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when users rate a post, possible to make notification appear in BuddyPress?

Hi, I want to look into it, but I will need your help on how it works. Is this notification of buddy press an extern plugin? Or does it come built-in.

Hi, so you didn’t look into it on Thursday, right? But you said you would look into it on Thursday. You let me wait for nothing. No good.

Actually, if I said…” I use BuddyPress and I want users to receive notifications” Many authors of plugins here tends to understand what I mean. Two days ago I talked with an author of a plugin as I am interested in his plugin. I asked him if it’s possible for users to receive notifications of the actions done through this plugin. He said currently no, but they can custimize this feature for me if I buy thier plugin. This is what I want!


After my daily work I had some spare time to continue my research on notification and I was able to successfully receive notifications from users that voted on my (author) posts.

Is it any way that author/admin can only add rating ex [rating_form id=”1”] but this rating can be visible for all (public)?

Setup option: User Role -> Administrator “ON” make invisible this rating for all (public)


In current version you can specify user role that only, they are allowed to vote and are not visible to public

I implemented a extra option to enable/disable public view of voted ratings by specified roles. This option is not available in version of codecanyon. After purchase I am happy to sent you the newest version.


Repenter Purchased

Hi Serdar :) Any news for export settings feature?

Hi Amir, not yet implemented.


Great plugin. One question, how can you show the rating of a post on the blog page? One the post page itself you can rate and see the rating, but how can you place the rating per post on the blog page? In previous comments I saw you suggesting shortcodes, but don’t you need php to integrate that?


Thank you for your interest. You can display a rating result of a post through shortcode: [rating_form id=”1” post_id=”1” result=”true”]

Its also possible to use the widget for displaying top rating results or like you said through shortcode. You will eventually need to use PHP to display multiple or one rating results of multiple specific posts / pages. But for this you can simple use do_shortcode function of WordPress.

Hi Serdar,

I actually mean something else, what I’m trying to do is show the rating of a certain post already on the blog page, where you can see the preview of the posts. So for example, I have assigned my posts page to be ‘Blog’, then my posts will be displayed on the Blog page I have made. On those page you can see my posts. Currently if you click on one of those posts, you can see the rating and rate yourself. But I want to display the rating of the posts also on the Blog page.

Is there a PHP shortcode that I can add to my single.php?

Yes. You can use PHP to display rating result of the assigned posts, you just need to specify the post id. The following example will show rating result of post id 1. Example code:

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[rating_form id=”1” post_id=”1” result=”true”]’); ?>