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could this be enhanced with an AJAX Star rating?

Yes, it definitely can be enhanced with a Star Rating as sites use today. I supplied the class with 2 base structures (select box, group radio) I could add a third option for ‘star’.

The Rating System has been updated YouMa, please check out the live version to see the updates (Star Rating).

This is very nice! Looking for something like this for a long time, but most scripts out there are not sophisticated enough…yours is really nice and would also work without JS! But if JS is enabled I think it’s not very nice to reload the whole page just because of a simple rating choice =)...so I need definitly ajax for this if possible…so have a look at that, giving you maybe an idea of what I mean…


this combined with yours….booom

I am actually writing some JSON / AJAX classes right now that will be included in another item I will be selling. If you wish send me an email through my profile page, and once it get approved I will included them in this item and update it to ajax.

when you update this version with ajax or jquery ?

I am about to go on holidays for a week (out of country), but when I come back I can start working on the upgrade. I just finished upgrading another one of my items and I have been working on a project with a client but this is also on my list.

I plan to have an upgrade out for this near the end of January or beginning of February.

It really kinda sucks… You can vote an unlimited amount of times, w/o even refreshing the page

It can be setup to use IP Based voting. Is this something you are looking for?

I went ahead and installed this onto my server and it works – But I would like to know how can I select the one I like and add it onto a web page in html. Please help!

Hi Globaltower, thank you for purchasing the item. There is documentation included in the purchased package which you can always refer to (as well as the example page).

However, once you find a rating style you like; all you need to do in your own PHP Code is write a small bit of code. (such as the following)

require_once 'Rating.php'; $Rating = new Rating(0, 5, 0, 'thankyou.php'); // To display on a page use the following print $Rating->rate_item('star', 1205);

Quick explanation. When you create the class Rating you want to give it the minimum amount the user can vote (0) and the maximum (5). If you are going to show the percentage of voting (results) you should specific the decimal places (0). Finally the last page (thankyou.php) is where you want to take the user after they clicked on rating.

When you print out (print $Rating->rate_item(‘star’, 1205);) it will display the rating (in this case Stars). The 2nd parameter is telling the system what item they are voting (if you use it for multiple items then each call to rate_item() should have a unique 2nd parameter.

If you need more help feel free to send a message through my profile.

Hi TutelageSystems,

how do you modify the code; so that, the star rating will stay when a user votes? I want to disallow site visitors to vote moe than once and show how they voted graphically with the stars.

thanks, todd

Hi myfriendtodd,

You can easily add a new style into the ts_rating_stars.css that will hold which ever rating you are using along with the current star rating.


ts_rating_stars.css .picked_4{ background-position:0 -64px;}

This will tell the CSS to move the background over to the 4th star.

You would need to do some coding to add something like the following html <ul class="rating_star rating_star_5 picked_4"> <li class="">0</li> <li class="one">1</li> <li class="two">2</li> <li class="three">3</li> <li class="four">4</li> <li class="five">5</li> </ul>

I am thinking about upgrading this script shortly to include these types of features if it would help.

how can you use this on several pages with it redirecting back to that page or not even redirecting to any page just the refresh

Currently there is only the true PHP rating. However, depending how much free time I get in/out of clients I am working on a few upgrades to this system (one being AJAX ).

so your saying i can only use this on one page of a website and nothing else. So having it on multiple pages is not a option without it redirecting to the index page or the same page it is on.

Sorry for the confusion.

What I am saying is in the current system there is no AJAX however, you can have it on multiple pages and have it redirect to any place you want it to (example: back to the page you were just on).

When you declare your Rating class $Rating = new Rating(0, 5, 0, 'page1.php); // Minimum = 0, Maximum = 5, Decimals = 0, Redirect = page1.php $Rating->rate_item('select', 3); // Show a select box with an ID of 3

So when the user rates the item they are redirected to page1.php

Thus on another page you can do the same thing $Rating = new Rating(0, 5, 0, 'page47.php); // Minimum = 0, Maximum = 5, Decimals = 0, Redirect = page47.php $Rating->rate_item('select', 88); // Show a select box with an ID of 88

So if a user rates this item, they are redirected to page47.php and not index.php

Check out the constructor and you will see all the options (See Rating.php and the function “Rating”).

Hope that makes sense, if not feel free to email me (or reply here)

Hey guys, i just wanted to say that TutelageSystems greatly helped me with their support and answered my emails within 24/7. They solved my problems and I couldn’t be helped better :). Fantastic job TutelageSystems! It’s an amazing script!


I need to know if tweaks can be made for customization.

For example, on our site, we would like the highest rated photo to be called if user requests. sort of like a button… “view 10 top rated photos | click here”

If customizations are possible how do you quote i.e. hourly or by the project etc. Thank you.

Warm regards, Kevin Williams

Hi Kevin,

could you please send me a message through my profile? We can continue this discussion through email then.

Thanks, Mickey

hii the script is greate but i was woundering if its possible to allow a user a onetime rating if so how ?

thnx for your help

TutelageSystems hurry up with ajaxifying this! i need this.

Please tell me how to insert a rating in the page to HTML ? What’s the code to take, copy and paste? Install I installed, but not working the vote, that to code, insert a page, please write!?

Please see your email that you sent to me.

Can this be tweaked to where users can enter numerical values instead of just radio/drop down buttons?

How do I use this when I have multiple ratings on one page

You will need to give each rating it’s own “Id”. Doing that will solve your issue. Think of the “Id” as a group you want to have the rating assigned to.

Is not working as well for me,everytime i try it that is redirecting me please help me ,what i am missing ? http://www.shqiplive.info/rate/u.php

Does this still work?

Hello there id like you to answer a few questions if possible. 1. Can this feedback system be implemented in PHP (laravel) based website?

2. Can this be customized and turned into a user rating feedback system like ebay where buyer and seller leave one another feedback rating.

Please let me know. Thanks

Can anyone let me know if these stars will show up in google search?

Is it AMP Friendly? Will this work on an AMP HTML page?