Discussion on Ready Rental - Rental Properties Mobile App React Native Template

Discussion on Ready Rental - Rental Properties Mobile App React Native Template

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Where is the typescript code??

Everything here is Javascript

Thanks for purchasing our product Alberto. We will review and reply on Monday

Hello. I like the theme, but I would prefer to develop on flutter.

Hello Alberto, good to know that you liked the design. We have flutter version too. please consider buying it.

Hi!, i mistakenly bought this one instead of the flutter version, i am not a react native Dev. Can i change it?

Sure! Please raise refund request and purchase flutter one. Thanks

Hi @fabriciolatorrel, We have approved your refund request, let us know if you face any difficulty in purchasing Flutter version. thanks

what is the version of expo used and also does it develop on functional components i can’t find add property screen though

It doesn’t have expo, yes it’s implemented using “functional component”, yes add-property screen is not there, however you can create using existing input/form-controls from different other screens.

thanks one last thing does it contain any filter screen and is there change of language works?

Yes, it has “filter” screen and no, it doesn’t have multi-language feature.

Great job zluck! I just bought it and I have a few questions: 1) what’s the process or timeline to upgrade it from react-native v0.63.3 to v0.70 or v0.71? 2) how can I get the figma files? Thanks!

Fantastic. Thanks!

Hello, I nee the latest version of the mobile app… because this version of react native isn’t run able in android. What do I need to do on my side?

react native upgrade can be completed within couple of days

Any update on the completion?

It’s done. thanks

Hi Zluck, where are you with the full app? Any progress you can communicate? I am all set and ready to buy it. Hurry up buddy !

Hi onebigroup, not yet, we do not have any defined timeline on this yet. once we start on this, we will let you know. thanks

Hi, I got this template, but I don’t have access to the FIGMA. Can you send me the link to get ir or the file ? My dev needs it asap!

What heck !? 4 days nobody answer me!!! I bought it and I deserve any return!!!

Hi Marcio, I will send you today, we were away because of the holidays

It’s sent

Hi, this is not a mobile app? I have seen a comment above about this…

it’s a mobile app template. what other user meant is “dynamic implementation of features”

As this is just template, it gives you readymade screens, you or your developer needs to add logic into it.

You should just turn it into a mobile app.. I’d buy it

Hi @jadbourji, thanks for checking out our template. yes turning it into the mobile app is already in our queue. we would let you know once we complete it. thanks

please do! I’ll be super happy to buy. I’m looking for this and have been for such a long time. Seems the cleanest and best anywhere! (ps. functionality for users to add properties + bump/feature them as monetization) really looking forward to seeing this come out.


my developer found that the files only contain typescript version, is the normal javascript version available ? if yes can you tell me how to download it , or if it’s available to send it to ALso do you offer the figma / xd files for it ?

ok , thank you for the figma files. and i wait for the javascript files

Yes, we are on it, will arrange by this week.

Hey, We just shared the JS version on your email. please consider leaving us a good rating/review if you find our support and product good. thanks

my developer found that the files only contain typescript version, is the normal javascript version available ? if yes can you tell me how to download it , or if it’s available to send it to

Javascript version is not available. thanks for the purchase.

if my some useres will need to pay to add ads , is “regular licence ” enough ? or i need to get the extended ?

“regular license” will work in that case.

Good day, does the also support iPad?

Hey @Andzie-M347 Yes it can be installed and open in iPad, but the view will be 2x of Mobile. its not landscape mode for iPad.

Hey, 1) I just want to know this template has been build on React Native CLI ? 2) and this use javascript or typescript?

Hey, thanks for your interest

1. Its React Native CLI 2. Its typescript.


Hey, Your project looks really good. I´ve a question about the customization and its limits, to what extent could I customize it in terms of logo, wording, colors etc?

Thanks You can customize almost everything in this UI Template. you can replace logo, change color scheme etc..

Thanks, also whats the difference between the standard and extended license? And how does this work in terms of compromises and copyright? I also noticed on the description it only shows three colors is that only an example or the actual colors we can edit with?

Here is the link to see the difference between regular and extended license –

About the colors, yeah its three colors we used, you can change those colors to whatever colors you want.


I am very, very interested in your project, but I have questions 1- do you have admin are or wordpress to control app 2- i need to demo live 3- do you have any document for this app


Hi Omarkhalil

This is just UI template, it neither have backend nor have real functionality.

Thanks for checking into.

Hi.. How can I create app using this.. can you explain me..?

Hi this is actually quick start template, once purchased you can hire a react native developer to use this template and make it working

is this using Expo? Do you have a demo app on Google Play?

No this doesn’t use Expo. Its just template, so not available on Google Play.

Congratulations, Nice Work, Good Luck with Sales :)

Thank you!


Any plans for Airbnb or TripAdviser ?

Not yet, for now this is UI template for someone to start Airbnb or TripAdviser.


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