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when users rate a post, possible to make notification appear in BuddyPress?

Hi, I want to look into it, but I will need your help on how it works. Is this notification of buddy press an extern plugin? Or does it come built-in.

Hi, so you didn’t look into it on Thursday, right? But you said you would look into it on Thursday. You let me wait for nothing. No good.

Actually, if I said…” I use BuddyPress and I want users to receive notifications” Many authors of plugins here tends to understand what I mean. Two days ago I talked with an author of a plugin as I am interested in his plugin. I asked him if it’s possible for users to receive notifications of the actions done through this plugin. He said currently no, but they can custimize this feature for me if I buy thier plugin. This is what I want!


After my daily work I had some spare time to continue my research on notification and I was able to successfully receive notifications from users that voted on my (author) posts.

Is it any way that author/admin can only add rating ex [rating_form id=”1”] but this rating can be visible for all (public)?

Setup option: User Role -> Administrator “ON” make invisible this rating for all (public)


In current version you can specify user role that only, they are allowed to vote and are not visible to public

I implemented a extra option to enable/disable public view of voted ratings by specified roles. This option is not available in version of codecanyon. After purchase I am happy to sent you the newest version.

Hi Serdar :) Any news for export settings feature?

Hi Amir, not yet implemented.


Great plugin. One question, how can you show the rating of a post on the blog page? One the post page itself you can rate and see the rating, but how can you place the rating per post on the blog page? In previous comments I saw you suggesting shortcodes, but don’t you need php to integrate that?


Thank you for your interest. You can display a rating result of a post through shortcode: [rating_form id=”1” post_id=”1” result=”true”]

Its also possible to use the widget for displaying top rating results or like you said through shortcode. You will eventually need to use PHP to display multiple or one rating results of multiple specific posts / pages. But for this you can simple use do_shortcode function of WordPress.

Hi Serdar,

I actually mean something else, what I’m trying to do is show the rating of a certain post already on the blog page, where you can see the preview of the posts. So for example, I have assigned my posts page to be ‘Blog’, then my posts will be displayed on the Blog page I have made. On those page you can see my posts. Currently if you click on one of those posts, you can see the rating and rate yourself. But I want to display the rating of the posts also on the Blog page.

Is there a PHP shortcode that I can add to my single.php?

Yes. You can use PHP to display rating result of the assigned posts, you just need to specify the post id. The following example will show rating result of post id 1. Example code:

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[rating_form id=”1” post_id=”1” result=”true”]’); ?>

Does your plugin store the user average rating in a linear meta field? Can you use this plugin on custom posts?

Hi, Thank you for your interest.

You can vote on custom posts and if you mean post (custom) meta fields then yes its being stored.

Hi Serdar :) There is an error with your JSON+LD. Check this in google structured test tool:
Hey thanks my friend. Yes the error went away, check it here:

I see. I have send you the fixed file, you got the error because field url was being outputted twice. Thats why you get the message: Duplicate key found

I replied.

Pre-sale question: Can it be used to create multiple star ratings in the comments. Then the average of all those comment ratings.

Hi, sorry for the delayed answer. It is possible to create multiple rating forms in the comments section. I dont understand your second question.

I meant something like this:

Rating field 1 Rating field 2 Rating field 3

Overall rating = average of the above ratings

Yes, it is possible in next version. If you want I can send early release after purchase. It works like this:

Multiple rating forms
[rating_form id="1" custom_id="design"]
[rating_form id="1" custom_id="mobile"]
[rating_form id="1" custom_id="friendly"]
Average result of above
[rating_form_total custom_id="design,mobile,friendly"]

Above code will output:

You can also use numbers instead of text (design, mobile, friendly). It needs to be unique.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

I have a theme that I would like to incorporate this plugin into. But, I need to know if I can sort a category that has user submitted reviews in them by highest to lowest user submitted review or by lowest to highest user submitted review?

Hi, Thank you for your interest and my apologies for late reply.

What you mentioned should be possible, I think there is a workaround. But I will need to write a custom function for it. I will keep you updated.

Hi, I created a form and set all the parameters. It is called [rating_form id = “2”]. I enter it into the “After Content” field in the Tools. Save and when I refresh the page, there is no shortcode.

Also, I would like to know how to insert a form through the childThemes file functions.php. Thank you

Please, answer me!

Hi, excuse me for late reply. I will give you an answer today.

Hi, I have looked into it. I can see the rating forms on chrome, edge also on firefox. But I cannot vote on it. It is showing results, make sure you have not added shortcode attibute result in shortcode. If you did, you need to remove it in order people to vote on pages. It needs to be like this: [rating_form id=”2”]

Let me know if it works.

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Hi, I can set a “most voted” articles page? I want to setup a module inside a page with the articles with the top five ratings, this is posible? thank you

Hi, Thank you for your interest.

Yes it is possible to create a page for setting up a ‘top most voted articles’ through shortcode: [rating_form_top_rating_results]

See this page for the shortcode options / attributes on


gatoweb Purchased

thank you for your response. And there´s a way to set an image in this widget? I try doiing some code of my own, but with no success. I want to display the first image or the feature image in this list.

Yes. Use attribute image_active and set to true. E.g.

 [rating_form_top_rating_results image_active="true"]

For more useful shortcode attributes: Shortcodes

Hi Sedar,

I have just heard about your plugin and I would like to thank you for it :). This plugin seems to have awesome design and great features such as mycred integration. However, I would like to ask you three questions before buying it.

1) Would this rating form could be use with Ultimate member? I am creating a social marketplace and I would like my users to rate each others from there profile. On other words, I would like to associate a rating form to usage profile.

