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Hey, your plugin looks nice. 2 Questions: 1. Does it work with affiliate products too? You possibly know will it work with theme “BASEL”?

Hi pedja300 ,

Thanks for you comment,

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However, your affiliate products will work only if you keep this product on your WordPress as a post type, as our plugin works fine with WordPress post types.

as for ‘basel’ theme, we haven’t tested it yet but basic functionality should work with any theme some CSS may get broken, if you want you can send us your theme files to the below mail address, we will make it compatible with our upcoming major update. support@redqteam.com

let us know if you need more information,

Kind Regards Redqteam

I am using,” https://themeforest.net/item/impreza-retina-responsive-wordpress-theme/6434280?s_rank=1" this theme…

I want to learn Compatibility with your plugin…And I dont want to use price and shopping basket side… only category filter and order(with mail or etc.)... Is it possible….Is there any choices?


Thanks for your interest,

Hope you are doing well,

However, we have checked the theme with our plugin yet but basic functionality of the plugin will be working with any kind of theme,

there may need to fix some CSS issues,

let us know if you need more information on this

thanks redqteam

Does your plugin need woocomerce??

No, Its not required. It will work with all post type / custom post type.

I want to make a search / selection filter bar. What do you advice( ıs there any attachment part that ı can put an example screenshoot?

please contact us through support@redqteam.com

Pre-sale question. Can this exellent-plug filter POST GRID of visual composer instead of his filter bar ?

i had to create search bar for sailing holidays trip website

Where ( combo with value ) [Price ( slider price will be great )]

Thanks in advance

Hello paperx,

Thanks for your interest, Hope you are doing well,

However, From your question what we understand is that you need to filter your visual composer grid by using our plugin. I am afraid if you are looking for this feature it’s not available in our plugin.

Our plugin can only search and filter its own grid which can be customizable according to user needs.

combo with value and slider price is also available in our plugin if you have data in your post type you can easily create your search section.

it will be better if you can send us some example exactly what you are looking for so that we can let you know if it’s possible.

you can mail us to the below email address support@redqteam.com

Thanks Redqteam

Hi there, I find you plug-in very interesting. I have a couple questions:

1. Can I change the colors of the map? I’m already using a map for other features in my site, and I want them to look the same.

2. I’m only working with categories and posts, no properties, no products. Will I still be able to use all the different search components?. I see you mention Taxonomies a lot, is that necessary? If so, would you provide support on how to apply it? I’m a newbie.

Thank you!


Thanks for your interest,

Hope you are doing well,

1. we have provided snazzy map plugin support which you can use to change the color of the map. also, you can send us your map screenshot so that we can check, here is our email address: support@redqteam.com

2. yes it will be enough to use all the different search. our support team will help you to apply it.

let us know if you need more information

Thanks Redqteam

Hi. We are thinking to purchase your product but we would like to determine whether this plugin would be compatible with our website. Can you please answer whether the filters are mutually related. In other words, when the change is made in first filter does it affect the second one, second one the third one and so on? And also is it possible to make this plugin filters in a horizontal shape?. In the way that all of them are standing next to each other in the horizontal row. Thank you in advance. Best regards


Thanks for your interest,

Hope you are doing well,

yes, the filters are mutually related exactly what you are looking for. also you can shape the plugin filters horizontally easily.

yes, the plugin can work with normal websites and taxonomies you don’t need woo commerce.

let us know if you need more information on this

Thanks Redqteam

Thank you very much for quick response. Following is the link of our website where we would implement your product.


Can you please do one final check and say whether it would work with this setup?

yes the basic functionality of our reactive plugin should work with your theme eaisly, thanks

Pre-sale questions: When you say Reactive supports any post type, does that include individual images (in order to create a searchable gallery)? Also, after filtering a search, will it allow users to click on an image that brings up a lightbox gallery rather than taking you to a separate page?

Thanks for your help.

Hello bethnabi,

Thanks for your interest,

Hope you ar doing well,

The feature you are looking for is currently not available in our plugin, But it can be doable with the custom code change.

We do Provide Premium Custom Development for more information you can contact us via below email address,



Hello. this plugin allows searching by users profile field and show, as a result a list of posts belonging to the users that fulfilled the searched criteria?

Hello rialpema,

Thanks for your interest, Hope you are doing well,

The User Searching feature is currently not available in our plugin but with custom code change this feature can be doable with our plugin.

we do provide premium custom modification for the plugin. If you are interested you can send us a mail to the below email address,

support@redqteam.com thanks


It looks great but I can’t use it. Nothing is displayed.

Sometimes it displayed some settings on front office but it doesn’t look like the documentation and it disappear I can’t continue to set anything.

I try with 3 browsers Do you have an idea ?

Thanks :-)