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Helo my difficulties in installation on my local computer please help him

I can not access the file index in localhost, “You don’t have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.”


If you need additional help please open support ticket here:

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Ho to remove this logo


If you need any additional help please open support ticket here:

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Hi sanljiljan, I want to know if Are the Real Estate Agency portal and Geo Classified Ads compatible with the “real estate android app”? Thanks Davide

Yes, both are compatible.

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What is this? How do I turn it off?

This is development mode used on localhost, just install on real server and will be hidden automatically.

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i installed it already on a live server and after two days, its giving me this error….............. .An Error Was Encountered

Parameter not defined: settings_template Posssible issue: Wrong database configuration

whats wrong

thanks would do that

your instruction for live chat says…...........

We suggesting service to use for chat with visitors.

Code provided from this service can be added into wanted files like:


at full bottom / end of file

the question is, is it at the end of all the code in that custom_javascript.php

so instruction says: at full bottom / end of file

hi How we registered without registering property? my site : thanck you

Please purchase valid script license and let me know after that via support ticket.

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What is the difference between the codes below listed? Please help me to buy one which is best suitable for me. My requirement is a Real Estate Portal.



This version including more features like packages, favourites, new design etc:

Hi sanljiljan, I can’t find where information about estate are saved in the database, I didn’t find description, foto etc. Can you give me some tips?

... and also How can I buy a extended licence?

Thanks Davide

Some hints here:

Extended license is not available. You need to purchase one regular license for each online domain/website.


I have a problem The url becomes very annoying due to the addition It should be hidden I want him to be like that Instead of this

I need to delete from the page url index.php How

Best option for urls is:

You can also try with this:


How to change the language backend, as written in the knowledge base does not work, the language remains the same.

Complete guide:

Don’t forget this: After that you should change language in admin profile edit, and: Logout->Login again

Thank you

After the addition of the property, the agent, disappears a brief description of the property (it is not saved)

Can be mod security related:

If you still have issues open support ticket here:

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was any support for Rightmve, Zoopla import/export ever done?

We have some universal xml2u, if Rightmve, Zoopla also support xml2u then can be compatible. If not then custom import tool is required.



damidu Purchased

Hi, How can i customize the registration email? I have mine html that i want to send. Where I can find its code?

Thanks Davide


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or need further information via support ticket:

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Really great platform and it offers a lot of what we’re looking for. However, it seems that the RSS feed is broken.

We tried to validate the RSS feed in the demo site: “”

And it comes back as an invalid feed on:

This feature is very important to us as the website will be ran on a subdomain of the primary website and we want to display listings via an RSS widget.

Also, couldn’t help but notice that the URL structure is extremely SEO unfriendly.

Something like this will kill SEO performance and I couldn’t see anything in the backend which would allow you to customize the URL structure or text.

I don’t see the need for the index.php file within the URL and byond that, the /en/pagenumber/pagename is really pretty bad.

What is being planned to correct this?


Ahh, the fact that you’re charging for simple URL seo is a bit of a dealbreaker. Especially at 20 Euros for the plugin which isn’t even available through Envato and you even state that it’s not guaranteed to work.

That’s not really a good thing and a real shame. Why isn’t this basic functionality included?

Also, I tried the RSS feed on our website and it doesn’t display results, instead says “RSS URL is not valid and has been removed” meaning that it’s basically useless.

Script version with nicer url-s here:

mod_rewrite is required and your website should be primary on hosting package, then will work. Issues possible in subfolders or hosting packages when you using more websites on same cheap hosting package.

You can try to open feed in your browser: and there works perfectly.

We will help you related to feed if you will have some issues.

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We added quick validation correction and it’s valid now:

[Valid RSS]

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