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Hello,Good work. i wish you all the best for your sales, But i dont download Desktop Client .

Thanks for your wish askerov, Please try now to download the client.

is it work on mac os?

I am afraid it won’t.The web client can be accessed from any web browser irrespective of the operating system(Windows / Mac / Linux) however the desktop client is only compatible with windows operating system.

Hey there,

Before buying your project, he wanted to know if included the source code and that language would be.

Thank you

Hi livefr, The project comprises of two project , one for the web client – server and second one for desktop client, you will get the complete solution file with source code and proper documentation to set, modify or integrate the project.

If I purchase a regular license, I include all the source code? Thank you

Yes for sure. :-)

Hello, this is a web service that can i call from a Android app or windows phone app?

The update is ready and already pushed to the codecanyon review team and will be available shortly, however if you need urgently you can buy the current license and i will mail the update immediately, just send me a message after your purchase.

I’ll wait for the update. Thanks for the info.

No problem, will update it soon.

Not work for me. I followed the steps of documentation and not working. Should we set something else in the SQL Server database?

The support document is self explanatory, if you are unable to configure it, please mail me your team viewer ID & password, will set it for you. Mail Id :

hello can you please make sure that your demo is working ?? its giving an error

Hello, A few pre-sales questions. 1) What kind of server environment/requirements does your module need – including permissions? 2) Does it support channels/groups? If not, will it be easy to implement? 3) How many messages would it support per second?

Would appreciate answers. Thank you. Regards. Anand

Hi there, The application is made in framework with c# as language. It contains both desktop & web client to display messages which can be customized according to your project need. It also contains a sample webservice which you can include in your android , windows or IOS app to send messages to your server.Channels can be created by you accordingly. Number of Messages depends on the queue of message,practically unlimited.

I want to purchase can you tell me, what will I get with this purchase, does it have the current ASP MVC version support, how will a user get notified if a document was approved from server to client.

hi can u able to help me for my mysql.

una pregunta..

es posible que tengas una version en C# con WinForms?

Hi Todakar, yes windows form project in c# is also included in the solution, you can customize and use it.

I’m interested to see this project. I would like to see if the desktop client can be adapted to a Xamarin app. If you can supply me your project I will return the working Xamarin.forms project. Or add the Xamarin project and I will by it. Price is just to high to risk.

Looks Great! Best of luck with sales

Sad that it doesn’t support Mac :|

n tier architecture?

In software engineering, multitier architecture (often referred to as n-tier architecture) or multilayered architecture is a client–server architecture in which presentation, application processing, and data management functions are physically separated.