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Hello, Can I have mp3/audio clip in the details/document?

It should be a customization. Please emai us at contact@inspius.com

Will it support offline reading? If it have to load everything to read it would not be a good solution.

One more issue, on my both my iPad and iPhone, when I do the search, it only show one item even though I give the similar name. Any idea?

Here is example: I have two book in the same category name Killer 1 and Killer 2, When I search K, it only appear 1 item. It also query the books that was already deleted as well.

One last thing, can it support unicode character for the search?

Can you explain how does it really work?

One last issue I want to point out here is that, after I view the book on my device, I have no way to refresh to get update version if the backend has update the file.

Here is what I tried, I open Book A1 on my device, now that I want to change the book A1 with B1, I uploaded the B1 book in replacement for the A1. Next, I turn off the App completely, and turn it on, the app still show me the cache image of the old A1.

Are there any way user can refresh that data?

Hi There, Please send us an email to contact@inspius.com, our technical will help you, it is very difficult to support you at comment. Best,

Can the user upload contents? or only the admin can?

It should be a customization. Please emai us at contact@inspius.com

is this okay with iPad?

Hi There, the app layout is ok on iPad.

Should i host my ebooks using Amazon S3 only? Or can i put them in my server? What is the benefit of Amazon s3???? Did your ebook accepts epub,mobi,pdf or docx/doc filetypes?

Please email us at contact@inspius.com we will help you a solution. Thank you

Please email us at contact@inspius.com we will help you a solution. Thank you

good work ! :) i wish you all the best for your sale ;)

Thank You!

is this sample uploaded app on #AppStore because i don’t think Apple could approve those app !! I search “Read247” in #AppStore but i didn’t found by that name please share this.. i am just confused

Hi There, please check this App for demo https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id979212354?mt=8

When you say you have a web version, is it just the backend or there is front-end web version of this app as well.

Hi There, it is front end web version of this app.

Any plan for swift Xcode ?

Can you support epub file, I will buy with higher price if yes

Awesome. Waiting for you update!

Do you have any plan for next update?

Hi There, we are going to for the new item then update this item at the next week. Best,

Can I see the website version? I have sent an email for a custom work. Waiting for your response. Thanks

Thanks for great app. I have Xcode 7. While uploading app to app store i get ERROR ITMS-90096. Your binary is not optimised for iphone 5. I think it is problem of splash screen. Because while i test it on my phone i don’t see splash screen. you have used launchscreen.xib as splash screen. I wanted to choose it from Targets=> General tab. But it doesnt show there. What can i do ?

Thanks. I created ticket.

You haven’t released any updates yet. Are you gonna release update ?

Hi There, We are working very hard and will update this app at the next week for the bugs fix. Best,

I have the problem with Most Read section. It never update. I have the first document there with 9 reading for the first time. Now the new document has 24 reading, it is still not shown in the Most Read Section.

Hi There. Thank you for interest our application, can you go our center http://inspius.com/envato and create a ticket, our technical will help you. Best,

Sorry, wrong version. Posted on Android.

user login is it a parse or rest api

Hi There. Thank you for interest, User login function is rest api (json). Best,

it seems that your backend is not very secure. User can directly go to backend via this link without having to login via username and password.


Hi There. Thank you for the feedback we will make an update to fix this issue. Best,

Is this an Xcode project and do I need a server in order to run this project? I want to purchase but am not sure how to configure the backend with the php fikes


I’d like to purchase the “read 24/7” app but I want to know if it’s an Xcode project and if so has the app been updated to work with swift 3 and the latest version of Xcode? Also, am I simply uploading my PDF books into the app or do I need a server to manage the backend and the data? Thanks for your help, I will purchase as soon as these questions are addressed.

how to install PHP Server Code


All can delete books   please solve the problem

Is there any support for this item anymore? Ive spent money trying to place a call to singapore from the US and still no one is available! I need help with the PHP server side as the gentlemen above is looking for the same help, someone please respond before I ask Envato for a refund!

“Cannot create __weak reference in file using manual reference counting” I tried running the app as is and am getting this error.