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Hello, does your plugin support multiple dynamic search filters for the same taxonomy? Best regards

Ah ok. I can find a way around it. Last question, if that is ok? Is it possible, with the “Dynamic & Parent Child Hierarchical Search” feature, to simultaneously set up a separate Tag filter that is also dynamic with the main Hierarchical filter (either filter hide options that are incompatible (no results) with choices made in the other filter) ? Thanks a lot for your answers ! Best regards

yes if you are looking for adaptive search we do have adaptive/dynamic filtering option to filter the search option (different taxonomies) based on the search option that user choose the other search option will be available if there is any result available.

let me know if you are looking for something else.


Perfect! Then I will give Reactive Pro a shot! Cheers

Hi, I really like the look of your plugin. I want to use it for my main search page.

My question: I also want to use it as a grid without search on my category pages. Is this possible?

If so, I want to put the shortcode in a taxonomy template {country}. Can I put the shortcode in 1 template, so it will work for different slugs eg. country/china, country/japan, without having to make separate pages for each slug?

Thank you!

Hello hermanssteven ,

Thanks for the interest, Hope you are doing well,

yes it’s possible, we have already provided this feature in our version 3.5 so with the latest version you can easily use both grid with search or only grid in your taxonomy template and you don’t have to make separate pages for each slug the taxonomy template is enough to do that. if you need further information let me know.


Thank you for quick reply! Going to give your plugin a try!

HI, for example I have a multilingual website in 5 languages and I have a product which has the same name in all 5 languages. When I search for the product, will it appear 5 times or just in the selected language of the website? thank you

Hello hmg29,

you will get product for just in the selected Language.

Regards RedQ Team

only if you are using the wpml plugin to create your multilingual website this will work, we do have a dedicated section in our documentation to know how to configure wpml for reactive pro.


Can people use multiple search box to refine their search?

Hello minimax34,

Thanks for your interest, Hope you are doing great,

we do have the multiple search box feature but we like to know what you are looking for perhaps some example would be great to see exactly what you are looking for.


Hi there, is it possible to use pages instead of posts for search? We do have many pages (different activities in different cities) we want the user be searchable with some filter: city, participant, kind of activity, etc.

Hello Sawan

Thanks for your interest, Hope you are doing well,

Yes it’s possible to use pages instead of posts for search though we recommend to use custom post type instead of pages now it’s up to you how you want to use the plugin.

let me know if you need further information


Hello, I’m looking for an advanced search that will search Flipping Books documents that are located inside a folder within wp-content. None of the content is on pages or posts, and I’m not sure if any search plugin will work this way. Will yours? Thank you.

if you upload the file using the wp media then upload folders should work fine

No we do not upload that way. Files are FTP’d to a folder inside the wp-content folder, into a membership plugin. So that won’t work then?

yes it will not work in that way

hello ! Pre sale question- 1.Do your plugin give multiple select option ( like select 2 ) ? 2. Also Say I have some fileds I want to show in search form when I select “Man”, If I select women I want to show other search fields. Possible?


Hello voidcoders,

Thanks for your interest,

1. yes we have this feature.

2. sorry we don’t have the dynamic fields showing option based on search input what we do have is the dynamic search option that is if you click on men than the search field will show the search option that are related with men. for more information you can check our documentation.



it can be integrated to archive page directly or as widget? basically I have archive page of anime, with pagination and I want to place the widget of filtered search (by multiple genres, year, type etc.) like in your sample


Hello CodingHero,

Thanks for your interest, Hope you are doing well,

can you send us some example in the below mail address so that we can have a look at exactly what you asking for.




relisys Purchased

Hi Great plugin.

I am using Pods Framework and I am already using their templates to build my listings in the archive page. Is there anyway I can incorporate their template into your template some how so i dont have to build it from php from scatch?


Please. Thanks.

Hello relisys,

We have a dedicated template builder in the admin section, where you can easily build your template using html structure and some wordpress underscore template.

if you need any help feel free to submit a support ticket in our support forum.


Hi, probably a silly question, but is this plugin compatible with the plugin Visual composer?

Hello valli,

Thanks for your interest, Hope you are doing great,

the plugin is compatible with the plugin visual composer, by compatible i mean you can use our plugin shortcode in your page block.

let me know if you have more questions


does the plugin support auto fill feature for posts?

Hello jammanu,

Thanks for your interest, Hope you are doing well,

we are working on the auto fill feature we will update our plugin with this feature in our next update.



I have a question before buying this plugin.

I didn’t see a datepicker field. Do you have that kind of field? I’m building an event directory I have a custom field based on date and my customer need to filter the post by that event date

Thank you in advance for your time and support

Hello recoradine,

Thanks for your interest, Hope you are doing well,

Our datepicker field only work with the RNB plugin that comes with that plugin so in your case i’m sorry it’s not possible for now.

we are working on it to find a generic solution for the custom meta filed as soon as we find any good solution for this we will add this feature to our plugin.


Hi – is it possible to start with a page with no results until a search is done or a checkbox is selected?

Hello adput,

Thanks for your interest, Hope you are doing well,

Yes it’s possible we have pre search section in the settings panel where you can select some search category where no result available so at page load it won’t show any results but as soon as the user select some search element they will see the result.

if you have further questions let me know


Hi Redqteam, i’m not buy Reactive Pro, but i have a question for your team, this Plugin compatible with the plugin Elementor or Beaver ? Thank you very much :D

Hello vtd1994,

Thanks for your interest, Hope you are doing well,

Yes its compatible with Eliminator or Beaver. Our plugin based on short codes so if you can manage to put our shortcode in your builder it will work just fine.

if you have further questions let me know


Yet to receive support for my ticket #1434889


Your ticket has been answered. Please check

Thanks, RedQ Team

Hello, is it possible to use my own wordpress shortcodes in the Grid Templates?

Best regards


Thanks for your comment, for support please contact in our support forum,

as far as i know we do have shortcode support (which will work if the shortcode maintain the standard coding) in the content section so you can put your shortcode in the posts and if you need any help contact in our support forum.



JackMagic Purchased

Hi there,

I want to hide a couple items from my WP dashboard nav menu on the left hand side but I can’t seem to do it.

I’ve used the code below:

function remove_menus(){

remove_menu_page( ‘admin.php?page=reactive_admin’ ); remove_menu_page( ‘edit.php?post_type=reactive_grid’ ); remove_menu_page( ‘admin.php?page=load_google_map’ );

} add_action( ‘admin_menu’, ‘remove_menus’ );

Could you let me know how I can hide these items?

Hello JackMagic,

Hope you are doing well, For technical support please submit a ticket to our support forum, https://redqsupport.ticksy.com/


Hi there. If I choose certain taxonomy, your plugin will show everything within that taxonomy. Is it possible to choose which elements to exclude?

I’m building a travel website, where i have all locations (hotels, restaurants, bars, sights etc.) under one taxonomy. What I would need is to make different builders for different pages with different categories of same taxonomy. For example, on one page I need filtering of accommodation (hotels (1* to 5*), apartments, motels etc.) and on the other page filtering of the restaurants (by cuisine). On third page I would need filtering of sights and so on. Is this possible with your plugin?

Hello mihajlovicnikolans,

Thanks for your interest, Hope you are doing well,

Currently we don’t have the terms/elements exclude feature but we will provide this feature in our upcoming update.

it will be be better if you create separate taxonomy to handle (hotels, restaurants, bars, sights etc) for better performance. but you can also do that if you want as you have planned but for that you may need that exclude feature which is not available right now but we are working on it.

if you have further questions let me know


hi, can this search by user location and establish that location from browser?