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mslill Purchased

I bought this product in the assumption that users also could write a comment like a review, but that’s not possible? I would like a full refund

Aha. True this is not a review plugin. Refund request works much easier. You can request self a refund, so I can approve.


cezaro Purchased


How to display in user profile, posts for which he voted?



Email through support tab, so I can send you new files regarding new shortcode to display user statistics to display votes they voted with explanation, I am curious about your feedback, if you could take a look into it. Ty


I tried emailing you back with the files, but I received multiple failures with your e-mail. Failure message: Diagnostic-Code: smtp;550 5.7.0 VIRUS detected

Can sort comments with Popularity ? up-down votes?

This is not possible with rating form, you will need find a workaround to adjust query of comments with rating form. This is not possible directly with rating form.

What the custom field that comment’s Up votes saved on it?

There is no custom field. What for data do you need? I could output an array of comment id’s ordered on highest up votes to down votes, is what you are looking for?

How to display the ratings on the archive pages (searches)

And suppose on one page there are multiple ratings titles can we display an overall stars

Hi, Thank you for using my plugin.

You can display ratings by simply using the following shortcode in the archive php page: [rating_form id=”1” result=”true”]

Yes. It’s possible to display overall of multiple ratings by using the shortcode: [rating_form_total]

This shortcode will automatically calculate average rating of used custom_id.

See this page for shortcode options:

Hello, I just bought this plugin and I have 2 problems.

1) When using it on comments. If I rate a comment, all comments will be rated. 2) If I rate an an article I won’t be able to rate a comment too. 3) If I rate a comment I won’t be able to rate another one.

Here are the shortcodes: [rating_form id=”2” before_content=”test text” comment_id]

[rating_form id=”1” before_content=”test text post”]

Re-send mail without zip file, instead included javascript file. You got it?

UPDATE: SerdarG provided me a solution for my problem.

Solution: insert filter (php) code and rating form shortcode with current comment ID in functions.php. Example:
function wp_comment_text_add_rf($content){
    return do_shortcode('[rating_form id="1" comment_id="'.get_comment_ID().'"]') . $content;
add_filter('comment_text', 'wp_comment_text_add_rf');

Hi, Is it possible to change the size of the stars using shortcode? I want to show the results of a rating somewhere else and they need to be a lot smaller to fit in with the content.

No, the results / data are the same (data is saved, data doesn’t change if you change rating form style). Different ID means that a Rating Form has a different style then the other or settings (behavior).

You can create as many rating forms you like with different forms (stars, hearts etc.) or / and settings (behavior). Votes are associated with the post itself (comments, categories etc.).

I hope this clears things up.

Thanks! So, if I add the post ID for where the original rating is placed, I can add it on another page and it will show the same results?

No problem. That is correct.

is this plugin can be set for certain category?
ex. category 1. no rating
category 2. star rating
category 3. love rating
thank you.

Hi, thank you for your interest. Yes with a bit of coding you can display rating form on specific category.

In the following code it is checking if the current category has a slug named ‘computer’ if so output rating form id 1 (stars), if not check if it has slug named ‘laptop’ output rating form id 2 (hearts / love).

Let me know if you need help on this.

Example code:
            // Gets current taxonomy / category information (name, id, etc.)
            $cat = $wp_query->queried_object;
            if ($cat->slug == 'computer') {
                echo do_shortcode('[rating_form id="1" term_id="'.$cat->term_id.'"]');
            } else if ($cat->slug == 'laptop') {
                echo do_shortcode('[rating_form id="2" term_id="'.$cat->term_id.'"]');

SerdarG Merry Christmas thank you for make best plugin <3 <3

i want help you i like people purchase 1000 rating please design for this page if you cann’t i can Designing

No thank you. I will do it myself.

please make this plugin in ptestashop

How I can echo average_result and total_votes in single?

Thank you, mail sent.

Waiting for you.

Replied (yesterday).

hi , is it possible to add the rating option to all posts automatically or i have to post the shortcode manually in every post ?

Yes it is possible to add Rating Form to all posts or comments automatically on Tools page, see demo dashboard for a better understanding how you can add. Basically you will need to add the generated shortcode only once.

