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goooddd adddons

hi i have buy your upadate ready :) do you have video guide for update ?

Hi, About which update you talking about?

I don’t have video, but it’s really extra easy to instal this add-on, just: Extract plugin zip file on your server where script installation is located

If you have any issue you are welcome to submit support ticket ;-)

Is this only in USA?

Not only USA, I mean whole planet, all countries supported by Google places. In Croatia works great…

I purchased this plugin is installed. I can not see how it works.

Please check if you have places.js located in: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\js, if not copy it there because you probably extract in wrong folder… If still doesn’t work then send me your FTP details via support ticket. Thanks

ok solved thanks

You are welcome ;-)

will this work in any HTML or do i have to buy real estate

No, this will work only with my real estate script, please try it ;-)

i just need for normal website not for real estate script

This plugin is only for my real estate script so not usable for you, but maybe I can do something like that for your custom page (will cost more). If you are interested please send me your website details and requirements via my profile form for price calculation.

You are welcome!

Hello in this plugin is it available beach distance automatically?

Hi, only locations available in google places will be visible, so beach will be visible only if beach is added in google places, I mean that this should be in “natural_feature” type… Check out this for supported places types:

Of course there is no guarantee that your wanted beach is added to Google places and visible on map…

Thank you, amazing plugin!

Thanks, You are welcome!

On this plugin how do I adjust the zoon on the map? I had the zoom right on the general map – but now I add the plugin for near places its just set again at a really close mark. How do i adjust the zoom. Thanks

By default it is defined as: zoom: {settings_zoom}+6 You can search and customize this in: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\property.php

Perfect, thank you

You are welcome ;-)

Can i easily change all the names, basically i want to use this for bike trails instead of houses

You mean change walking time to bike time or something like that?

Can be with small customization, because then speed is slightly different then on walking time.

Is it possible to shwo the public stations like train, bus, metro…

Yes, google places api support this type of places, check out here:

hi I just need the map with auto find location for a site Im developing.. and I already have the post type for the properties etc… just the map I read that I need to get this plugin to get Real Estate near places please advice

This is plugin only for my real estate scripts.

Maybe something like this will be more helpfully for you if you using wordpress?

ok does this get the neighborhood automatically? and does it work on visual composer tabs?

Yes, neighborhoods are fetched via google places api.

Standard Visual composer element is supported in wodrpress version, not this one..

Are you able to find locations via zip code only? I tired the demo and when I type address it opens up new page. Is this how it works?

In this version, location is defined based on property location. You can’t change location manually.

Maybe you need wordpress version?

Dear sir, Please help me step by step how can i upload Real estate near places plugin in my site. if possible make a video and uploads in

Only one step is required: Extract plugin zip file on your server where script installation is located.

hey friend i am interested in your script but i want to know if your script has a bidding option for user who are interested in bidding for our property with all bidding functionality 2. is it possible for me to edit the website to look like a normal website but has the sale functionality as a menu and edit the content using your back end


Something like that can be done only with customization. Please provide all details as described for price calculation:

You are welcome!

Hi, your plugin can work with the website that it’s not your real estate scripts, if it’s not , How it work? Thanks

Currently no, only our scripts or wordpress, we plan to make universal version also in next update.


Ok , Thank you so much, I’ll waiting for your nice work :)

You are welcome!

Hello, can each user add their near places?

In google maps only. Real estates can be added manually by users or if you need city guide:

You are welcome!