Reactive Pro - Advanced WordPress search, filtering & grid

Reactive Pro - Advanced WordPress search, filtering & grid

Reactive Pro – Advanced WordPress search filtering and grid is the best live search engine plugin for WordPress. It’s unique and lots of features included. e.g. supports custom post type, google map search, 10+ of grid layout and 15+ searching components. e.g. combobox, map search, dropdown, scrollbox, colorbox, sizebox, checkbox, radiobox, image select and much more…

You can build your search and filtering page via drag and drop in the frontend. No coding skills required for this wordpress searching plugin.

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Reactive builder & Add shortcode
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Add grid block
wordpress live ajax search pro
Add search block
search & filter pro
Add combobox search attributes
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Add as many “different searching attributes” as you want
taxonomy and meta data filtering
Choose “different grid options” as you want
taxonomies and meta data filtering ajax

Well pretty much everything about search, filtering or grid page you can manage from the fornt-end page. You don’t need any coding skill. Its very quick and easy to understand. You can build a page upto 12 column gird via drag-n-drop.

Reactive Pro is a powerful searching, filtering & grid plugin for your WordPress site. It has a drag n drop “page builder” for the search, filter, and grid. You can choose any kind of ?Post Type? and it will work with it. It grabs whole information about the Post Type , related Taxonomy, metadata – all values and helps to create a dynamic searching and filtering page.

It also comes with a different design solution for the grid; it creates an open API, so anyone can create a design and push it without touching the plugin. It has grid design selector so admin can choose which design they want to put into the page.

It provides Ajax based searching too, we coded whole searching system twice, one is for small data and one is for big data. Our test shows it will work with ten thousands of post types – that can be anything, WooCommerce product, real estate listings, directory anything. It provides extendable google maps with map marker, info window design overloading option. it supports google marker clusterer, with built in ?google geocode? based searching, users own location, radius, and country based searching.

We have added a geobox so a user can add their geo data easily into every post type, so it will be more searchable. It has SEO friendly URL and ability to change dynamically with the search event, Search function also works with shareable URL.

We have added ISOTOPE based filter too, Category Grid, WordPress sidebar widget showing capability, Data security option from backend and many things. We used bleeding edge technology like npm, gulp, webpack, react.js, flexbox, ES6, php composer, less etc.

Language files included

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Russian
  • Dutch

Note: Minimum php version required 5.4 and above.

The best wordpress search filter & grid plugin in its type And it’s guaranteed!!!

1. Drag n Drop Frontend Page Builder

It has excellent drag n drop builder for creating the pages with multiple components; right now we have Grid, Search, Map, Isotope & Category based front end builder. More to be pushed in future. User can change the component positions simply via ?drag n drop?.

2. Total Control over Design

It allows user to set custom class name and access control over the grid; users can change component column width up to 12. We?ve used flexbox based CSS framework for this. Also, it has excellent API to insert different themes and theme chooser without touching the plugin.

3. 15 Searching Attributes

We have added very well thought search attributes with a smart panel for each one. User can choose different search data from existing taxonomy and meta. Every data will be pre-populated. Search attributes are- checkbox, radiobox, select, combo, size box, color box, scroll box, image select, text, tags, range input, map search, reset, widgets, linear checkbox.

4. Horizontal & Vertical View

Search block has two types of view orientation; Horizontal and Vertical, It has an option to set the orientation for each block. Newly added search components will be added as the orientation.

5. All Taxonomy, Metadata & post data supported

When user chooses a ?post type? from settings panel, then the application loads the whole data about the post type. It can be anything; product, post type, jobs, portfolios. User can choose different taxonomy key / meta key for each search attributes.

6. All post type support

It has support for every post type. User can select the post type and it will grab its related data and build search and grid with it.

7. Screen size based column control

Grid panel has column control option, we built this in a very smart way; you can change column for different screen sizes. For big screen you can set 3, on the medium screen you can set 2 and different ones for tablet / mobile.

8. Intelligent Panel for Each Component

Every component has a smart panel where the user can set different options for each component, add a custom class name, grid size, change layout, add sorting and many things.

9. Sortable Searching Attributes

For each post, it can be sortable with its meta, user can choose sort by field from grid panel and select /edit, multiple sort attributes data. We have made it very simple for admin users to change sort attributes. User can easily select sorting and customize it with ascending and descending order.

10. Grid Design and Chooser

It has 10+ grid design and grid choosing option, admin can choose grid design for different shortcode.

11. WooCommerce Product Support

It has woo-commerce product support grid template, we have added two product templates, It has rating, price, product thumbnail and product gallery support. 12. Slick Carousel We have added responsive slick carousel with mobile support.

13. Multilingual Support

Whole application has multilingual support, for now, we’ve added Spanish , Italian, dutch, Russian and German; we will add more according to your need. Just let us know which one you need and consider it as done.

14. Proactive Solutions for Filtering

We?ve coded twice our whole searching implementation, one is for backend and another one for frontend. It’s working with both ajax and non-ajax mode, added geolocation search too for both end.

15. View Changer

View Changer Provides the flexibility of choosing the kind of view they want to see. Two kinds of ?view? with 15 amazing layouts available in the Reactive Pro Plugin. The view options are Grid & List view. So you have the ultimate comfort to see the grid as you want.

16. Lazy Loading

The lazy loading feature gives you the smoothness to show your grid, i.e., your grid will not depend on the image sizes! Grid will load first with each images holder and then depending on the image size and net speed the image would be loaded. So that means your grid will be very smooth and amazing.


