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Are messages encrypted?

possible if customized?

I want modification like—- a global message to all users .How much will that cost?


Please write in brief.We didn’t get you what you are saying .


getting message twice/thrice in samsung s3..can u solve this before i buy?

if you are registered more than one time within short time span than this is expected.

Need Help on app start after Number “Loading…” all times

Which Mobile OS, API level. Please describe in brief.

no group features? and no broadcast messages features?

Hi, I want to ask whether it’s possible to interrupt the messages, for example to filter bad languages such as f-words.. also to create automated responses (like chat bot)

Hi, I can read that you use “Asmack [Xmpp client]” but on github i can read “aSmack (DEPRECATED/OBSOLETE)”. I am a beginer developper on Android. It’s a problem ? It’s easy to change ? Do you change this or explain ?

is this app built using android studio or is this a hybrid?

how can i remove Facebook and Google from project and login with my own xmpp server . Facebook or twitter login should be optional in source code.

can you just tell us how change that? i saw few people has same question here and all your reply is Skype..skype..

can you just add an FAQ to main page for future buyer?

what kind of server do I need for this app and is this app android native?

You need VPS for openfire and server for set up web server.

hello, this app support live audio and video call? also this is work encrypted-messaging? please let me know. Thank You

Nothing…app is containing nothing like this..please i suggest you to take little effort to read description of item.you can use google translate if you can’t understand english.


I have sent to you and email with custom job, I would appreciate if you respond to me.

please check your mail

make easier installation file and give some new updates with mashmallow app

Hello, i couldn’t found “Hellow_Android_Main_Source.zip” file as it says on http://www.icanstudioz.com/hellowv1/documentation/android.html

please find android code on folder.

Hello icanstudioz,

I want to buy Hellow! app but i need to confirm few things like. 1. Can we customize it and add functionalities like video, photo sharing. 2. is it simple to configure it with our OPENFIRE server. 3. Do you provide complete native code.


1. IF you are master in android and you know how xmpp and android work then you can do it.Otherwise you can tell us.and will take charge for that custom work

2. Yes its native android code.We already provide documentation too.

You can check this :http://icanstudioz.com/hellowv2/documentation/


Can this application be used for IOS as well ?

Also i need below customization :

1. Photo , video , file sharing 2. Message read and unread feature

Please inbox me quotation

No..this is for only android.

Customization possible.Message me on skype for quotation.Skype : icanstudioz.

Demo login dosent work

hello I am very interested in your application and plan on purchasing this app. but before I buy I would like to ask, if a group conversation features available in this application? can you modify / add features to the application pursuant to my request?


Thanks for your interest.Group conversation is not there.We can modify if you want for you.and we can also add features whatever you want.

You can contact us on skype.Our skype id is icanstudioz.


Can I share files within an application?

No..there is no share function.But we have one product which has.So you can contact us on skype.Our skype id icanstudioz.


Can i get your skype address then

Our skype id icanstudioz.

i need reskin and upload to my account how much price for this app?


Thanks for your interest.Kindly please contact us on skype.Our skype id is icanstudioz.