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Have found a bug? Do you have new Idea for new features or changes?

Contact me here or albanx[at] for every idea questions or bug. I will be happy to give support and changes.

How to edit file name before upload?

If editFilname option is set to true, to edit file name just double click on file name and a textbox will appear that allows file name edit. Then just click outside the text box and file name change will be applicated.

How to send email with files after upload?

Basically there are two ways for sending email when upload finish: 1. by using the finish event:

finish: functino(fileList){
   $.post('somescripts_that_send_mail.php', {files:fileList});
In this case you must create a php scripts (somescripts_that_send_mail.php) that sends email. 2.editing the upload.php at point where there is:

Are you a skilled programmer?

Then you can extend this uploader very easy, use the $(this).data(‘AU’) object, look from the source code!

On IE the select file dialog is not appearing?

Be sure that the “flash” option point to the upload.swf file!

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