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i need material design theme with mobile responsive

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fredyhh Purchased

Hello, need help, where can I get support?

I’d like to have the mortgage calculator flyout from the right like more info. Where would I do this?

What file is the flyout defined?

I’m sorry, i meant to ask where is the content for the flout stored, i.e. what file?

hi, I imported addresses into the database and now the marker have disapeared, any ideas on how to get them back?

Hi, It’s quite urgent ;) I want to buy your script and install it but i need to test it first to see if it is what i search for. I need it to adapt it to our business, that is about houses for old personn. So i will need to change some parameter etc… Thank you.

Hi can you use XML imports exports on this site line XML2U

Hi, Please refer to API here: http://codiator.com/real-estate-made-simple/Help/APIOptions.html so you’ll have to write some code to integrate your XML feed with the API.

Thanks yes I read this earlier. Do you offer a customization service that could add the code? If so how much would it cost?

Thanks for your prompt response

Hi, Sorry but currently I am bit swamped with other projects so won’t be able to help you with the customization.

Question, all entries are actually included in the search engine optimization

Yes, you can submit sitemap.php (full url) to search engines.

I tried to install on my Ubuntu 16.10, the installation stopped at step 2 with blank

Please check MySql user permissions on the database as mentioned in the installation guide.

Pre-purchase Must Have question. Whats about a availability calendar?

Hi, Thank you for your interest but this feature isn’t there.


Pre-purchase questions: 1. May i know if same lat/long for 5 different markers, how will it show the 5 markers? or it will overlap which comes last/first? 2. It is possible to add polylines/polygons? 3. How many markers it could hold? 4. It is possible to edit/delete the table?, since some of the field isn’t needed. 5. It is possible to have layers?


Hi, 1) A list of properties will show in the marker popup with a scroll bar. 2. No, polylines/polygons isn’t possible. 3) I tested with 10s of thousands without any issue. 4) Yes, but make sure they are not referenced in the code. 5) Currently not.

Kind regards

Hi.. it is possible to import/export file

Not through the script but you can import through phpMyAdmin provided the table fields are same.

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I just purchased this apps, may i know if you have a csv files sample? How can u import 5000 listing? Thanks..

hello, pls need your help to import my files..

Hi, The demo content was auto generated and is not a part of the script.

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for captcha is every key is correct.it show up for sign up page but it doesnt show up for contact us page . what it could be ?

for smtp i use gmail adn ireid many way still dosent solve it. i added ssl://...... still no solutions,i try 587-465 no solutions.its still giving me smtp error.what it could be ?

The captcha on signup page is not of Google but on contact page is reCaptcha provided by Google and the error you see is if the keys are not correct or private key was entered in place of a public key.

hello again, i have created a site with the same long/lat different types. why it doesn’t show the cluster? only shows the listing but when zoom out it doesn’t show the counts.

please need your help on this.

Cluster only shows # of distinct locations. Please refer to my previous comment.

hello again, i have created a site with the same long/lat different types. why it doesn’t show the cluster? only shows the listing but when zoom out it doesn’t show the counts.

please need your help on this.

Hi, This isn’t possible.


Please help, instead of showing “Multiple” as the marker labels, can i just show the number of nodes, just like when i click the markers showing “2 Nodes Found Here”.


It will require complex changes that can’t be explained.

there is support of https ??? Ukrainian and currency of UAH ??? is support of SEO the keys of category(on each different, to change), is a mobile version accessible ? is there possibility to insert video of the real estate?

Please fully read item’s detail page and FAQs.


vankatax Purchased

Hi, Can I hide “FAQ” link from menu for non-logged user. I want only registered user to see it.

Yes, by directly removing or commenting out the related html code in loginForm.php

hi,i buy from you real estate and is imposible to send message from contact us, give me some error,olease help me site adress www.imobiliare.today ,please you check first and after give me solution