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Dear staff, I bought this slider because I wat to put some videos but now I can’t put videos from my server; just from Youtube and Vimeo. Is possible to do this?

Let me know and thanks

Yes it is possible. I’m doing that to do this: <li class="slide"> <img alt="" data-thumbnailurl="img/content/10.jpg" /> <video width="650" height="330" controls> <source src="img/content/trailer.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video> </li>

Was wondering if there was a way to have the captions come in under the photos and above the thumbnails.

any help would be great! thank you so much.

Hi, is there an url for i see your slider. And you want ——— photo ——— caption ——— thumbnails ——— ? , right? It may take time too much.

Thank you anyway! I’ve been messing with the code a bit and I think I am close to figuring it out. Very happy with your slider, thank you again.

I know under ‘compatible browsers’ it lists from IE9 and up, but I was wondering if you know of a way to get even the basic functions of this slider to work in IE7 or IE8? Any help would be great! Thanks

Hi Bqra,

We’ve tried too many sliders and surprisingly we had various issues with all of them. We thought that it my probably cause of bootsrap or codeigniter,is this possible? I really liked this and i want to buy it. Does this work properly with Bootsrap?

Thank you

Hi, yes raxus slider is working properly with bootstrap. And i helps you if there would be any problem because of raxus.

Thank you, i just purchased because of your message :) We’ll try to implement this today, would be happy with your help if needed.

hi Why can not shuffle the image in data and How ? Add shuffle tanks

Hello, the Raxus Slider doesn’t play video on mobile device as android or ios. I thought that I used bad the plugin, but I saw the demo page and neither plays the video. Is there some actualization o something to fix this bug?

Thanks in advance!

This slider does not work with Mozilla Firefox, why?

It seem working on Firefox. What type of error you get?

For option Thumbnail Position -> Right, after moving to the last thumbnail on the bottom – stops working to move the thumbnail

Is it possible to have thumbnails scroll uniformly left and right. If I have more thumbnails then fit in the screen and the they have to scroll the last ones get cut off on right or left. I would like the last thumbnails to scroll completely in to view.

Let me know if this is possbile


I bought your slider and just integraded it into my website.

Its working fine except, there seems to be some lag when clicking the thumbnails. Also, when i check my Iphone and click some thumbnails, the site crashes from time to time(on iphone).

my site:

The site gets laggy.

I’m getting the problem when I add +10 pictures to the gallery.


Just want to check, is there a drupal module integration for this? Thank you!

Hello , I bought your plugin and installed as the manual suggests. But the videos do not load at all. The a failure to display the chrome browser, which sometimes does not let me click on the thumbnail and is quite different than in mozilla .

I wonder how can I enter a different thumbnail of the bigger picture and also different from the image increases. issi would ensure faster loading page and when the person extends to the images dai carry large images .

Hello , I need help and answer as URGENT . I bought your plugin and installed as suggested manual. But the videos do not load at all. also to a failure to display in the Chrome browser, which sometimes does not let me click on the thumbnail and is quite different than in mozilla .

I wonder how I can get in a different thumbnail of the bigger picture and also different from the image increases . This would ensure the load pages faster and when the person extends to images dai carry large images.

Great slider. I have everything working properly but I have one question. I want to remove the video controls and have the video slide auto play on show and stop when hidden. Is this possible?

Do you have an update with additional transition effects? User configurable transition effects is a standard feature for most slider scripts out there. The current slider version only offers either sliding horizontally or vertically using the same style. Thank you.


Is it possible to go into full screen mode as soon as user clicks on any image in the slider, right now it’s only possible when user clicks fullscreen icon which is on left top corner.

I can’t get the demo to autoplay fullscreen. Is this possible out of the box? I tried moving my mouse off the screen and into the thumbnail area. Neither worked, as I believe the script thought I was hovering over the current slide.