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Hi. Presale question: I want to use this to allow my clients to upload files to a page dedicated to them. After they upload a file, will that file be visible to them as a link or icon on their page when they go back to the page, or will I have to do something manually to allow them to access the file they uploaded? Thanks.

This can be done but the plugin is a out of date. Can you please contact me via the contact form so I can send you a demo

Hi! The uploader was working fine on a mobile device, but now it does not – when you click on “add files” it doesn’t do anything. Also, if I wanted some custom coding, would you be available for that? Please let me know. Thanks!

Can you send me a demo link please?

pre sale question: does this plugin run on PHP 5.4.42?

Please contact me via email I will send you a demo to test. Cheers


veeev Purchased

Pre sales questions:

Is this product still being updated (the info page shows support only up to WP3.6)?

Is it possible to use more than 1 uploader on a single page?

Yes it is, I follow all the issue the users can have. Actually it works fine with the lastest wordpress version ( Ihave not updated the info)


veeev Purchased


i just purchased the plugin and am wondering if it’s possible to do the following:

1) Email more than 1 person per configuration. 2) Attach the uploaded file(s) to the notification email.



In this version is not possible. You need to edit upload.php and send_email.php


veeev Purchased

Will these features be added in a future revision? If so, do you have a timeline?



Can you contact me please via email? So I can send you the last version (or better another uploader very similar to this)

Pre sale question:

Could I integrate this with a form? For example, I want required fields (name, email address, etc.) to be filled out before files can actually be uploaded.



It requires some skills the form integration. understading form html code to target it

Hi ,

Can it replace the ‘wordpress media upload’ ?(no media picking ,upload a media ,will auto replace the last one) Thanks

No it cannot replace it directly.


I’m trying to integrate the upload with Contact 7 Form. Is it possible?

I’m adding: wpcf7-form to the: Form integration (id, class or parent):

but it doesnt do anything.

The form:

It doesnt add files to the sent email

Hi Peter It should just add the file names to the form in POST, not the file as attach.

Hi, I am planning to purchase your plugin. Is it possible to upload files to a directory structure like foldersname/username/

Hi Yes there is a specific setting for that

Cheers Alban

Will this be updated?

I have already an updated version of the plugin but I have not published it since has a lot of changes. I will update it on codecanyoun as soon as I prepare the new text and graphics. Contact me via email to send you a demo


I paid for and installed this plugin, but every time I activate it I get the “dreaded white screen of death” – the website goes white, the admin page goes white, until I uninstall the plugin and then everything works again.

hi Tully

Can you please contact me via email and send a temporary login so I can have a look. What version of the plugin do you have?

Cheers Alban

Hi Alban, I emailed you a while back and sent login details but haven’t heard back yet. Just making sure you received the email etc? Thanks, Tully


Pre-sales questions:

1. Does it also check mime-types or just file extensions?

2. Does it have hooks or some kind of API to return for example the uploaded file ID so to integrate with another form / plugin?

Many thanks

Hi hector

1) just extenstion (both server side and client side) 2) yes it has many hooks.

Please contact me via email I can send you a demo. I am not sure if I have uploaded the last version here on Codecanyon

Does this plugin work on mobile devices?

Yes it works

Hello, when I add the shortcode to my page, I get this error message:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘id’ in /home/... ajaxuploader.php on line 467

Please contact via email and send login details so I can have a look.

How to hide the big green cross after file is uploaded 100% ? (I only authorize 1 upload) thank you :)

Contact me via email please


Hi Michael I have not yet received your email?

Hi, presales question: Works in admin area to uploads media ?

Hi no.

What do I need to do to get Contact Form 7 to work with your plugin?! I see someone else was able to in a past comment, but you give no clear way to trouble shoot. I have tried wcf7-form, #wcf7-form, wpcf7-f7590-p7584-o1 and #wpcf7-f7590-p7584-o1…nothing works. Please advise. Thanks in advacne for your quick attention to this.

I also have Gravity Forms and would rather use that. PLEASE HELP ME!

Hi Looch

It is not easy to integrate this uploader with the contact forms and gravity forms, it needs some dev skills. Can you please contact me via email, I can help you. albanx[at]gmail

Can you please answer one of the two emails I sent you?! I really need this working soon for the client! Thanks

Hello – I just purchased the real ajax file uploader for wordpress. Out of the box i get a “syntax error” message. I get the message regardless of plugin theme or browser. Below is a link to a draft uploads page on my site. what can I do to fix this? I am not a programmer. – Thanks


99% that is because you have a php version less than 5.6. Just upgrade your php version and it will work fine