Real Time Chat + Social System + Web Interface

Real Time Chat + Social System + Web Interface

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Presenting the most awaiting item. “Hellow! Chat + Friends + Admin Panel”

(yes ! “Hellow! is our brand name:) “)

What is Hellow!

Hellow! is real time chat application using standard XMPP protocols. it also comes with friend system. yes you can send request , reject, block at the same time.

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Version 2.0.1 [Major Update]

Android Features Added / Fix:

  • Support only android studio
  • Sign up with Facebook
  • Emoticon Support
  • Native material design
  • Rich notification
  • Bug Fix
  • Version 1.0.1

    Android Features Added / Fix:

    • Typing status…
    • Logout
    • Online/Offline
    • More effective material design
    • Registration / Login flow fix
    • Friend Request Alert
    • Friend Accept Alert
    • Bug Fix

    Web Features Added / Fix:

    • Materialize elements
    • API Changes
    • SMTP Settings added
    • GCM settings added.
    • Bug fix.

    Version V1.0

    Features :

    • Fast, smooth and real time messaging.
    • Friends List
    • Chat history
    • Incoming Request : the users who wants to be your friend.
    • Outgoing Request : the user whom you send request already.
    • Profile management
    • Status update
    • Avatar update
    • Unread message count
    • Last message
    • Last message time
    • And much more….


    Admin Panel : Admin

    id : admin
    password : admin

    Link Admin Demo: Admin Login

    Demo App

    Demo App

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    And finally it comes with fully in Material Design Elements

    we create the Animation of Material Design guidelines with compatibility using google support libs.(yes! not hackky animation.)

    Web Interface Admin Panel + User

    Open Source Licences & Credits
    We use some of the great open source lib to full fill our product
    • Asmack [Xmpp client]
    • Facebook Rebound [spring dynamics and real world physics ]
    • Google Play Service
    • Google Material Design icons
    • Gson
    • Android Async Http
    • Material Design library
    • Material Dialogs
    • Material Drawer

    Reviews!!! Defines us [!canStudioZ]


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