Discussion on Reactive Search Pro - Advanced WordPress Search & Filter Plugin with Map Grid

Discussion on Reactive Search Pro - Advanced WordPress Search & Filter Plugin with Map Grid

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Hi I’m interested in your plugin some questions:
1 – Your plugin also improves the standard wordpress search, for example: in the menu I have a search icon, or the standard Wp search page, or does it work well on pages built with your code?
2 – Will the search with your plugin be faster than the standard Wp search? consider a blog with nearly 40,000 articles.
3 – Can your plguin burden the site since there are so many articles?

Thank you


Thanks for the interest in our plugin,

1. You can override your default wordpress search behaviour and redirect the user to the search page created with Reactive pro shortcode.

2. With 40,000 initial page loading performance can be a bit slow. We recommend using caching plugin if it works with reactive pro in such cases.

3. You can check more on this here

Thanks Redqteam

Hello, I have a little problem. I don’t understand how to make point the link to the article instead to a category … What am I wrong? I mean about the grid, the image with the overlay returns a link to a category, whereas it should point to the post

Hi Please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you.

ok, I was using the Simple template, it was enough to change the grid template and everything worked

Hi glad to hear that everything is working well now. If your face any issues please do let us know on the support portal


danutz78 Purchased

Does this work with taxonomy (brands)??


danutz78 Purchased

mapbox and openmap support is not available. – please add this on next update

Yes, it works with any custom taxonomy. Thanks for your suggestions we will discuss it with the dev team.


MAP mapbox compatible? open map compatible?

1. Yes, we have support for most of the acf fields

2. You can’t use any element from oxygen builder or elementor but our plugins doesn’t have any known conflict with these plugin.

3. our combobox search component has option to show item count.

4. Sorry, mapbox and openmap support is not available.

Maybe it’s a stupid question, but I can’t figure out how to filter without adding a search button, i.e. when selecting a filter, I would like it to show the results immediately in the grid, like in your preview

Sorry, just DON’T add the button and it works … I said it was a stupid question, LOL

Hi If you have any further queries please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you. You can open a support ticket from the below link

rebuilder settings empty when adding new reactive builder… have submitted on support forum

Please follow the below installation instruction

Hello. Will the Geo box (assuming it’s geolocation) populate the returned results if Buddypress is not installed on my website? I have a member site with users age, location, etc. Also, can the Geo box allow for locations such as countries/cities to be displayed?

Thanks in advance for the info.

Hello, Geobox support is only available for posts. Users doesn’t have geobox support. But you don’t need buddypress to search users.

If user enter search word “car” in freetext field and define filter “automotive”: is it possible to show defined search terms in bar like here? Thats a great option and a lot of search plugins can do that. Its very good and important for UX/IX. Your plugin also have this option?

Sorry, our plugin doesn’t have the feature.

Hello, the demo with Google Maps does not work: “Google Maps JavaScript API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError”.

Hello, You have to enable map api for your specific domain.

Thanks for letting us know. We will check the issue.

i have a post type called properties. I activated geobox. Now i can enter the property location for each single property post. This works to show all properties on the map but can i show the map embed with the single property location on the single property page?

thanks. Is there anyway i can access the location data pragmatically in the post so i don’t have to enter lat/lng for all of my properties one by one?

also, how do i deregister the flaticon pacakge or css as i already have this and it’s clashing. thanks for your help and great plugin

Hello, Could you please open a support ticket regarding your issue in our support forum below

We might need to check it on your end.


nio1083 Purchased

Hey there, can’t figure out something about search results when using reactive autocomplete searchbox.

The dropdown box is showing all the products containing the words I type while I’m typing, but when i click ENTER on the keyboard, the search result page is giving as result only the products with the title starting with the word I type.

Ex. The product name is LONG RED T-SHIRT, I type RED on reactive autocomplete box, on the dropdown I can see LONG RED T-SHIRT (product) and all other products containing RED in their title. If I push ENTER on the keyboard, nothing can be found on search results. If I type LONG and then push ENTER on the keyboard, search result gives LONG RED T-SHIRT. Means that the search results is not considering words that are not exacting matching the product title. Is there a way to have results whatever is the order of the words in the title, as it is already happening on the dropdown box? Maybe I’m missing some settings somewhere. I think this is vital for users looking for something on the website.