Hello, I am using WP-PostRatings and I already have a significant history of votes that I’d like to keep. If I completely switch to your plugin, would there be a way to import all these past votes to “Rating Form”?

Thank you!

Hello Thank you for your interest.

Yes. If you can export data to a .csv file then you can easily import ratings on the tools page of Rating Form. To be sure, you can test on the demo website:

You can select which fields you would like to import (rating value, date, ip etc.)

For Up ratings use value: +1 For Down ratings use value: -1 For Star ratings use value between 1 and 10

Also export ratings from the demo website, so can see the structure of the imported file.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Wonderful! Thank you very much for your detailed answer.


kyeer Purchased


I need to have rating options a few hundred items on a single page, but I don’t want to create forms for all of them. Is there a way to autogenerate or generate review form en masse?




Yes. Just create one rating form. Copy shortcode. Add custom_id=”1” to shortcode, we need to increment 1 till 100 of custom_id. Todo so, go to this website: This website let’s you generate / repeat a string with count. For example, I used on this website the following shortcode string:
[rating_form id="1" custom_id="[x]"]
[x] = incremented variable 
I have successfully generated 100 unique rating forms through this tool.

Let me know how it goes.

P.S. one created rating form can be used on all posts / pages / comments / categories etc. You don’t need to create one form for one post. As I described for multiple forms on a single page, you will need to have a unique value in custom_id.


kyeer Purchased

hey Serdar,

Thank you so much for your reply. 1 thing though – when I want to do a top ten, it only shows me their IDs. Is it possible for me to give each custom ID a name? This is very important as I want to show which ones are the highest and lowest rated.

Thank you so much,


Hi Kye,

I don’t quite understand. What do you mean by that it only shows IDs? It’s possible to use a name instead of a number in custom ID. Allowed characters: letters, numbers, dash – or underscore _

Hi there. That seems to be great plugin, congrats!

I always get myself upset with most of the star rating plugins out there, specially when those are viewed on mobile. I’ve came across a few WP star rating plugins and none of these I’ve tested does a good job regarding the website’s responsiveness nor offer a good user experience such as the ability to touch/slide the stars when submitting a rating.

Do you have any plans on supporting a better user experience on mobile with your plugin in a near future?

Hi, thank you. I agree rating a vote, should / can be more mobile friendly. I have added this to my to-do list. After I have finished with another feature that I am working on, I will look into it.


VanderDT Purchased

rating_form_top_rating_results Shortcode works only for pages and posts. And it does not display the results of the rating assigned to the other pages of the site. However, this type of post in the plugin settings displayed correctly.

What to do? Thank you.


VanderDT Purchased

Greetings! Perhaps the last question. ) Due to the fact that the plugin is not able to design styles for the top ranking … Can you bind the individual classes CSS styles, at least for the first three positions in the rating? So I could draw the first 3 positions in the top.

Thank you in advance.


VanderDT Purchased

And a top rating is considered to be not entirely correct. If there is a series of pages with estimates of only “5”, then the top must be lifted those who have more votes. Now the top 1 – a page which put the final score.


Yes, you can bind your own CSS classes, example:
[rating_form_top_rating_results class="custom_class_name"]

Also fixed ‘multiple highest 5 ratings will be ordered also with highest number of votes’, and with same highest rating and same highest number of votes, will be ordered by the newest rating.

I see that I still have access to dashboard o your website, so I edited code direct. If someone else has this issue in version 1.5.3, just check in “Top ratings” in widget or add in shortcode sort=”top_rating”, in next version this will be default behavior.

Let me know if it works on your website.


Great plugin, thank you so much!

I use it like a “uservoice” voting system : people can distribute only 10 votes by week to the WP content.

How can I fetch the number of remaining vote for each user ? If you don’t want to help me because this is outside the support field, can you just give me a hint ? I’m a WP developer, so I can do the work. But some help will be welcome. :-)



Thank you for using my plugin. I could not stop my self, I created a function which will return remaining votes.

