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hello albanx , how do i header redirect after the file been uploaded please.

what i am try to do is … go to upload all when click next button and then redirect to the next page.

Do not use the upload.php but use it on script setup

$(‘div’).ajaxupload({ finish: function() {} })

ahhh ok i see thanks mate

Hi Alban,

I love the product but sometimes have a problem with multiple uploads – the script will just hang and not complete. This happens with say 8 image files each with an average size of around 6-700kb.

Any ideas?

Most of times this is a server issue (firewalls blocking multiple requests). In a new version of the uploader I have implemented an anti freeze system. Contact me via email so I can send it and you can test.

Cheers Alban

i was succesfully integrated this library with ajax.

i use finish : function to put my ajax code. this is work

but, if i was submit my form and my ajax process was finished. i try to upload again. this is not work.

So, i successfully submit and upload at one time only. at twice, three times and more my form cannot be submit

could you help me? thanks

Hey Ilham

This is a dev problem not a bug, Try to use alternative methods, without using any form integration process.

what is the method? can you mention it?

Please read documentation and use the callbacks

Is your plugin working in a modal bootstrap?


It should work. Please visit to download a demo


jpapan Purchased

Hello, is it possible to drag a file and then modify it before upload? So I want to send the edited file. Thanks in advance

Hi, what are the modification of the file you need?


jpapan Purchased

I want to convert it to dataset, replace some specific positions and then send it.