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Hey Serdar, how are you man? I hope you are good. 1 question. Your plugin uses microdata, I want to know is it possible to use LD+JSON?


I completely forgot about this. I will make some time to add mentioned functionalities today or tomorrow. Perhaps not the place to say it, but I am in my internship. I’m having hard time keeping track of my own work tasks xd


Repenter Purchased

No problem brow, I hope you good luck in your internship ;)

I was about to sent you the files, but It keeps failing, could you mail me through support tab and perhaps add a second mail address.

Plugin is not working and i waiting since 2 Days for Support – but no answear.!!

Hey i found no “Options” in “Rich Snippets”... only ” Latest Ratings – Forms – Titles – Block IP – Add New – Tools”. Can you tell me, where i find this “Options”. And i buy the 2. times the Plugins, on the first times it works without configs in a “Secret Options.”

I found it, thx.

Ah good.

Hi there

is it possible to use your plugin as a rating system for posts on my website I have a rating system on each post but the user has to click and go onto the post itself first to leave a rating. I just want the user to be able to simply click on the homepage slider post and add their rating. So maybe they could rate 3 facts in a second or so. Do you think your plugin works like this?


Send me FTP info through support tab, let me do it for you, I guess replace current stars with Rating Form?

Sent you a mail, many thanks

I will do it tonight.

Hi Serdar, I bought this plugin and I am having difficulty in setting up with myCred. Currently hook supports only fixed value to “award user” when he rates. I figured out that below code award points :

if ( ! $this->over_hook_limit( ’’, ‘rate_post’, $user_id ) ) $this->core->add_creds( ‘rate_post’, $user_id, $this->prefs[‘creds’], $this->prefs[‘log’], $post_id, $data, $this->mycred_type );

where $this->prefs[‘creds’] is value of points to be awarded. I want this to be dynamic, it should be based on the rating value. For example—if user has rated a content as 5, then 5 points should be awarded, similarly if he gives it 3, 3 points should be awarded. is it possible ?


Thanks Serder, that worked smoothly and that was an awesome support :). It has made my site more user friendly :)

You are welcome :)

hello,, in which file do i have to ste the code for custom code? single.php isnt is. thx <3

Hello, I don’t understand. What are you trying to achieve?

Hi Serdar. I customized the plugin a bit more and now it works very well as par my need.

Just one question … can we extend this to BuddyPress activities too ? just thinking

If it uses functionality of WP post or comments then yes, by functionality I mean custom post type (activity) and comments within this post type.

I do not have buddypress installed, so I can’t check it out.

Is it possible to sort TOP 5 not only by the best score, but also by the number of votes, please? So the one who has recieved five stars for ten times would be better than someone, who has recieved five stars once as a last one.

Good one, I added to my to-do list and will create this option in widget and also in shortcode.

Hi. I just wanted to point out that this was already the default behavior. Same ratings with the highest number of votes has higher ranking in the list.


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Hi, how can i use a textblog so my user can describe the evaluation

Hi, Thank you for buying. I do not understand your description.


cvomhofe Purchased

Ok sorry. My question is, how can I set the plugin, which the User can also write a comment and not only assign ratings stars?

Currently plugin can only be used for voting on comments and pages etc. It does not have the functionality to write + vote a comment.


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structure data test tools is not showing ratings after updating wordpress, the plugin is not functioning properly, even your site can’t be tested with structure data tools it gives this error The URL timed out. Make sure it is responding in a timely fashion to requests from Google.

Rating result of the homepage will not be displayed in google result.

Because Google states: “Review and rating markup should be used to provide review and/or rating information about a specific item, not about a category or a list of items.

I believe that’s why we are getting an time out error, because if you test a subpage like, this works. Could you try to test a subpage of your website and see if this is the case.


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hello, got issues with widget, can you pls have a look whats wrong? its a testsite to try

Strange, could you check if you use the right quotes? Or try to use it without it like this: image_size=48


ninanina Purchased

i have this now [rating_form_top_rating_results image_active=”true” content_active=”true” results image_size=”48” results title=” Die geilsten Geschenke”] thats right, but it wont work

Remove word results before title and image_size, no need.

I might know why it doesn’t work, because the image isn’t uploaded on your website, so it does not scale and the first two images do. I can change this behaviour, could you send login information again?