web194/web/modules/extrawatch/extrawatch/administrator/components/com_extrawatch/install.extrawatch.php on line 47

Warning: unlink(/var/www/clients/client0/web194/web/modules/extrawatch/extrawatch/components/com_extrawatch/sql/ip-to-country/extrawatch-12.sql) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in /var/www/clients/client0/web194/web/modules/extrawatch/extrawatch/administrator/components/com_extrawatch/install.extrawatch.php on line 47

Warning: unlink(/var/www/clients/client0/web194/web/modules/extrawatch/extrawatch/components/com_extrawatch/sql/ip-to-country/extrawatch-13.sql) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in /var/www/clients/client0/web194/web/modules/extrawatch/extrawatch/administrator/components/com_extrawatch/install.extrawatch.php on line 47

Warning: unlink(/var/www/clients/client0/web194/web/modules/extrawatch/extrawatch/components/com_extrawatch/sql/ip-to-country/extrawatch-14.sql) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in /var/www/clients/client0/web194/web/modules/extrawatch/extrawatch/administrator/components/com_extrawatch/install.extrawatch.php on line 47


Just delete the component, and reinstall it again and activate it. Will work

Hi there, i get an install error. Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/testwebs/domains/testwebsite.nu/public_html/johann/modules/extrawatch/extrawatch/administrator/components/com_extrawatch/install.extrawatch.php:68) in /home/testwebs/domains/testwebsite.nu/public_html/johann/classes/Tools.php on line 143

You know how to fix this?

ok but it’s a warning and has no impact on functionality and the product itself works

Yes i see that now, the module is fully working :) thanks for your help :) i think i will just buy your license because in the pack i bought we don’t get updates.

OK :) there’s also a support included in the full license, so we can assist you

Hi what is the demo mail and pass pls ?

Then from main menu: Stats -> ExtraWatch Stats

thanks for this quick answer, but i’m wondering do you know about the hardware consuption scale ?

how many unique visitors do you have per day?

Does a purchase include free lifetime updates?

lifetime updates of that actual version like potential bug fixes. We’re releasing new version with new features every 6 months. So you can decide to stay with the current version or go with the better features and more improvements for an upgrade fee of $9,99

I am interested in the module, however I want to know will this will have load on the database.

1- will data be saved in the PS database or separate database? 2- is it compatible with 1.6 3- I am worried about impact of data saved in the PS database as it will slow it down.

Hello, Thank you for this module, but I met several problem or bug. I have installed and reinstalled several times without success.

list of problem in prestashop

1 – the Heatmap options, clicks, seo reports, users, traffic flow, history shows no result after several days, even after assets create target. After you remove my ip exception to various add button click on the test cart, order or other the problem is still present.

2 – When we remove an ip exceptional and that we surrender the IP except in the module continues to record the traffic of this IP. I test with my ip I removed the exclusion and then add again to exclusion in module options.

When excluding doesnt that is blocked before it have stat, it appears in the IP bots while for my example I’m not a bot

3 – “Keep the tables” Check to keep the tables in the database when uninstalling ExtraWatch. This option is useful when an update not to lose all history. Does not work.

When I remove the module and reinstall with new I, I lose all my statistics.

4 – The option to change “target” does not work when a click on edit all the fields are empty and we have met again, the module create a new target.

5 – The version “extrawatch” for android does not work with prestashop, prestashop no choice in cms.

6 – The “blocked IP & Spam” does not work when adding an IP to the list of blocking, customers or bot can still access the shop. Adding a list of IP with a csv “spam ip csv import” does not.

I test with a csv download at: http://www.stopforumspam.com/downloads/ or http://spam-ip.com/spam-blacklist.php

I extracted only 5 ip to test the import and the module completes the ip .csv displaying a blank page.

7 – encor and other bug …... I stop because the already long list

I’m really over because for the price this module had worked, especially as on-site http://www.extrawatch.com/ you said that the power module prestashop 1.6 I enegistrer http://www.extrawatch.com/ on the website but it still asks me to buy the module while I buy on http://codecanyon.net.

Can quickly correct the bug and also provide me an example of CSV for import spam list ip and connected my purchase http://codecanyon.net to my account http://www.extrawatch.com/

I can not create a support ticket for your site because I did not buy

On your website http://www.extrawatch.com/customer you offered an updated version has the days 12/08/2014, when the site http://codecanyon.net was last updated the day is 20 October 14. Why ??

Here you can get the Latest Version: pkg_extrawatch updated 12/08/2014 6:11

Without rapid correction of all bug I will ask for a refund of this module

thank you

Thank you for your speed, for the creation of an account with open support ticket. directory you can provide me with the latest version pkg_extrawatch updated 08/12/2014 6:11 of PrestaShop

Thank you for reporting these issues, some of them might be already fixed in latest revision we maintain on our main site. Sure, I will send it and update here as well, just hold on a second. It’s Sunday noon and I am on mobile only. I will reply to your support ticket on Sunday evening

Hi, I bought the module but when I install on prestashop 1.609 my screen turns white while I try to install so I refresh page and it looks like it is installed but when I try to configure it gives me that white page again without an error code. Is it not compatible with 1.609. I bought it with my email luis.mauro@orellapprel.com


a very great thank you to the developer for this stat module.

After SEVERAL exchange for SEVERAL bug prestashop all seems to work.

It remains a small bug on the stats of accounts section “user” and test the blocking spam and ip works

I recommend you this great module that really very important to our business E-merchant. SEO stat section is important to target customers searching on the search engine.

The support is super serious, so do not hesitate to buy this module if like me you like keep track of your shop.

I expect the next version of this module which seems very promising.

The module is compatible prestashop /

Thank you for the support are serious and reactivity

Hello, in the new ExtraWatch 2.3 all text input fields became out of place and smaller, and the backoffice top menu shrinks I think ExtraWatch is sharing some CSS classes with my prestashop theme,

And also I have noticed that my product carousel are stuttering, I think the stuttering is related to the ExtraWtach heatmap feature.

My prestashop Version: (custom theme: REVIVER)

anyway, in the old previous version 2.2 none of this issues happens, so there is defensively a problem with the new version of ExtraWatch, please fix your bugs and issues, after all this is a paid software.

I already send you a ticket, I’m waiting for the reply

Best regards

Tekcenter – Alcino Major

saw your support ticket, will solve it soon. The possible problem is, that prestashop 1.5 is quite outdated. But anyway, will review that

Hello this module still available? for ps 1.6?

support is available?

i want buy but i want know is this module is update and if support is available.


I’ve bought your module. Can I (and how) remove the logo and line from my footer? It kinda messes my theme. (http://tisztitoszer-depo.hu)

And the heatmap shows that everyone is clicking only on your logo nothing else on the page. Must be some bug