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Hello, When a file is uploaded via this plugin, do you know if it will be correctly mapped with an upload field created via ACF Pro (user meta field) ? Thank you

What do you mean? Why are you asking for ACF Pro? This plugin works with Formidable Pro… Please send more details to roberto@cantarano.com Thanks :)

Hi, this plugin looks promising as i heavily depend on Formidable pro. a couple of presale questions: 1-what happens when a user uploads file? do admins get notification somehow? 2-is it possible to add a description field? (e.g.: Eiffel Tower, France, 1978) 3-does it support non English (but UTF-8) file names? Cheers

Hello, the admin get the link in the notification mail. Currently, there is a title field that you can activate for the upload field. About the non english filenames, please send me an example to roberto@cantarano.com. I will test the upload :)

Hello, When I try to upload a file: I have this alert message : It seems that some files need to be uploaded. Please check the upload fields. Thank you

Ok fixed thank you!


1) In Entries (backoffice) Images uploaded dont’ have a preview as with the default upload button !
2) Images are not displayed in the Media Library !!!

Thank you

Hello, support is only by e-mail. Please send your request to roberto@cantarano.com thanks :) About the WP Media Library, as written in the item details , the uploaded files will be not related to WP media core, so they will never appears in emdia library because they are not attachments posts.

Will I be able to use the uploaded images to display a basic gallery in a Formidable View?

I am currently using a Repeatable Section id 361 with an image upload id 348 and using the code below to display in a view.

[foreach 361]<a href="[348 size=full]"><img src="[348 size=full]" alt="" width="300" height="300" /></a>[/foreach]

I am hoping your plugin will allow me to do the same but with the extra benefits.

Brilliant! I’ll watch out for the version to change from the current v1.0.0.

New version has been published :) Tags are similar, because my plugin logic is different. with size attribute there is no full, thumb or small because images are not related to WP media core. you will use for example size=300

Using size =300 etc is even more flexible. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve bought it and will be testing it over the next few weeks.

Hi there. I have a problem with broken images. I have max 3 images made <img src="[160]" alt="" /> in a single view but images are broken. No iomages. Tekst and all are oke but no images. also i did the parma thing you suggest please advice?

Hello, please send any support question here: roberto@cantarano.com

i did Roberto


Quality image, on 0 originall settings poor. Please advice. is there a way to solve?

Hello, please send any support question here: roberto@cantarano.com

I did Roberto.

Crop is not working right. Ffff. It has to crop and image eg height en wide. It does only Crop an image Wide. Please Advice. Roberto? how to solve this

Hello Roberto. When is the update comming? Regarding Image Crop quality? PLease, let us know.

Hello Roberto. Read you mail i send you on 2016-03-09 10:51 GMT+01:00 Regarding : Crop is not working right. Ffff. It has to crop and image eg height en wide. It does only Crop an image Wide.Also i notised that it is not saving settings changes as it should. Please Advice. Roberto? how to solve this

Your answer whas : working on a fix. About ” is not saving settings changes as it should.”, what do you mean?

Please advice

Hello Roberto How about Support around here. I dont believe my problem is solved. Also emails you dont reply.. Why.

Hello, i answered and sent you an update :)

Hi, I’ve just purchased and installed your plugin, but when I go to the settings, I only have the purchasse verification page which is verified and ok. There is no setting page ?

Hello, all settings are under the field option when you add it to the form

Thanks for the quick answer, but I cannot still see any option (add remove order files) in my forms. In the build, there is only one new field “permenently delete old files …”. On the extensions page, it shows a new verson “” to update but automatic installation failled and I don’t see this version on this page neither. Please help me.

Hello, please send any support request to roberto@cantarano.com thanks :)

same here. See update in worpress auto update is not working…

Hello, I bought the Pro Version of Formidable Forms and just found out that I can only use file upload on the last page of the form. Does your RCWD Upload allow me to place an upload on every page? Where is the image stored? Thanks

I’m getting a 404 error? I really need this resolved asap. thanks

I really have a deadline. I really need this resolved. Thanks

Hello, always sent support requests to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com thanks :)

Does your plugin add any security to the uploaded files, e.g. so that they can only be accessed in a view by the user that submitted the form?

Hello Roberto Is the plugin compatible with the last changes of formidable pro uploader? Thanks!

Ciao Roberto. I got your answered and received the file. But it does not work. Nor in a clean installation nor in my site. I’ve tried to contact you via email. Thanks!

Hello Roberto. Any news on this? I’ve contacted you trough email.

Hello Kalimanmx, can you please resend your latest email? Something was going wrong with my account. Thanks.

when i click upload using android, will RCWD let me use my camera to take a photo? the Formidable File Upload field only lets android use CamCorder(video) – i need Camera(photo) : i would definitely buy this if it allows smartphones to use camera for upload field

Hello, my field let you choose also the camera mode. check the demo: http://demo.cantarano.com/welcome/rcwd-upload-for-formidable-forms/

Hi, I am still interested in the plugin and have one more presale question please:

where does the files gets uploaded to? if they get uploaded to the fomidable forms folder (same like the native formidable form plugin), is there a way to upload them in subfolders? what I am doing is creating multiple galleries with user submission option, so people can add to a certain gallery.

But I want to use one form only. I don’t want ot keep creating a different form per gallery. Does your plugin have any options or ideas to control this? thanks

Hello, uploaded files path is based on this structure: wp-content/uploads/formidablercwduploads/ FORM_ID / FIELD_ID / LEAD_ID

So, any single field has his own path. but you can do more! You can use one of the hooks to change the path, for example all files from all field from all entries can be uploaded in the same folder.

Hi, as you know Formidable Pro is now Version 2.02.10

The new file upload dropbox automatically generates thumbnails after uploading files (images) and has a multiple upload feature. The way it currently works is great, but I need just one feature: sortable images. On your screenshots it appears in order to use the sorting feature the ’ multiple upload fields’ needs to be checked ‘on’. Would this then deactivate the original multiple file dropbox feature?

Hello, please write to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com for support, thanks :)

Hello. Can you please add a screenshot for client side resize, before upload? I’m looking for something like this, https://wordpress.org/plugins/canvas-image-resize/, but for Formidable PRO.

Can I specify the minimum image dimension in pixels (width & height) for the upload field?

Yes, this can be done with a js script. In the readme file, inside the plugin folder, there is an example where you set a max width, it will be easy to convert to min width (i can help with this).

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