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bhole1 Purchased

Hi. How can i add new property? Can user Add new property?


satsalou Author Team

Hi, this app uses Firebase as a backend. You can use Firebase platform to add/edit/remove properties. However, the user of the mobile app is not able to add a property.

Hi, I think the script is really good. 2 questions: 1) So I don’t need a hosting server as it uses Firebase, correct? 2) can a user search by postcode or number of bedrooms or price range?

Firebase works as the backend platform of this app, so yes no additional hosting server is required.

The search options you are mentioning are not yet supported. We could prepare a clone of this app tailored to your special needs.

pre-sale inquiry; does it support RTL languages? if so, can i convert the whole text / UI to RTL and how. Let me know ASAP please. Thanks

Hi, this app can be translated into many languages by following this tutorial: https://medium.com/appseed-io/internationalize-and-localize-your-ionic-application-e16b4db1907b. However, we have not tested this method for RTL languages, so this needs further research.

is this app updated to ios 10 or not yet

Hi, this app has not been tested on iOS 10 yet, though it has been tested on iOS 9.

ohh ok no problem should i update it to ios 10 or will u guys be doing that down the line

There is nothing you should do regarding this. Cordova is taking care of such things. You should only keep updated XCode on your machine. The app already works on iOS 10.