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Hi Does this only work with WP or can it work with other CMS such as CMS Pro which is sold here?

It’s not WP plugin. It’s framework independent.

Hello, How Can I destroy this script? I need turn off this for mobile devices with Modernizer.

hi! there is no “destroy” method. But you can stop rotation and also disable mouse (see methods part in how_to file)

Hi Sandi. I was wondering if there is a way to input text into the cloud? E.g. a user types in a text in a form and it will be displayed in the cloud.

Not really. All the tags must be already in your html page then you init/start the cloud. It’s not possible to insert tags “on the flight”

Thank you for the quick reply:) I do have another question regarding setting the an automatic rotation to the cloud – though I do not understand where I am supposed to put in the methods? e.g. $(’#cloudID’).cloud(‘mouseTo’, {x:0, y:0}); or $(’#cloudID’).cloud(‘mouseToRandom’); Hope you can help.

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presales – Does this use flash in any way? Does this work on mobile, that is, just the spinning part and touch to select?

It does not use flash. It works on mobile, just try demo. Especially for mobile devices there is even the option to rotate the cloud on device tilt

Is it possible to pause the movement of tag cloud items on hover over

its not implemented

Hi ! Is it possible to add small png images instead of small jpg ? Thanks !

Never mind, I found it ! :)