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I have Created a Some Custom Taxonomy With Post , Language,Subject,Topic, Speaker and Year

Now I Want to Make a Page Where All Posts Within a Category Will Show in a Grid View And User Can Filter According to His Choice. Results Should be Live Filtered with User Selection

Can You Tell me This Can Be Done With Your Plugin

And I Want to do this For All Categories Separately

Can U Give a Working Admin Demo

Yes you can easily do it with our plugin. And check our demo for working example.

Presale question, we need a search filter that once the results are shown, they link directly to an external link, not a post inside the site. Is this possible that all results only have external links attached to it? thank you.

Yes, it will be easy. After purchase contact us through our support forum. Our support team will help you with any issue

Thank you I have added a ticket with several questions. thank you

Our support team has replied to your ticket. Please co-operate with them to get quick support.

Hi! Is possible search meta_key of buddypress activity?

Sorry, metakey of buddypress search is not available because they handle metakey in a different way than normal wordpress metakey.

This plugin not supported WordPress network sites. I created ticket. Disappointed.

Hi Please follow the solution provided by our technical support team. If you still face any issue please let us know on the support portal

I need search another plugin now? in frontend i edit the template user view / admin view but after save in “admin view” all changes lost. what need do?

Could you please open a support ticket in our support forum mentioning the issue.

Hi, is this plugin compatible the the real estate theme houzez: ? Im looking to create a filter for the properties.

Hello, If the theme uses the wordpress default conventions then it should be compatible. Our plugin works with data so there shouldn’t be any compatibility issue. But still if you face any then our support team will help you resolve the issue.

We have purchased this plug-in but having some difficulties to make it work. Is there a way for us to choose specific tags that can be shown on a certain check box?

For example we have over 20 Tags in total, but we will be using about 4 search box with 5 tags to choose from on each search box. How do we achieve this?

also is there a way to do the same for categories?

If you think you know what I mean, please send me an email or please give me a link to a video, forum or tutorial that would help us achieve this.,

Link attached below is what we’re trying to achieve:

Hello tfggroup,

Sorry for the previous response, I thought you were looking to populate same tags in the five different boxes. Now after close inspection it looks like you need 5 different taxonomy to do the work with our plugin.

You can definitely achieve this with our plugin. We have similar demos as well. All you need to do just to configure the shortcode and drag and drop search element in your search page


you can check your FAQ from here

Videos: (this videos are old so just check them for reference and understanding how the plugin works, we are working on to new videos)

Thanks Redqteam

What do you suggest? That I create a different post type and add different tags for each post type?

There will be 4 different Categories: and for each categories, we want to pull them up with ( LOCATION, CLIENT, INDUSTRY )

I don’t understand how to do this with the plug in , because the search bar only lets me add 1 category, and for tags it pulls up every Tags under that Category.

Please advice

You can create different custom taxonomy in your post type. To create Custom taxonomy you can use any plugin, we recommend this one

after creating 5 different taxonomy for you post type add those taxonomy in the reactive shortcode builder in your admin. After that in the search page use those taxonomy on any checkbox, selectbox as you want.

Hello, I have a pre-sale question. Is it possible to make the dropdown title clickable? Currently the dropdown options only appear if the arrow is clicked and i was wondering if there is any function or css code that will allow me to make the title clickable too. Thanks

Sorry, this option is not available.

The plugin doesn’t work when you are in responsive mode. When you are in small size screen and you have the button filter you get all elements and when you want to get back to normal screen everything is turning white, invisible or disapear

Its working fine in our demo and in our local testing environments. Please submit a support ticket so that our team can assist you.

Just have a look on that record that i did and you will understand the problem :

Real user will be available on either mobile, tab, laptop or desktop they won’t resize screen like you are doing in that video. Also if you reload the screen it should auto place the search element based on how you arrange it for that size otherwise it will show default.

I have one query here, Have you purchased the plugin because i don’t see any purchased tag with your author name. if you have purchased it please submit ticket to our support forum. we provide technical support via our support site.

Hello, I’m interested in this product but I have one question, please?

Is there a way to show the results (products) once we select all filters?

For example, if there are 3 filters, I want to see the results after selecting 3 of them.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


honami-k Purchased

Thank you for Thank you for your answer. After reading your message, I bought this plugin.

I enable the “Apply button” to see how it works. However, all results (products) have been already shown before clicking any filter.

How can I see the final results only after choosing all filters and clicking the apply button, please?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. I appreciate your help.

