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I duplicated an email to you, check it, please. And then it happens like this …

Mail answered.

Pre-sale questions:

- Is possible to use rating system in custom posts or only in normal posts/pages?

- Can I display results in a custom page or I have to display them only in a sidebar widget?

Hello, Thank you for your interest.

1. Yes, it’s possible to use it in custom post / pages / taxonomies. 2. Certainly. A shortcode is used for displaying rating results by providing shortcode attribute result set to true.

Example shortcodes:
// Vote
[rating_form id="1"]
// Display rating results
[rating_form id="1" result="true"]

Hi, Tell me please, after what time will the stars appear when searching Google?

Hi, It depends when Google will crawl your website again. Usually it takes just a few days / one week. You can try the testing tool to test a certain website if any rich snippet is available.

Hi, I checked, but did not find the rating data! What is the reason ? How to fix ?

Hi, I have checked couple of pages and I don’t see rating form anywhere. Did you remove it?


esena Purchased

Hi SedarG. I’m trying to display top ratings for tag pages (all post tag pages have a rating form). I’ve tried something like . rating_form_top_rating_results type=”taxonomies” post_type=”post_tag” . but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.


To get rating results of posts based on tags with pages. Use shortcode: [rating_form_top_rating_results taxonomy=”post_tag:pages”]

post_tag is a part taxonomy. post_type is meant only for (custom) post types.


Is it possible to use with Listify Theme? If so, it will automatically replace the native rating system from Listify?


And is it possible to open the modal “Login/Register” from Listify, when a user clicks on the ThumbsUp/Down, for non-registered users?

I just checked out the theme, not familiair with it. I seems that Cards are custom post type, yea it should work.

With a bit custom JS coding modal login / register can be triggered. I can help you with this.

Perfect, thanks. I just bought it ;)

hello, is it possible to have like/unlike for buddypress activities?

I believe it is. To be sure, can you navigate me to the activities of buddypress, where can I find it?

Here is example of sitewide activity stream:
And here user’s activity stream:

Nope. I was wrong. I thought an Activity is a custom post type, but BuddyPress unfortunately uses their own object.

Hello – is your plugin compatible with Google AMP? :)


Currently It does not support AMP. Which AMP plugin are you using? They all do things a bit differently.


I want to create fake ratings for all the posts on my website, lets say to make them all 4 stars or above and each with a random number of voters. How do I do this? Thanks

Any response?

Is possible but requires custom coding. You have to add the following post meta tags to all posts: rf_fake_average, rf_fake_total. Example: rf_fake_average = 4.3, rf_fake_total (random voters) = 235


tfourc Purchased

When will the new version be released?

I am not sure, probably next week. RTL mode in dashboard has been added, working on other features like cookie support before releasing new version.

hello, do you know about conflicts with the rich snippet function from reviewplugin? i want to show your plugin in google, not that from the review…?

Hi, I use Cloudflare and in reports, I get only the Cloudflare IPs, any way to get the real visitors IP for ratings?