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Dear sanljiljan,

Please help me in setup the local host for the webscript.

I copy and paste the files in Source Files PHP into the htdocs. Then I type ‘localhost’ in the Chrome address bar. It’s always said:

The localhost page isn’t working

localhost is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

Please tell me how to make it run with localhost.

Thanks a lot.

Hi; In the android version is still showing hidden fields for list options in the portal okay, you could check please? Thanks.

You should move wanted fields into Hidden amenities category to become hidden in admin->real estates->fields

You are welcome!

hi, is possible change for brazil portuguese language?

Yes, you can translate to brazil / portuguese.

You are welcome!

Where do i add the api key for the map?

what about within the admin panel?

Details: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?p=9658

In application\views\admin\components\page_head_main.php

hello i have purshased app and reskin for myself upload php code and added some estate but it doesnt show in app. So may you help me please why doesnt it show ? thanks

Check if estates was activated and not expired, if doesn’t help then restore original files.

hello agean i restore php sourc agean the estates which definied before shows but when i add new one it doesnt show what should do ? thanks

Check if estates was activated and not expired

Or open support ticket and provide your administration link and app link?


Does it support Arabic language?

You can check our web portals, already support RTL: https://codecanyon.net/item/real-estate-agency-portal/6539169

we need mobile app as well in arabic language. please update

We working on RTL support, will be available in future

can we add custom pages/web view links to app like about us, projects, contact us etc that can be viewed offline

Not supported, so only with additional coding

Hi, IOS version? i need this in spanish and for both platforms

Great Script, can we limit this to a single city

Dependent fields works only in web part currently, not in android version.

how can we get it to work on android

How you noticed this, please can you provide example via support ticket?


hello , i have boug your this produxct too https://codecanyon.net/item/real-estate-agency-portal/6539169?s_rank=4 and i want to link app from why web site could you help me please ? thanks


phwac Purchased

Hi there, any plans on selling the Iphone version on CodeCanyon? Since de 99usd price is out of my budget. Thanks


phwac Purchased

That is great, but where I want to introduce this product. there are a lot of people from different background. A large group speaks Arabic and a other group speaks a similar language and a other part speaks English.

I know, and on mobile market is usual that developers upload few apps for different languages/markets

Hey I need your Android and website scripts. iam unaware of developing. If I buy will u help me this.?

We selling working apps, you just need to install them. If you will have any issue of course we will help you.

But any customization services are not included.

If you need customization services, guide: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?page_id=1870

You are welcome!

inside Admin Panel, address not found whenever search any keyword to input address, can help?

Wrong google api key, guide: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?p=9658

How are the homes inserted with PHP?

Are you planning to put ADMOB?


Currently we don’t have such plans, maybe in future.


while clicking the details of the real estate page, 1. in the description area html codes are shown. screen shots provided. 2. only one image is shown even though many images uploaded

Please provide screenshot via support ticket: http://iwinter.com.hr/support


Screenshots Submitted via support ticket

This app work you real State script?

This no is theme real state

All this themes are compatible and can be used in our real estate script.

Dear Sanljiljan to buy your script but i need a feew customization please contact me skype id : “facebook:pourbriller”

Customization’s are not included, please follow this guide for price calculation: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?page_id=1870

You are welcome!

hi, is it come with ios version?

IOS version is here: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?p=7480

You are welcome!