2) Would it be possible to add customs icon to the rating form (“Use custom shapes”)?

3)Would it be possible to limit the number of rating that an user can give (by month) using mycred limit?

Have a good day,


Hi Sedar,

As I was expecting, your plugin is incredible!! I can’t wait to try it :)

Thank you for your quick response and have a good day,


HI Sedar,

I have work around your plugin and I try to incorporate one rating form to users profile.

I have successfully added to the profile using your shortcode ( but it does not rate only the user viewed.

I found the line of code from ultimate member but does not know how to use it

Do I have to change the setting to a custom post type?


Hi, Thank you for your purchase.

You will need to use php with do_shortcode to define the current id of the article from ultimatemember. If this can be tricky, I have an idea to create a shortcode within this shortcode I will insert the shortcode:

[rating_form id="1" user_id="' . $profile_id . '"]
with the php code of the article then you can easily use this created shortcode directly inside posts without editing php files. Sent me mail through support tab so I can reply you with an example code of what I mean.



1) I need that the logged user can vote (5 stars system) the comments of a portfolio custom post type. I think it is possible with this plugin, but by default I want to show the comments by high score to low score in every portfolio detail page. It is possible?

2) By other side, I want to show a page with a list of the portfolios order by by high to low score, but not in a widget It is possible?

Wait your answer, thanks a lot.


1. Sure, you can use a filter that makes you change query args before displaying comments. This code goes in function.php

Example, same as above but this is much easier / quicker:
 * Filter comments by meta key: rf_average
add_filter( 'comments_template_query_args', function( $comment_args )
    $comment_args['meta_key'] = 'rf_average';
    $comment_args['orderby'] = 'rf_average';
    $comment_args['order'] = 'DESC';

    return $comment_args;
} );

Hi, Im again. A last question: If i put the code in the function.php to order the comment by score. Can I put a link to refresh the detail portfolio page and reorder the comment by date. I need switch the order of the comments by score and by date and reverse. Now, only tell me if it is possible. When I will buy the plugin I put that question on the support and answer me there. Thanks a lot.

Yes :)

Hi, I have two questions: 1) in every form you have “Include Post Ids” or “Exclude Post Ids”. Why is missing “Include or exlclude the Post Category”? It couldnt be so hard for you to add this feature. 2) I need to integrate the multiple rattings with the myCred. Is possible: - when user in the post fills just one star rating in the multiple ratings form, than he gets just 1 point - when user in the post fills all stars ratings in the multiple ratings form, than he gets 5 points. Thanks

1. This can be in PHP. I did not add those fields because, if you want to vote on categories you would need to add the shortcode in functions.php.

2. Yes.

Hi, this is a great plugin. Just I need json-ld codes for aggregateRating data. Help me please :)

Hi, tesekkurler :). You can switch from microdata format to JSON-ld in settings page of a Rating Form, but first you need to enable option rich snippet.

Hi, I know this option in settings.

I use Neptune Recipe Theme in one of the my website. This theme has own json-ld schema (recipe type) and rating part. But theme’s rating part is not useful. Ben rating form ekletisini kullanmak istiyorum. Neptune temasının kendi json-ld kodları arasında aggregateRating verisini sizin eklentiden çeksin istiyorum. Yani temadaki json-ld kodları arasında aggregateRating bölümü, Rating Form eklentisi kodları olacak. That’s why I need json-ld aggregateRating codes of Rating Form Plugin. Is it possible?

I tried to do for 2 days, but I could not. Hanıma rezil oldum :) Help me please.

Hahah :), sakin sakin. In the new version it’s actually as you want. You also need to enable Extra option: Show only aggregateRating and switch to format JSON-ld.

Hi, please is possible to embend this rattings direct to the wordpress comments? I dont want to ratting the users comments, but comment the post with the rattings options. thanks!


Do you mean you want users to vote on post through comments? If so, this does not work.

Hi Serdar,

I’m using the rating plugin on a couple of websites. Few days ago, after updating to 1.5.4, I noticed that rating are in place on every post/page, but data data displayed is wrong. because every post and every page, now displays zero votes. I know we have some pages with more than 10 votes, but now they displays zero stars.

I’ve also downloaded the csv and everything seems ok.

what’s wrong? hope to get advice soon.


Do mind sending sending admin account on the website that you get this issue? I would to look in code. You can mail it through support tab.

of course, thanks for your prompt reply.


I need to use your rating form in one of my plugin, called Reactive Pro from codecanyon, to show ratings for posts. This plugin have templates based on wp.template that use Underscore JS and is created with React.

If i can output your shortcode [rating_form id=”1” post_id=”auto” result=”true”] in post grid from Reactive Pro plugin i will buy your plugin.

Please reply as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Hello, thank you for your interest.

I believe it’s highly possible, because it auto gets current post id from loop. Plus you don’t need to use post_id=”auto”, I forgot to on update website. Shortcode: [rating_form id=”1” result=”true”], displays rating result of current post in grid.

It’s compatible, but i am not sure if the shortcode respond in grid, perhaps you will have to provide post id. I don’t know how there plugin works.

Hi Serdar, I have two questions. 1) Is there a way to delete the + and – characters in the thumb rating forms? In my opinion it looks much better when there is only the number of votes beside the thumbs. The + and – are unnecessary. 2) Also, I wanted to ask if there is a way to add the rating form and the results to a page template. I want the blog page to show the rating results of every post in the post loop between title and category. I hope you can help me :) çok teşekkürler!