Thanks for your time.


The autocomplete search is supposed to work that way. We have already written an article on this here



nio1083 Purchased

Thanks for the reply, but on your demo site it’s working differently. Check it here:

If I search for LOGO and then i press Enter, result page is showing also products with the word LOGO in the end of the title and also products that don’t have LOGO at all in their title… It’s what I need, how to have same results as on your demo site?

Please check this out.

Hi Please keep communicating with us via the support portal and soon your issues will be resolved.


nio1083 Purchased

Hello guys, I want to report an issue on Reactive Pro Map Autocomplete searchbox. I am using this plugin on my woocommerce website, but map autocomplete is not showing results. It says “No Post Found” when I use map autocomplete input. I also tried your demo here: and I searched for “London”, “Venice” in ENTER LOCATION HERE… On the map I can see that you have posts in those cities, but when I use Map Autocomplete, it always shows New York and it gives zero results. Same thing happens on my website. Is it normal? Am I missing something to let this work? Can you fix this? Thanks!

Hello, Could you open a ticket regarding the issue? We need to check few things. Make sure you have places api enabled without any domain restrictions.


nio1083 Purchased

My premium support has expired and it doesn’t allow me to submit a ticket. How can I open ticket without it?


nio1083 Purchased

OK I fixed google api restrictions and now it seems to work properly. Thanks!

Pre sale question

1) Can we use this as a buddypress filter search? I have a matchmaking site and I want the user to search for men and women with age range and other fields ex In this I have xprofile fields as dob,ethnicity and many more. For the age filter I have used from to age range which is nothing but calcualtion of age from date of birth from registration form.

Note: the ages are not different fields its a date of field only as I don’t want people to add age as a saperate field as it can be calculated form date of birth.

2) Can this be used as a ajax filter on members page?

Hello, 1. If BuddyPress handles meta fields as user meta then yes you should be able to do this.

2. Our plugin search data without reloading the page. I think that is what you want.

Hi! I am thinking about purchasing this plugin, but I would like to know if you this plugin is compatible with Astra Theme and Elementor Pro? Thanks, Fernanda.

Hello, Could you please explain what you meant by compatible? Our plugin provide a shortcode which you can put on any page to configure your search page.

Hello, Pre-sale question I want build a website where the users upon registration answer several questions that will result in saving them as the preferences of the user and each time the open the list of products or custom posts, it will display the content based on the preferences saved and pre-set the filter options accordingly. Is it possible with plugin or you need to customize it for me?

Hello, Our plugin only works with search and filtering the kind of feature you are asking not directly related to searching. You have to build custom solution for that.

can you build this solution for me based on your plugin? can I hire your team?

Sorry currently our team is not available for any custom work.

Hi, Presales question:

Can I integrade your Search plugin seamless with my WordPress Theme? So I can have your features but on the current theme location on the header without the need to modify my theme files?

Many thanks! Natasa

Sorry, you can’t add search on your theme header without modifying your theme or child theme.

Hello, is it possible to set up a search page to load all posts excluding the ones that have a specific tag?

Thanks for answering. I applied that setting but I see that the plugin still loads all posts on the frontend and the page become very heavy for old browsers. I’d need to load only filtered posts, can you tell me which file should we work on for editing the WP query please?

Hi Please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you.


vadims Purchased

Hey! Just a note that you demo page at is not loading the map

Hi Thank you for notifying us. We are checking the issue and will fix it as early as possible.

Hi! I am needing an exemple on how to display the image from a taxonomy. I already have made the metabox in there with ACF. But I am not sure how to get the image on the Category template. Can you help me please?

I’ve got it now! I was forgetting to select it in the Term meta key on the builder. Just the link is not right. Need to change anything in here? {{}}

Hi Can you please open a support ticket so that our technical support team can assist you.

Hey, I have a custom post type. I want to Search limited by city, state or country within a radius. Is it possible with this plugin?

Hello, We have implemented google places api in our plugin. Using that you can search with a specific radius and show result based on distance.


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