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can i make comic/manga with this app? thanks for reply

Hi There, Yes you can do it.

i try your demo, but it stuck in splash screen, can you check it? thanks for reply

where im getting demo apk?


aboud Purchased

there is no demo for the app IOS or android ??!!!!!

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Hi There, Please create a ticket at http://inspius.com/envato so our technical can help you. Best,

HI I am interested in buying your app but there is only one issue.

i had an app purchased before and it also had a yii framework for backend. Yii framework gave me hard time to fix the issue related to database such as changing db name, host, and other sql exceptions.

so i would like to read the document for installation/configuration before buying. let me know if its possible for you as most of the author have online links to there docs.


Please notify me whenever its available. Thanks

and will this application importation support latest android studio with build tool 24 and gradle 2.2.1 ? Thanks

Hello, We are still working on the updates. Will update you soon. Best,


aboud Purchased

i am waiting the update of the app , because it’s not working with me yet .

its not working right now !!!

Hello, We are working on this application for the updates. Will send you the updates soon. Best,

Hi, How long you are going to take for updates. i can see there are no updates since last year. i am wating for wordpress integrated backend panel.

Hello, We are working on the new version of this app, it will be available in 1 2 weeks. Will update soon. Best,

I reported the problem. Please make return mail.

very very bad support

Hello, Sorry for late reply. Did you create a ticket on our help center http://inspius.com/envato ? Best,

Hi, where are the documents (books) stored? Amazon, Dropbox, locally? Thanks


tyquan Purchased

Is there a APK test demo to test and is the psd or the web version of this app free after you buy or to much to pay for…

srsly the app need need update fast one cuz full with error and u say by ur self u will update it after week am wait but noting we need update we need some new features u have two day or u lie on us about update

Hello, We sent an updates to Envato, it is in review time, you can get an message when it is available for download soon. Best,

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Hi There, We updated remove Parse.

so u mean now with out notification system _ dud there something call fmc

Hi There, We updated a new version to Envato, it is in review time, you will get an message for updates soon. Best,

notification system does not work any more after u romve parse we need notification system on our app and on u iteam u say notification system parse so u need update it not romve or add firebase system _ i wanna ask for refund srsly cuz the sourece need notification system and u romve it so not usful for me or my clinet or add notification syste m

Hello, We are working to update the push from parse to firebase. The update will come sooon. Best,

_ still many proplem on the after use new code but ur skype here to contact u on chat dont send any thing else srsly if u not fix it i wanna ask for refunde cuz app not good

we wait for any notification system for app cuz importan thing

can u make it epub3 readable ?

can anyone download books, then read that later in offline?

Hi There, app not support download. We’re working for update

Hi… its possible change the list of book for a grid ???

Hi, can i get an English version demo apk ?

hello custom Modify app ?

Hi There, Please detail your question. Thank you!

epub3 reader?

i want this app but it seem that your too busy to make all the preparation. Like a apk demo. and other thing is i will need the customization.