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Hello do you offer customization? we are looking for mongodb version.

Hi Yes, I offer customisation but it depends on the task and my availability. mail me non : dcoder.mean@gmail.com

For mongoDB, I am planning to create but it will take some time like 1-2 months with some new features.

Great. I sent you an email.


i am sorry but the procedure to install web app don’t work on my machine (windows 8.1). i installed node.js and mysql and i execute all commands as written in your guide but when i execute the command grunt serve is opened IE and on link http://localhost:9000/ it appears a blank page …impossible to show this web page … I think that your instructions are not complete ….it is necessary to set up or configure some details. Please support me in order to finalize the installation because i cannot use your code that i am very interested ….the best is that you write major details or create a video tutorial available for the customer that purchase your web app.

I look forward to receive a your update on this issue as soon as possible. kin regards

Hi, Can you open this web page in chrome and show me the errors from console ? press f12 and console.

Please also check on command prompt for any errors, I will help you but for that I need to know what is error.

Hi no prob.These are the error in console google chorme: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED http://localhost:9000/:1 GET http://localhost:9000/ net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Finally please write me the correct sequence to test the app…i think is in section built and run…after i execute command grunt serve : it appears an error ER_ACCESS_DENIED for user ‘root’@’localhost after starting background express server. after stopping EXpress server….if you sent me an email i can sent you some screen shots …that is more easy to debug the issue

To build the application there is command:

grunt build

To run the application in local:

grunt serve

but before running project in local system you need to set database connection string for MYSQL database.


this contains databse connection string, change that connectionstring to your MYSQL database, MYSQL database has connection string format like below


All the details are written in this app details section:


Dev database connection: server/config/environment/development.js Production Database : Dev database connection: server/config/environment/production.js Seed data on/off: server/config/environment/index.js seedDB: false,FORCE_DB_SYNC: “false” Seed data entry: server/config/seed.js



on the prompt after running “watch” task it appears waiting.. the other commands: grunt serve:dist and grunt build—force Can i execute in other prompt command or what ? please explain me the correct way to start up the web app…i am a software engineer but i don’t have a lot of experience on this framework. thank you in advance

Dcoder.mean@gmail.com drop me mail on this id …. Development.js has seed:true to create data with table

Good evening, now the app start and it seems work correctly but i think that there is a bug on registrer now with profile physician. The same issue is in the demo on line.In console it appears false .Please could you try to create a new physician in demo version? . thank you in advance for your support

Please provide review ratings for this app.Thanks for help

Can’t get the server to run .. => Running “express:prod” (express) task Starting background Express server Server failed to start due to error: SequelizeConnectionError: Connection lost: The server closed the connection. Running “wait” task >> Waiting for server reload… Stopping Express server Done waiting!


How to setup mysql database and connection?

Could you make the booking (on the same) date & time for more than one patient, for ex. up to 5 can book same appointment reservation?


I am so glad that it worked for you. Please mail me your customization requirement on dcoder.mean@gmail.com

Please provide review ratings for this app.Thanks for help.

We are still waiting fr the mongodb news, how long before you release it? Have you started working on it?

Hi reedrops,

Thanks for showing interest for mongodb version, but I am working on some other projects now. I do not have time to start work on mongodb version for this app.

Hi we have the app partially runnning. However, when we try to login we get (node:21408) Warning: a promise was created in a handler at ….. node_modules\express\lib\router\layer.js:95:5 but was not returned from it, s ee http://goo.gl/rRqMUw at Function.Promise.bind (.....\node_modules\sequelize\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\bind.js:65:20) Executing (default): SELECT `_id`, `first_name`, `last_name`, `age`, `gender`, `birthdate`, `email`, `mobile`, `role`, `provider`, `password`, `salt`, `organ ization_name`, `npi`, `address1`, `address2`, `city`, `state`, `zip`, `country`, `noof_physicians`, `resetToken`, `resetTokenExpires`, `createdAt`, `updatedA t` FROM `Users` AS `User` WHERE `User`.`email` = ‘admin@apointerx.com’ LIMIT 1; null POST /auth/local 401 28.623 ms – 43

Pleae can you assit ?

Hi, Please ignore the warnign as that is by design not handled as sequalize returns promise. App is running so that is main thing.

Is the support still active ?

Yes, but to respond we need screenshot whats not working in the application and how you have configured

Hi we have the app partially runnning. However, when we try to login we get (node:21408) Warning: a promise was created in a handler at ….. node_modules\express\lib\router\layer.js:95:5 but was not returned from it, s ee http://goo.gl/rRqMUw at Function.Promise.bind (.....\node_modules\sequelize\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\bind.js:65:20) Executing (default): SELECT `_id`, `first_name`, `last_name`, `age`, `gender`, `birthdate`, `email`, `mobile`, `role`, `provider`, `password`, `salt`, `organ ization_name`, `npi`, `address1`, `address2`, `city`, `state`, `zip`, `country`, `noof_physicians`, `resetToken`, `resetTokenExpires`, `createdAt`, `updatedA t` FROM `Users` AS `User` WHERE `User`.`email` = ‘admin@apointerx.com’ LIMIT 1; null POST /auth/local 401 28.623 ms – 43

Pleae can you assit ?

