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1. Do you have full-text search or filter to some features of estates (may be checkbox or dropdown)? 2. Is it easy to created if you not have? 3. For filtering can I pay more to you to build it?


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Yes all features can integetable into our app. But we dont have time at the moment . We will add some features in 1.2 update soon.

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How long about your next update 1.2?

I think about 1 month later max.

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Hi, is there an Android Version in planning? I would be very interested

Hello yes we will do when update 1.2 later

Thanks for good words.

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just wondering how long before next update?

Our app just updated for ios 8.1

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Also is there a search filter where you can find property in a certain area and certain number of rooms.?

Where are the data tables located?

Yes Open Server Files folder and you will see there

where’s that


Where are the data tables located??

realESTATE.sql is that the one

the files as a .sql.zip and it says no tables, so what should I do?

Please do a team viewer with me and shoe me yourself

give me your e-mail address i will send it

e-mail sent

You will release an Android version?

And so… How to change admin and password login?

open admin.php and find “password” and “admin” later change them and upload your new admin.php. Yes our apps clever ;)

Dont forget to review our app

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I have problem with map! can I send you an email with print screen e code?

how do i add the properties to the app?

Hi after I change the path, upload the server files to web site, run the sql to create the table, when i try to access the admin.php, its blank page, no typo as i try something else it show page 404. please assist. I have sent out email yesterday but no reply yet.

Your db settings wrong change connect.php and look at true syntax

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hi – images are not working in the list view -after selecting rent or sale

This is on the IOS app – seems requestStoreThumb success is not running

and teh image is a url

I think you did some wrong download latest app and try again.

Hello, Is this written in Swift or Obj-C? Thanks, Phil

Obj – c with clever codes

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