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Looks great. Best of luck with sales :)

Thank you! :D

Your website is not working :/

My website is working, but sometimes it comes down.. sorry.. I’ll fix it.

now it’s working…

demo does not work

now it’s working…

not working, what is the address

Because of how slow updates are phpdolphin you dare not put rear roll páginasen function? Sure sell a lot because it is what most expected.

I didn’t understand what you meant


How do you hide the users profile from the front page?


Ok! And thanks for purchase the react theme!

Thanks :) I just have quick question, how can I make the profile timeline picture size taller? I would like to make a few more inches taller….Thanks again.

It’s ease! You can go to the theme “style.css” and find the .cover-avatar class.

Just set the margin-top atribute to a larger number.

hi there, i got problem, when i installed this theme, and i made posting and sending messages to my friends, the time under the text keep in ‘6 hours ago’ even though the time has changed and it seems not working, how to solve this problem?

I think it’s a problem with your server/phpdolphin.

Can you take the voice icon off the non voice theme. if we aren’t using voice why have an icon?

It will be implemented in the newest version!

Boas Irmão =D,

Bom tema que você fez, 5*. EU gostaria de saber se você poderia adicionar uma opção para escolher a língua na pagina de login? Eu pagaria obviamente.

Melhores cumprimentos

Olá! tudo bem? :D Obridado pelo elogio! adicione-me no skype e irei dar o suporte sobre como adicionar as linguagens na homepage…

Skype: mister_herick

Hey! Is there a code i can use to put the voice activation thing into a normal phpDolphin script using the theme plus? Best and kind regards, Will

Remember that’s a theme for phpDolphin 1.2.9! I’ll update soon.

I was thinking maybe i could pay you to help me add the annyang code into the Plus theme?

Let me know what you think! Best regards, Will :)

I’ll send my skype via pm.

how do you make your profile pic on the timeline be in a circle shape instead of a square..and also how do you increase the size of you timeline ….thank you

You can do it with changing the themes/react/style.css file! for the profile picture add: border-radius:100px; for the timeline increase the width of the same. Thank you for purchasing.

thank you but what code am i looking for to change the timeline

i will buy this too if you provide an update on this beauty :)

Haha, all of my themes are being ported :D, In a week or two this one will be updated too.

^^ – great to hear that! i love your themes! keep going! all the best!

the page of preview is not working

Good Product

Thank ya! Good to hear this.

Hi Author,

It is possible that this theme will have dual side bars left and right and can be seen in all pages like the kleo theme? https://seventhqueen.com/themes/kleo/3-colums-template/. Please reply.

Thank you.

Yeah, everything is possible. You’ll just need to update the HTML and CSS. But remember: This theme is not being updated anymore (i’m having time troubles)