For technical help please submit a support ticket here


honami-k Purchased

Ok! I’ve submitted it! Thank you :)

Just bought and installed. Not able to do anything under a new “Reactive Builder”. Empty. Getting the following errors in the console.
GET http://localhost/tcwf/wp-content/plugins/reactivepro/assets/dist/css/reuse-form.css?ver=5.6 net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)
load-scripts.php?c=1&load[chunk_0]=jquery-core,jquery-migrate,utils,jquery-ui-core,jquery-ui-mouse,jquery-ui-resizable,farbtastic,jquery-ui-sortable,moxiejs,pluplo&load[chunk_1]=ad&ver=5.6:5 JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 3.3.2
re_builder_7a52b9.js?ver=5.6:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: __REUSEFORM__ is not defined
    at Object.<anonymous> (re_builder_7a52b9.js?ver=5.6:1)
    at n (re_builder_7a52b9.js?ver=5.6:1)
    at re_builder_7a52b9.js?ver=5.6:1
    at re_builder_7a52b9.js?ver=5.6:1
(anonymous) @ re_builder_7a52b9.js?ver=5.6:1
n @ re_builder_7a52b9.js?ver=5.6:1
(anonymous) @ re_builder_7a52b9.js?ver=5.6:1
(anonymous) @ re_builder_7a52b9.js?ver=5.6:1

Figured out my problem. I didn’t install redq-reuse-form. Why is this not integrated into the plugin?

This plugin goes with many of our products so we kept it separate. So code duplication may avoid.

Intrested in your plugin, has it been tested with Oxygen Builder? Would like to know if compatible with oxygens repeater element.

Sorry have not tested with Oxygen Builder yet. But our plugin is very much theme independent and just works with a shortcode so any builder that has dedicated shortcode block should work with our plugin.

Currently all images in the documentation are broken -could you please rework the documentation?

Just have a look on that record that i did and you will understand the problem :

Real user will be available on either mobile, tab, laptop or desktop they won’t resize screen like you are doing in that video. Also if you reload the screen it should auto place the search element based on how you arrange it for that size otherwise it will show default.

I have one query here, Have you purchased the plugin because i don’t see any purchased tag with your author name. if you have purchased it please submit ticket to our support forum. we provide technical support via our support site.

True but it’s not a professional thing to consider that because users won’t do that, it’s not a need to do things correctly. I wanted to puchase it but i’ll wait…


ben303 Purchased

Question: if I have a choice between serialised metadata or new taxonomy type – which is faster loading on the front end with Reactive Search Pro?
Serialised metadata VS New taxonomy type?
I ask because in serialized metadata there includes an index and number of characters
(eg something like this: a:8:{i:0;s:31:”query-monitor/query-monitor.php”;i:1;s:57:”accesspress-instagram-feed/accesspress-instagram-feed.php”;i:2;s:19:”).
Does this mean it’s faster?

Taxonomy will load faster.

Is there a problem with uploading this Plugin after purchasing from CodeCanyon? I keep getting told that it doesn’t exist whether I use the original download, or if I have gone in an zipped up the Reactive Folder?

Here you go:

Installing plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.


kbswb Purchased

when are you updating the documentation? it is completely out of date and missing images and all sorts of information.


kbswb Purchased

thanks for sending the PDF link. the PDF is better than the online documentation because it includes the reference images. your online documentation is missing images.

We will update the online documentation.


kbswb Purchased

Looking forward to it. Thanks.

I just click create a Reactive and does not show options, everything in on blank. Is not showing like in the video to choose. I don’t think is working.

Make sure you installed the helper plugins. For further help please open a support ticket in our support forum.

Hello I have a travel website with about 2000 cities. I want to know if I can make 2000 equal filters but only show the accommodations of each city. Is there any way to generate the shortcodes of each city in automatic type reactive key=”Paris”? I use Page generator pro to generate the cities.

Then I have a second question about the RnB plugin. Is it compatible with wp all import? I currently use ACF Pro to upload the data of about 20,000 accommodations via csv. Best regards

Translated with (free version)

Sorry, I didn’t understand your query. Could you please explain a bit. If possible any example.

I want to implement hotelles filters in 2000 cities but I would like that these filters only show results of the city of the url itself. Example: I want to add filters like pool, beach, geolocation… to all the hotels in my database but in the url only show New York hotels or in the url mydomain/paris only show Paris hotels with those filters.

Hello, is cities are stored in meta? If your cities are taxonomy term then in your taxonomy page you can add reactive shortcode to show data from that taxonomy term only.

Hi, I’ve many compatibility issues with Wordpress 5.6.2. I can’t do anything. I’ve installed it on a WP 5.5.3 and it works correctly. When do you release an update? Thanks

So far we didn’t found any compatibility issues. What issues you are facing? you can open a support ticket with as much details as possible so that our team can have a look at it. Most of the time during update you site data or 3rd party plugin data can break which can cause reactive pro to not function properly. in such case you should check with the related theme or plugin support team. Thanks

Thanks. I just renewed my support but can’t open a ticket.

Ok, I opened the ticket.


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