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How to change currency?

Login to Admin->Estates->Options->Price->Edit->Change Suffix

Old Godaddy hosting problems like “No input file specified.” or unexplained redirections problem.

  1. In file “application/config/config.php” On line 42, change from:
    $config['index_page'] = 'index.php';
    $config['index_page'] = 'index.php?';
  2. If problem still exists, then On line 60, change from:
    $config['uri_protocol'] = 'AUTO';
    $config['uri_protocol'] = 'QUERY_STRING';

CodeIgniter guide:

Can I lock google maps in one location ?

For homepage template example:
  1. Open “templates/bootstrap2/page_homepage.php” or “templates/bootstrap2-responsive/page_homepage.php” depends on template
  2. Around line 20, change from: center: [{all_estates_center}], to something like this with custom coordinates: center:[22.49156846196823, 89.75802349999992],

Error like this:
load->view(‘admin/components/page_head’)?> load->view($subview); // Subview is set in controller?>

in php.ini on line around 226
And restart your Apache server.

Begginer step-by-step instructions if you have cpanel on hosting, to create database:

  1. Open Cpanel -> “MySQL databases”
  2. Create New Database, enter name and click “Create”
  3. Add New User, enter username/password and click “Create user”
  4. Add User To Database, select created database and user and click “Add”
  5. Check for “ALL PRIVILEGES” and click “Make Changes”
  6. Open Cpanel -> “phpMyAdmin” -> Click on your database
  7. Click on operations, select Collation “utf8_unicode_ci” and click “go”
  8. Now enter this database data to configurator, something like “cpanelusername_databasename”, “cpanelusername_databaseusername”, “password” entered

Solution to hide amenities in Frontend Property page:

  1. Create new option with type category and name ‘hidden amenities’
  2. General amenities that you want to hide just replace/move to this category ‘hidden amenities’. And it will not be visible on Frontend property page.

*Please don’t hide all amenities, min. one must stay there ;-) If you want to hide all then you need to change template file (just remove amenities section from template file).

Custom URI characters transitions for specific languages, like Ć>C, Đ>D, Š>S

Open file “application\helpers\MY_url_helper.php”, lines 82 and 83. There is transition, for croatian example but you can also add yours:
array('č','ć','ž','š','đ', 'Č','Ć','Ž','Š','Đ') =>
array('c','c','z','s','d', 'c','c','z','s','d')

Writing permission errors on configuration or after, or file uploading/deleting, files translation doesn’t work from admin?

Looks like your server don’t give permission to PHP script for write/delete files on server. Solution is to chmod 777 following files/folders:
/files/thumbnail and all files inside
/files and all files inside
/application/language and all files/folders inside
/system/language and all files/folders inside
/templates/bootstrap2-responsive/language and all files/folders inside
/templates/bootstrap2/language and all files/folders inside

My pages gone, after change language in admin?

Looks like you didn’t translate pages to this language. Please change your language in profile to english, Logout->Login again, Edit all pages and translate to your language.

I translate everything, but search doesn’t work, parameters like {option_1} is displayed etc…

Looks that you forget something, please check in that order:
  1. Login to admin
  2. Pages->Edit every page->click on tab “your_language” and translate all values
  3. Estates->Options->Edit every Options->click on tab “your_language” and translate all values
  4. Estates->Manage->Edit every property->click on tab “your_language” and translate all values

How to add new badget, for example ‘hot’ or new icon?

Add option value for option ‘icon’ for example ‘hot’ to all languages and add image in badgets folder ‘templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\img\badgets’, hot.png

Or for icons ‘templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\img\icons\option_id’ folder, for example 23.png where 23 is option_id

Google map marker icons can be found in: ‘templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\img\markers’

How to change URI from ‘property’->’listing’?

$config['listing_uri'] = 'listing';
to cms_config.php

If you want something else like ‘property’->’firma’, then you need additional:
In ‘application\config\routes.php’
$route['listing/(:num)/(:any)/(:any)'] = "property/$1/$2/$3";
$route['listing/(:num)/(:any)'] = "property/$1/$2";
Add also:
$route['firma/(:num)/(:any)/(:any)'] = "property/$1/$2/$3";
$route['firma/(:num)/(:any)'] = "property/$1/$2";

How to add / edit or delete the menu tabs on map ? i.e Sale , Rent and both ?

Login to administration->Estates->Options->Edit ‘Purpose’->On all langauges remove wanted values, for example “sale” and “rent and sale”

How to move the portal script to another host?

Just copy all files and export-import database via phpMyAdmin, after that you need to manually configure database details in file application\config\production\database.php

How to change zoom on the map?

Login to admin->Settings->System settings->Change ‘Zoom index’ value.

How to remove EstatePoint and iWinter logo from example template?

Just replace following images:
  • admin-assets/img/custom/logo-system-mini.png
  • templates/bootstrap2-responsive/assets/img/logo.png
  • templates/bootstrap2-responsive/assets/img/partners/winter.png

How to add Watermark / Stamp to images?

In file ‘application\libraries\UploadHandler.php’, line around 106, change from:
'watermark' => false
'watermark' => true

Watermark / Stamp image file is available: admin-assets\img\stamp.png

Watermark / Stamp will be added to new uploaded images.

I need price with prefix, for example £600…

Then you need to modify your template file ‘templates\bootstrap2-responsive\property.php’, replace from:
{option_36} {options_suffix_36}
{options_suffix_36} {option_36}

You need to do same thing in other templates where you want this change, for example: page_homepage.php, results.php

I skipped one update, what is the procedure now?

First of all please make a backup (all files and database export in phpMyAdmin)!

After that you can:
Extract all files except ”/files” folder and ”/application/config” folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import, for example if your version is 1.4.4 then you should update database by order (All files are available when you download new version from codecanyon):

What are the differences between user and agent?

Live demo is available here:

Agent username: agent
Agent password: agent

User username: user
User password: user

Main differences:
Agent is person of trust from company, login to backend, they don’t need wait to approve submission, and can set all options of property, for example also badget (new, hot, top etc…)
User is person not of trust, login only to frontend, need wait to approve submission from admin, and can’t set all properties, for example badget is not available.

How to setup default theme color style?

If you want to specify color, in ‘application/config/cms_config.php’ add line $config['color'] = 'red';

How to define fixed map position?

If you want to specify fixed map location, in ‘application/config/cms_config.php’ add line

$config['custom_map_center'] = '27.175015, 78.042155';

Where numbers represents GPS coordinates.

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