You have to install all the pre-requisites which are mentioned in the help document and then try. Also let me know which version of nodejs you have installed and what OS are you using. Which Mysql etc

Hi, i can’t access with admin. You have the new data for access with role admin.

please check again.

Hi, Try again, but fail another.

These are the data I’m trying to:

Page: http://appointerx.herokuapp.com/login

{email: “admin@appointerx.com”, password: “admin”}.

The page response: {message password is not correct.”}


email: “admin@appointerx.com”, password: “admin”

check now with above link

Thanks!!! Greetings from Colombia… I’m trying before I buy it. It’s excellent!... When version 2.0 is available?

Currently working on other projects so do not have time for any new version.Thanks for interest


fiive Purchased

Hello, I’m al3mor, create a new account to buy your application and i have a question.

I test the opcion http://localhost:9000/forget' but return “Incorrect Mail” in html (UI). In the console of windows i have this:

“Executing (default): SELECT `_id`, `first_name`, `last_name`, `email`, `password` FROM `Users` AS `User` WHERE `User`.`email` = ‘admin@appointerx.com’ LIMIT 1; Executing (default): UPDATE `Users` SET `resetToken`=’dc757289caeec7acb673a24aec460f9b’,`resetTokenExpires`=’2017-04-02 18:12:24’,`updatedAt`=’2017-04-02 17:12:24’ WHERE `_id` = 7 null PUT /api/users/forgot 500 760.729 ms – 63”

I take the query from the console and put it in the database and it runs correctly. What I find strange is that the query returns zero rows affected. I don’t know if it is possible for this reason that it does not work.

In console of Google Chrome i have this:

Request URL:http://localhost:9000/api/users/forgot Request Method:PUT Status Code:500 Internal Server Error Remote Address: {message: "Error! Please try again.", success: false, err: {}} err:{} message:"Error! Please try again." success:false

I look for the file where this message is and find than is: “user.controller.js” row 343, but i don’t understand why it returns error.

* Note: At this moment I am testing the entire application and maybe i continue writing you for get you help me

Could you help me?

Hi, ‘admin@appointerx.com’ is a dummy email account so you will not get any email on this address. You have to add your working mail address.

Data in the database get added from

server/config/seed.js and in server/config/environment/development.js you have enable seed:true on server start also set your database connection string in that file. Then all will work as expected.

Hi is there an easy way to compile the app to work as an android app eg cordova etc?

no , this application can not work like that. For that application should be created in IONIC framework.


mavy77 Purchased

Hello all, I install the project with success! But when i run it with grunt server, i hav a blank web page and this error in console:

.... Running “express:dev” (express) task Starting background Express server Debugger listening on [::]:5858 Server failed to start due to error: SequelizeConnectionRefusedError: connect ECONNREFUSED

Running “wait” task >> Waiting for server reload… Stopping Express server Done waiting!

Running “open:server” (open) task

Running “watch” task Waiting…

I don’t know what to do for the database Help me please

you need to create MYSQL database and give that connection string in to the development.js file

How much would it cost if you added a rtc web chat and video call between psychologists and patients?

I would like to add that in this app, but I am currently running out of time due to other project. Surely I will let you know.

Thanks, or if you know any developers who can help me I would appreciate it.

I will surely let you know if any one is available.

Demo is not working, getting Application error from heroku.

Thanks for informing, database size was exceeded. Now restarted old instance so it should work now.

quick question. I’ve installed the script locally. In your item details you’ve mentioned the following: “Admin can change physicians details or make them Active/In-Active.” I am not seeing this function logged in as admin. Please advise?

yes, you can extend that functionality in the given codebase. This is the flexibility of the app.

I get that; however, you are listing it as a current feature. 11) Admin can change physicians details or make them Active/In-Active. Please remove from highlights in the “item details”. for this script.

or alternatively provide guidelines on how to enable this feature.


Can you create a module that sends alerts to patients via sms to remind them about taking their medicine and also to remind them when to go back to hospital for check up or review of their healthy? For example the HIV/AIDS Patients. They need to be reminded about the dates to go back to hospital

I look forward to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

i DO NOT KNOW . You can help to check

Thank you Ronnie

I do not think it support directly but some custom code need to write.

OK You can use https://www.twilio.com/.

Thank you


I feel its also important for the patient to know his hospital bill and then chose how to pay.

Thank you


ok- so let me know how you want to proceed.

I mean its important to add a accounts module of which handles payments for purchase of medicine, consultation, testing fees, etc.