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Hi I noticed the api does not cater for overlaps, yet it is only from the UI that one cannot double book. Is this correct?

yes, currently no validation from the server side (API). One can extend this app to his own usage level that is why.

Hi, Please rate the app if you like and it saved your time, thanks :)

Hello , Is it possible to translate easy way to ” pt-br ” ? It is also adding new features ? I noticed that when I go to the ADM can not edit users configuring these changes are simple ? Ty friend

This is mean stack application so you should be able to make this Multilingual application with some customisation. Patient information can be changed from Doctor’s login also. I have kept minimal feature which are related to Price but customisation to this app is easy.


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how to define shifts from UI for given physician? Not able to find that info.


bobsov Purchased

any chance you will come out with mongodb version?

yes I can work on that but for that I need to see how many requests or demand for that. If 2-3 buyers request for MongoDB version then I can start work on that.

IF you like the APP then please give Ratings !! That will help :)

Looks nice. Where is front end sign up page?

Hey Thanks, please find the the register now button on the login page or directly go to at http://appointerx.herokuapp.com/signup

It is application so there is not front-end site, just a admin panel to manage patient appointments.

Also you can try with already existing logins:


email: john@patient.com / password: 1234 email: mike@patient.com / password: 1234 DOCTORS/PHYSICIANS LOGIN

email: peter@doc.com / password: 1234 email: cedrilla@doc.com / password: 1234 ADMIN LOGIN

email: admin@appointerx.com / password: admin



We’re a development company itself, If we were to use this and add driver support for mongoDB and define the collections in the model, would this application work out fine? Would you be able to help us on that? we thinking of using this for another functionality by next week end

Thank You


Thank you for looking at this app. Yes you can add MONGODB driver like mongoose to connect with database and provide collection to this.

Below are both my application presenting same thing. so you can refer that.

https://codecanyon.net/item/mean-stack-full-calender-for-events-using-angularjs-with-nodejs-and-mongodb/15911327 https://codecanyon.net/item/events-calender-using-angularjs-with-nodejs-and-mysql/15954232

If you need I can help you in that but that will cost you extra in developing mogodb version.


one question: could you add field’s patient report edited by doctor?

Thanks for fast answer. I think i will buy soon. The working app is related to this app or other subject?

Glad to hear that you are interested to buy this. Working app is same app which is shown here in description. I also work as freelance to develop MEAN stack application for my codecanyon clients.

You can check or share my other items too: https://codecanyon.net/user/dcoderx/portfolio



Do you have any other query regarding this? Please let me know if something stops you to purchase this app. I am also available for such type of work so please let me know if you have any freelance work for me.


Great work, good luck with sales!

Hi There, Is there any built in functionality for sending out emails when an appointment is created or modified?

What about sending SMS texts?

I assume the complete source code is provided so I can add these functionalities, right?

Please confirm.



Yes there is built in email functionality, in the user api. You just need to add your own key. In this project SendGrid mail API is used so you need to create account over there and add api key in code.

for SMS text you can add Twilio APi. https://www.twilio.com/


Complete source code is given. You can easily extend as code structure is flexible.

MySQL 5.5 is fine for the application? or it has to be 5.7

5.5 will be fine

Hi, your application looks good, but if I dont have access to run the commands there is another way to install it? thanks.

I am sorry but I can not help you in this. May be your system admin can help you on this.

There is no other way to install the script? Can you create an installation process?

Sorry, I dot not know any other way to accomplish same.


Is the live preview out ?


hosted server is down, I am working on it. Once its UP, I will let you know. Thanks for waiting!

Ok, Its UP now you can check at: http://appointerx-ms.herokuapp.com/

I am interested in this script but I need custom work in exchange of bucks. Are you interested in customization? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for checking out my app. I am interested in the customisation task, but due to current project I do not have time this week. I will be available after 5th NOV 2016. If till then you are fine then you can send me customisation requirement on dcoder.mean@gmail.com

I will review that and will provide me comment on that.


the preview login credentials don’t work

It works now. How can you add new physicians and patients?

from the registration page you can create physicians and patients.


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Is the login page php or also nodejs?

did you work with session?

can i login with multiple users at the same time?

Do i have to run for each company with their user a own server?

Login page is in html with angular. It has jwt token to check expiry time. It is nodejs api with angularjs. You can run on one server for each company.Admin user is there to manage all company data Let me know if you need any customization after purchase.

Hi is there a MYSQL Schema and some instructions anywhere?

Schema is inside server/api folder which you can use or modify. file with .model is schema file.


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Hi there,

I have a small project that I need to do, basically I want the same thing as you have done for this but on MS SQL database and for a different customer base. I have purchased the application and see it has a lot of things that I can use, but I know what I exactly need.

Can we discuss further on this?

I have emailed you dcoder.mean@gmail.com

More than happy to have a call and discuss further.



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Do you offer a installation service for a fee? a02a935d-ab54-40fb-8ebe-24ca9b77b570

Installation process is given in the help document, please refer that. I do not provide installation service.