Discussion on Reactive Search Pro - Advanced WordPress Search & Filter Plugin with Map Grid

Discussion on Reactive Search Pro - Advanced WordPress Search & Filter Plugin with Map Grid

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Hi. Is it possible to search with 2 filters, depending one of the other, like countries and cities? They were created as categories and subcategories.

Hi Yes it is possible.

Thank you

you are welcome

Hi, Its possible to introduce the component “More filters” in a accordion instead in a modal window?

Hi Unfortunately that is not possible and will require additional code customization.

Hi, Can we only get a classical header with classical search bar?

Hi Can you please let us know what you meant by classical header and searchbar.

Can I add a filter for date range? Start date and end date meta key?

Hi It will require some additional code customization.

HI, Do you support Advanced Custom Fields plug-in, Fields page?

Hi We have partial ACF support.


nio1083 Purchased

Hi there, several months ago I opened the ticket n. #3015679 in witch I explained the issue that on reactiveautocomplete search box, when pressing ENTER after typing a keyword, only product titles starting with that keyword were showing in the grid. If the keyword is in the middle of the product title, results are given only in the dropdown but not in the grid.

Your support replied that the developer said “we have a plan to fix this issue but we don’t have any estimation yet when it will be fixed & released”

Almost one year has passed and still no fix for that issue…

It would be very important fix, also because reactiveautocomplete search box is the only keyword search filter working together with mapautocomplete search box. If you use mapautocomplete with textbox no AND/OR logic is applying.

I really hope you can fix this issue as soon as possible, for letting us use all the potential of this amazing plugin.



nio1083 Purchased

Plus, if post type is USER, when I type in the reactiveautocomplete search box, dropdown gives all the meta results containing that keyword, but when clicking on results that have more than one word in the meta (names with space in the middle), grid shows no results.

Example: - I set up “first_name” meta to be used in the main settings and in the autosearch; - I have a user called “Mary” and another user called “Mary Jane” (both are First Name meta values); - If I type “Mary” in the autosearch box, in the dropdown it shows both results “Mary” and “Mary Jane” (first name); - If I press enter no post is showing in the grid (“no post found”); - If I click with the mouse on “Mary” in the dropdown results, only user “Mary” post is showing in the grid with its details (not both posts containing “Mary” in their first name); - If I click with the mouse on “Mary Jane” in the dropdown results, nothing is showing in the grid (“no post found”). - If I type “Jane” in the autosearch box, “Mary Jane” result is showing in the dropdown, but no post is given either if i press enter or click on the result in the dropdown.

This is happening with every kind of meta that has more than one word in its meta value, both in Product or User post type.

These issues are a lot confusing and they don’t give a good user experience.

Hi We have done extensive check and was not able to generate the issue on our end. Are you using the latest version of the plugin and if you are still facing the issue please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you.

the plugin has been working great for couple of years now i get big blank spaces. The sequence of the differtent rows and element are put at maximum height. how to solve this?

Hi There may be conflict between the plugin and theme.


nio1083 Purchased

Hello, I have couple of questions:

1) I am running woocommerce multivendor website and I would like to have store vendors as a filter in the product search page. The only meta I’ve found so far useful for this purpose is _wcfm_product_author (I am using WCFM as multivendor plugin), but this meta returns only some of the vendors (there are about 140 vendors on my website and it gives like 40) and through numbers, not with the actual vendor names. I also tried activating “fetch user data”, but nothing changes.

2) I have created a users search page and I wish to have the filter based on user roles. the only meta that gives me this possibility is wp_user_level (I’havent found something like user_roles meta), but this meta returns numbers (0, 6,10…) and not the actual user role names (customer, admin, vendor…). How can I recall user_roles to get the actual user role names?

Thanks a lot

Hi For both of your requirements it will require additional code customization.


nio1083 Purchased

do you make these kind of customization and how to get a quote for that? ty

Hi please communicate with us via the support portal or send email at

How can i change the format date in grid template?

{{ post.post_formated_date }}

Hi do you want to change the date format? if yes then you will have to use our hooks support we have provided. You can follow our documentation for more.

I’m having problems with WP 6.1.1 and the Plugin. I downloaded the latest version from my Envato licences but when I install it, it says 5.0.0 and not 5.0.1 (which in the ChangeLog is declared with support for WP 6.1.1) and the plugin doesn’t work. Any idea why this happens?

Hi Please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you.


nio1083 Purchased

Hi, is it possible to use a saved search page template and use it on another website? where the saved templates are stored? i mean when you use the builder and than u save as model. thanks!

Hi Unfortunately that is not possible via our plugin.


ben303 Purchased

Its has been working for months – now all of a sudden it freezes half way through scrolling…..
VM1993:23 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')
    at eval (eval at v.template (underscore.min.js?ver=1.8.3:1:14940), <anonymous>:23:22)
    at v.each.v.forEach (underscore.min.js?ver=1.8.3:1:1685)
    at eval (eval at v.template (underscore.min.js?ver=1.8.3:1:14940), <anonymous>:13:4)
    at t (underscore.min.js?ver=1.8.3:1:15029)
    at wp-util.min.js?ver=5.3.14:1:323
    at t.value (re_preview_aee4d1.js?ver=5.3.14:1:68854)
    at e.t (re_forntend_vendor.565cbf.js?ver=5.3.14:1:116955)
    at re_forntend_vendor.565cbf.js?ver=5.3.14:1:313471
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at t (re_forntend_vendor.565cbf.js?ver=5.3.14:1:313448)

ben303 Purchased

ok I solved the issue.
One of my posts was missing a category that my Grid Template required….

Hi Glad to hear that everything is working well now. If you face any issue please do open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you.


emildes Purchased

I have bought 4 licenses and I see the sorting options are still not available. How do I implement sorting option in grid view. Only Random sorting option is available.

Hi Please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you.


How do I remove the vertical scrollbars from my searchblock checkboxes?

Hi Please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you.

dear sir, plz can i make filter for each category i mean each category have a specific filter

Hi Can you please explain a bit more about your query.

Hi, have som pre sale questions, 1. Is it compatible with Elementor and 2. s it compatible with Wordpress 6.1?

Our plugin provide a shortcode from it’s builder part. So you can integrate this shortcode into elementor shortcode widget.

Ok thanks. And we can use it on portfolio? And when we click on an portfolio item of the list it open it’s detail page?

Hi Our plugin has own grid template via which you can build your grid.

No widget for Elementor planned?

Hi At present we do not plan to implement widget planned

Can you set it to only show results based on a specific category’s posts/portfolio’s title only? I don’t want it to look at the description or excerpt for the keyword.


ben303 Purchased

in the grid template, I am trying to find the right variable for adding categories… {{post.categories}} does not seem to work. Also want to know for custom categories

*edit found answer in previous comment

Is it possible to limit the search to posts with this condition: post-parent is test OR customfield_name=123

Details: 1) Search only in all post types with post-parent “test”. For example Situation a) - test —parent2

Situation b) - test

OR customfield1=123 OR 5 OR 8

If one of both conditions are true: search in this post. Syntax is: if parent=123 OR customfieldname=123 or 5 or 8 -> search in this post.

With another search plugin we can handle this situation. What about your plugin? Do you provide paid support fo finish this job? :-)

Hi For customization query. Please send us an email at with full details


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