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Good job, I like it! :)

Thanks a lot :)

Pre-purchase question – does this work on mobile?

The plugin looks very promising, I hope it works and would use it in several occasions. Are you planning to have a demo website soon?

Thanks for the Demo! The plugin works fine on all mobile devices we’ve tested with the Twenty Fourteen theme.

However, we’re using the Lens theme, which styles the “Browse” button differently on mobile devices and it doesn’t work anymore on Android: http://themeforest.net/item/lens-an-enjoyable-photography-wordpress-theme/5713452 Here’s the site: http://retouchmy.photo/contact/

Can you suggest how to style the button, I can give you admin access, or is this rather a question for the creators of the theme?

Also, there’s a bug, when the form is sent, all the fields are reset, but the thumbnails of the uploaded images remain visible.

Hello, please send any support request to: roberto@cantarano.com. Thanks :)

About the field not reset, a new version is in uploading on Codecanyon. If you don’t want to wait, please send me an e-mail. Also, i have info about the other mobile problem.

Does the upload file get sent to someones email if we are using the contact for 7 plugin?

Hello, my upload field will not send any additional mail, if it this that you mean :)

Ok thank you!!

Does it have the option to send the link to the attachment or you have to send the attachment on the receiptant’s email?

Hello, you can attach the file or add the link :)


I think the plugin is great. I just have problem with uploading larger files.

I set the limit at 10MB but bigger files doesn’t want to upload above 3MB I think.

It goes to 100% and than nothing happens.

Could you let me know what could be the problem?

It looks like it is working now when I specified resizing but still wandering why didnt want to go through before.

Also… is it possible to show for example 4 uploads straight away (repeater) instead of clicking on + sign ?

Hello, for support please send an email to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com

I have sent a couple of emails to you regarding some bugs with this great looking plugin. But the bugs make the plugins use restricted and I can not personally use it yet. Hope you can update the pluging soon with the javascript bugs fixed. Many thanks.

You are a star. So quick. I have received all your emails this morning and replying to them now. Thank you very much for a great support for a great plugin which is the only kind out there with these features

Great work. iPhone bugs fixed and can’t find anything else. Works like a charm. I am a wordpress developer and In my opinion, this is the best addition to contact form 7 ever. Thank you RCWD. With your addition, you make (Freely available) Contact Form 7 the best contact form for the file (photo) uploads feature. Better than any paid Forms (inc Gravity forms etc), Not only it handles all types of file uploads, but it does photo upload in a way only found in just a few non-wordpress, custom developed websites.

Thanks a lot :)

Is it possible to preview PDF file?

Hi RCWD, just wondering. Where are the files stored once uploaded? Are they sent via email to the chosen address or will the files need to be accessed via the back end of wordpress?


Hello, files are attached to the email or available through a link

Hi. Your plugin is not working as i expected. Please check email.

Hello, i wrote an email some days ago. Let me know :)

Hi. I’ve sent the email. Please take a look. Thank you.

The Best Upload Feature For Contact Form 7 Plugin On The Market. Grazie!

Hi, I’m interested in buying this product, but am unsure if it’s suitable for my needs.

How well would it work for uploading large video files? I’m trying to create a form containing one upload field for a video file which might be up to ~1000M/1Gb in size, and another upload field for an image representing the video (as well as additional inputs for text, URL, email, etc..). Would that work? Any other thoughts, info, or advice on the topic?

I should mention I cannot get the live preview/demo to load. Perhaps if it starts working again, it will provide my answer (?).

Thank you very much for your time.

Sorry for the late, i hope you found a solution for this. If not, can you send me a mail to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com? Thanks :)

Hi there. Is it possible to upload .zip or .rar files? Is there any size limit for the files?

Hello, yes you can upload all kind of files. Size limit is set by your server settings.

I have sent some emails some days ago. Could you check it out, please?

I will post my question here as well.

Where exactly these uploads are stored in case I need to restore anything for some reason?

And I guess I saw a “error”. When I uploaded two files in a row, a psd (photoshop) and aep (After Effects) the first link creates some letters in its end.

There are two “n” between the links.

How can I solve this? Thanks!

Pre-purchase question - Does it support new dynamic text field? Currently we are using webba-booking WordPress extension for events. http://webba-booking.com/documentation/working-with-custom-fields/ Is it possible to use dynamic new text fields, for example, multiple attendees, names, and email? Thanks.

Hello, that is a premium plugin so i cannot test it, sorry.

I don’t know the reason why the developer does not respond any e-mails or even messages trough here. Unfortunatelly, I can’t use a plugin that lacks transparency… despite have paid for it.

It Works, but for me there is a error with multiple uploads and the author simply does not answer how to solve it. It Works, but the author does not clarify where the uploads are stored on my server (I actually find it for myself, as long with some htaccess file, which are not mentioned on the plugin selling page. Can this plugin creates some security problems?).

Will wait a few more days before make a review, in order to give the author a last change to say something to a customer.

Hello, i had a lot of personal problems so i had not the possibility to check emails. I think i have answered one your email yesterday, support will be regular from today. sorry for the inconvenience

Is your plugin compatible with the Magic Tooltips for Contact Form 7 plugin?

The plugin lets users easily add tooltips to Contact Form 7 form fields.

You can check out the plugin here: http://contactform7.magictooltips.com/

A free version is available at https://wordpress.org/plugins/magic-tooltips-for-contact-form-7/ and also at http://contactform7.magictooltips.com/

Yes, the tooltips are added using the <tip> tag.

Tried, tooltips are shown without problem :)

very good work i wish you all the best for your sales !

Thank you :)

Hello my friend,

Incredible plugin.

I need your help, it’s not working on the mobile version: http://reginasalomao.com.br/trabalhe-conosco-2/

Do I need to do something? Add some code?

Thank you!

Another question has arisen – it’s getting duplicate emails when I put RCWD on the form. I just tested without RCWD and everything is normal

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Pre-sale question: Is it compatible with WPML? and is it works on modal popup? Thanks.

And is it works with wp 4.9.x and +?