Yes, Beside the General Grid, if you want to show the grids with isotope with the reactive pro plugin- you can do it easily. Just select the Isotope Grid from Adblock section and setup it from the panel according to your needs. Isotope has a very cool ?Post Filtering Effects.

18. Google Map

Reactive Pro plugin supports google map so that any map shown using this plugin- will be rendered via the Google map. So you have the best map with this plugin out there.

19. GEO Box

With Geo Box select option, any post can be enabled for the map post and the map data can be shown on map as products or anything. So GEOBox gives you the flexibility and allows you to make any post type available to the map. With country search- user can check the products available in a country and with the Map Radius feature- user can see how many products available on map radius area.

21. Marker info Window Override & Chooser

Marker infowindow override & chooser feature provides user the option to change the marker info window. User can easily choose the given markerinfowindow from the map panel section.

22. Geo Location Support

User have the Geo Location support with Reactive Pro plugin, yes the most wanted geo location feature is available in this plugin which user can configure easily.

23. Marker Icon Override & Chooser

User can change the marker icon with the marker override feature and in the Reactive Pro plugin there already some marker icon chooser option give so that if user want to choose the marker icon the can change it from the Chooser.

24. MarkerClusterer

Reactive Pro plugin supports MarkerClusterer so user can view on the map how many products available in an area.

25. Map Marker Filter

Map Marker Filter allows you to filter the marker with the posts, so when you hover on the posts you can see it on the map.

26. Data Restriction

From the Admin Section using the data Restriction Option data can be restricted so that they don?t load in the frontend which will increase efficiency and also provide user control over data.

27. Visual Composer Supported

Reactive Pro plugin supports visual composer plugin which means you can add Reactive shortcodes using the visual composer plugin.

28. Theme Open API & Theme Choosing Options Reactive Pro has it?s own API from which anyone can connect it to an open API and for the theme choosing options if anyone wants to enhance the reactive pro design features such as material design or others they can create their options from the theme choosing options.

29. Category Grid & Chooser

With the Category block, you can choose any Taxonomy from the Category panel and it will show up as a Category Grid. In the Category Panel, you have the option to choose the category layout design, set the column, number of the category you wants to show and many things.

30. Sidebar Widgets

Reactive Pro has it?s own Search Widget so you can show any widgets as a sidebar. To select your sidebar widgets all you need to do is to select your sidebar name from the sidebar panel.

31. Snazzy Map Supported [Unlimited Map Design]

Reactive Pro plugin supports wp snazzy map plugin from the snazzy plugin you can choose any map design and it will support our map design so design a map is not a concern anymore with reactive pro you have unlimited map design. Related Topbar Attributes offers the feature that when a user chooses a search attribute it shows above the grid as a Topbar. Topbar also shows how many results been found, Sorting options, grid or list view select. Any Element on the Topbar can be turned off from the grid panel topbar tab.

33. Adaptive Searching:

With Adaptive Searching feature users not only get the filtered search results but also get the filtered Search Attributes. When a user makes a search by choosing a search element then the user will have all the related search element attribute so that the user know which data is available or not.


v2.5.1 – 23 December 16

- fixed: Flatsome design issue fixed.
- new: china google map loading added
- update: translation issue fixed
- new: settings option provided for scripts and styles
- improved: code refactored for script and style enqueue
- fixed: tooltip issue fixed
- fixed: turn off google map issue fixed
- fixed: map search on mozila firefox issue fixed

v2.5 – 11 December 16

- new: Classname option added on rnb-daterange picker
- new: Classname option added on range input
- fixed: avada modal conflict issue
- fixed: avada contact form conflict issue
- fixed: fortuna theme conflict issue
- fixed: php array merge issue on builder.php file
- fixed: panel error when data format is empty
- update: mutiple range input on topbar

v2.4 – 5 December 16

- fixed: Meta searching
- New: Search analytics addons support
- Fixed: Multiple search component adding issue
- Update: Range input single slider added

v2.3 – 1 November 16

- improved: Fuzzy logic apply in text search
- updated: Separate custom class added option on view type grid or view type list
- fixed: None is changed to default on sorting option
- improved: On mobile map is locked but on others it is scrollable
- fixed: clearfix class conflict issue fix with avada theme
- fixed: tab issue fix with avada theme
- updated: post class added in each grid
- updated: <img /> alt tag added to every image
- updated: searchblock parent - child proper class convension
- improved: SEO - for posts grid block

v2.2 – 10 October 16

- change: the item title 

v2.2 – 5 October 16

- fixed: major update to npm packages all are now latest
- update: css fixed for mobile view
- fixed: map radius search limit can be set by admin

v2.1 – 4 October 16

- fixed: visual composer shortcode key issue for reactive builder
- new: date range picker for RnB plugin
- new: apply_filters action hook provided for customization
- fixed: top bar issue
- update: major CSS issues

v2.0 – 29 September 16

- new: added reactive builder to the dashboard
- new: add cron job scheduler
- new: Indexing for preloaded all posts
- new: Date range pikcker search attributes
- fixed: mobile responsive issues
- fixed: product grid lightbox js loading

v1.1.0 – 6 September 16

- new: pre query is added
- new: map radius based search added in the map search compnent
- fixed: lazy loading with ajax problem solved
- fixed: search dropdown responsive issues
- fixed: minor JS issues
- fixed: CSS design issues

v1.0.1 – 15 August 16

- fixed: dropdown search attribute
- fixed: slider issues with ajax
- fixed: masonary layout issues 
- fixed: isotope grid loading issues

v1.0.0 – 12 August 16

- initial release.

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