Here you go:

 * Calculate remaining votes
 * @param $rating_form_id - ID of a Rating Form for options
 * @return remaining votes
function rfRemainingVotes($rating_form_id = 0) {
    global $wpdb;
    $rating_form_id = intval($rating_form_id);

    // Check Rating ID
    $this_form_query = $wpdb->get_row( "SELECT * FROM " . $wpdb->prefix . Rating_Form::TBL_RATING_ADD_FORM . " WHERE form_id = '" . $rating_form_id . "'", ARRAY_A );
    $this_form_num = $wpdb->num_rows;

    if ($this_form_num > 0) {
        $jsonDisplay = empty($this_form_query['display']) ? array() : json_decode($this_form_query['display'], true);
        // Get options of this Rating Form
        $user_logged_in = in_array("user_logged_in", $jsonDisplay) ? true : false;
        $limitation = empty($jsonDisplay['limitation']) ? 1 : intval($jsonDisplay['limitation']);
        $time = empty($jsonDisplay['time']) ? 0 : intval($jsonDisplay['time']);

        // Check IP or User ID
        $current_user = wp_get_current_user();
        $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
        $user = $current_user->ID;
        if ($user_logged_in) {
            $user_or_ip = $user_logged_in ? 'user' : 'ip';
            $user_or_ip_val = $user_logged_in ? $user : $ip;
        } else {
            $user_or_ip = empty($user) ? 'ip' : 'user';
            $user_or_ip_val = empty($user) ? $ip : $user;

        if (Rating_Form::form_types($this_form_query['type'], 'type') == "star") {
            $countLimit = $wpdb->get_row( "SELECT COUNT(post_id) AS votes FROM " . $wpdb->prefix . Rating_Form::TBL_RATING_RATED . " WHERE rated REGEXP '^[0-9]+$' AND post_id = '".get_the_ID()."' AND " . $user_or_ip . " = '".$user_or_ip_val."' ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT " . $limitation, ARRAY_A );
        } else if (Rating_Form::form_types($this_form_query['type'], 'type') == "tud") {
            $countLimit = $wpdb->get_row( "SELECT COUNT(post_id) AS votes FROM " . $wpdb->prefix . Rating_Form::TBL_RATING_RATED . " WHERE (rated = '1u' OR rated = '1d') AND post_id = '".get_the_ID()."' AND " . $user_or_ip . " = '".$user_or_ip_val."' ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT " . $limitation, ARRAY_A );
        $countLimit_num = $wpdb->num_rows;

        $remainingVotes = empty($countLimit_num) ? 0 : ($limitation - $countLimit['votes']);

        return $remainingVotes;
    } else {
        return "rfRemainingVotes: Rating Form ID <b>" . $rating_form_id ."</b> does not exist!";

Let me know if it works like you wanted it to be.

OMG, you are the best guy ! I’m going to use your function as soon as possible in my code, then I’ll keep you in touch when it’s done. Thanks again !

Have a great day.


Haha, no problem!

How would i go about placing the vote buttons in a grid. Say 20 images on one page with all the rate buttons on the same page? Or placed in the excerpts?

You can use multiple of the same rating forms by using shortcode attribute: custom_id.

Allowed characters in custom_id: letters, numbers, dash – or underscore _

[rating_form id="1" custom_id="grid_img_1"]
[rating_form id="1" custom_id="grid_img_2"]
[rating_form id="1" custom_id="grid_img_3"]

Hello, can you share the documentation for mycred rating please? The link on your website leads to a 404 page. Thank you :)

Hi, apparently author of myCRED has changed the categories, new link:

Thanks! Can I check if this rating form can be used to rate other users? My website is a multi-user listing website where users can list products. Instead of letting users rate the products, I want the users to rate other users.

Yea, sure. Demo post: You can vote user with ID 1. What you also can do is register an account and add another rating form with user id 2,

[rating_form id="1" user_id="YOUR_USER_ID"]

Alriksson Purchased

How do I delete titles?

Hi, You can not delete titles, only create and edit it. I decided to remove the ability to delete titles for some reason, but I might add this back in next version.

You can translate the plugin through WPML or translate po file inside plugin folder rating-form/languages/ folder.


Alriksson Purchased

You should!

Ok thanks.

I can’t import or do more than one rating on my ip. What is the issue?

Did you enable ‘Restrict IP/User’ option? This will prevent multiple ratings of same ip or user id.

Do you have any documentation how to make it work for woocommerce products and to remove the default woocommerce default schema?

I have bought this few months ago with other account and i can’t make it work

Answered through mail.

Yeap i know :) Great supp