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they should check plugin times! Since it listed in the plugin will be displayed 2 times and generates a fatal error! sorry for my bad englisch


thank you for the report I will check it now

the author made a mistake when packaging the plugin. The download archive contains a file named test.php which absolutely does not belong into the release version. It makes WordPress display the plugin twice in the list of installed plugins, with the first entry being the wrong (test) one.

Activating the plugin fails, luckily.

Thanks for the report I will check this

Hello, I can’t force the language “fr_FR” to display the download buttons. I checked my browser, as well as my wordpress, is in French, while the text of the upload part remains in English. Thank you

Hello, I have just paid for the module upload ajax. When I delete a file uploaded then it will delete forever (can’t restore). Is there any way to delete a file then it will goes to Recycle Bin, in case when I need it again then I can restore?

Thank you! Vi Lee

Hi Lee

Unfortunately there is not a “Recycle Bin” function. You can disable the delete function from file system and just let the database flag to 1 in case you want to keep files anyway.


I’ve been searching for a path towards creating a templating system for submitted print orders in woocommerce. I’m wondering if this plugin will help.

Customer needs to upload PDF (or png, jpeg,tiff, ect) and preview the file. However there needs to be a template overlay that matches the product they’re uploading to. I use other plugins for woocommerce that can display in the product config on the single product page via shortcode.

I do not think this plugin matches that, but if we need to try just contact me via email I will send you a copy for free

Question: Can this be used with any form building tools or plugins?

Yes but it needs some developer skills to configure the callbacks

Hi, I like the look of this plugin but:

The last update was 2016 and looking through previous comments, it looks like the author keeps stating that the plugin is out of date and to contact for a demo?

I also noticed a sudden drop in comments on here, the last being 4 months ago.

Is this plugin still being actively developed and updated?

At present, when uploading a test image, the demo site displays a file move error, I’m just trying to establish if this is intentional on your part?

The file move error happens because it runs out of space due to a lot of demos from users. From time to time I have to clean up. As I said just contact me via email I will be happy to send a demo. You can find the stand alone version of this uploader at, and download it for free. (source also on github)

Brilliant, Thanks Alban, I’ll e-mail you now.

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HI I am looking to purchase the file uploader plugin you have for WordPress but I had one question. If I wanted can the plugin send the files to a remote location instead of my WordPress site when the files are uploaded is that possible?

Thanks Sid