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Hi there,

I’m unable to install your script on two different servers, with different MySQL versions. Installation Error: “Step 2 Couldn’t create table: listing – ” <-This happens even with the mysql root user, so it’s not a permissions issue.

Please advise

I managed to fix this error: “ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default value for ‘dttm’” changing the dttm field ending to this: ” NOT NULL’ I hope it won’t cause any issues.


ivan37 Purchased

Hi ,

Change domain

new domain is viviendaencanarias.com


Hola me interesa comprar la licencia para bienes raices hecho facil, quisiera saber si puede usar el idioma español por default como primer idioma

Hi there, the script is great and the one we were looking for. The only thing i am trying to change is the price range, if price range is:0-10000. But user searches for 3000-8000 it still needs to show the results of 0-10000. The whole price ranging system needs to change to get results based on price range user selected, not price range saved in database, in this i need to add a price range of 1000-10000,2000-10000,3000-10000,3000-8000 etc. which will take me days to add all of that.

The front view of a user is a input text area where a user can type in any amount of price range, any ideas how to implement?

no answer?

No updates?

demo link not working..need to see what’s good about the template b4 i buy

I did a search, but couldn’t find your original response in re: Stripe. Any plans to implement as the other payment processor beside PayPal? Thanks in advance.