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Hey, im making a new frontend design but I need to know where are the front-end files for the chat and userlist.

Hey, im making a new frontend design but I need to know where are the front-end files for the chat and userlist.

Hi Design Skate, I have created a system where there will be teams and once one team sends a message to another team a sort of group chat will be created among both team members. I want to keep the log of the chat and once they open the chat they have already provided their names into my existing system so I want them to get login with that and keep on communicating in the chat room so is this something possible I can easily do on your chat system and customize it as per my needs? Will your chat system responsively work on mobile too?

Hi, How I can show other language than english characters? For example all greek characters returning only ”???”

No answer, no support!!!!!................

hello very good script ı have a question can user ignore to user ?

Their is fast support you need to e-mail. :)

guess the devs abandoned this script.

Hello this is not abandoned, we are a small team of friends. Please use our email if you wish to receive faster support, we typically can respond within 24 hours if you are experiencing a problem.

Kind regards, Elise

Field ‘room_background’ doesn’t have a default value – please just provide instructions so that I can fix it myself.

Issue seems to be that this portion is not included… (1, ‘Lobby’, ‘Welcome to the lobby! Here you can meet and greet your fellow chatters in the default room. Be kind to newcomers and show them the ropes!’, 50, ’’, ‘lobby.html’, ’’)”) or die($mysqli->error);

so the process is stopping entirely.

Ha! I guess it is unsupported now!

hello can user view history of room?

please check

hello.. nice script// can this chat be integrated to my website? such that users can chat in one chat room when they visit the website?


I can only login with a nickname ؟

Hi, it just misses a small thing (forgotten password).

delete file install.txt (add control check permissions folder if(is_dir(”../install”) && is_writable(”../install”)). index_7.php ln N°27 , If permissions OK : unlink(“install.txt”); execute OK

If no permissions, can not delete install/install.txt

does it has credits with the games? credits system?

Where is my money??

weird script with no support for years stays on codecanyon no more updates no more support why even have this for sell it has no important chat functions such as block ban user and more? why why not remove this

Is there a way to allow users to make there own chat rooms and pay for perks