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Woocommerce API or Webview

Yes it uses woocommerce api

Hi R u using react-native-router-flux and react-native-drawer for navigation and drawer ?

Hi can i use this this in swift??? and what kind of database is it using???

yes you can its using word-press woocommerce db


When trying to use my website and the two keys, the products are no longer working. I get a “Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection” message. What should I do now?

no sure about localhost. we have tested in on web host

That’s not a solution for me. Please check the app using your localhost and see how everything goes. I need to make some changes using my local installation of WordPress.

we haven’t mentioned that we will make app work on localhost. But if we do it we will let you know

Does it support other payment methods integrated with woocommerce?

You can integrate any payment gateway you want

Good Day, I’m attempting to test the checkout function of this application but it doesn’t appear to be creating new orders in the actual WordPress/woocomm app it’s connected to. Is there additional configurations that need to made?

Checkout is only ui and not linked, so that you can customize it and also add your favorite payment gateway

Does React Native Woo Commerce Mobile App have all the components that React Native Bootstrap has?

both are different and server different purpose

It doesnt work…

i couldnt even run it, i want a refund

get in touch from my profile page and let me know in detail what issue you are facing exactly

Pre-Buying question. Please let me know if available to integrate Ccavenue or Indian payment gateway. And also what about digital downloadable items?

Yes you can extent the app, add Ccavenue payment gateway and digital download features

hi can you do custom ui layout?

Sir we are not available for customisation work at the moment

Hi, App is not working for me(IOS and android). I getting error like “Cannot find module ’./cli’”. Please give the idea, what I can do next. My nodejs version: 4.6.1 and my IDE is VScode.

try upgrading your cli

First of all, it’s a very late reply.

I have added below the versions:

Node: 12.14.1 “react”: “16.9.0”, “react-native”: “0.61.5”, IDE: VScode

Still, I can’t run this app in ios and android.

Your suggestion is upgrading cli, then which one has supported your app ??? Is it working now or it’s a dummy one?