Discussion on RasterPro - Halftone Image Generator

Discussion on RasterPro - Halftone Image Generator

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good day. Can be used for Joomla! use?

Yes. It can be used within any web site or site builder. In FAQ you can find instructions of how to use it in Wordpress. I’m sure, you can do the same in Joomla. As far as I know, Joomla has “Custom HTML” module. Use it to insert RasterPro.

Hi, how “Copy Settings” work?

I´m trying to save my custom settings, but everytime I reopen the GUI html in Chrome, all I get is the default values…

Let me know :)

I just wanted to know if there is a way to lock my own settings, so when I open the browser again it shows my own settings everytime

Of course I can make such feature for you. Let’s discuss it via Facebook Messenger tomorrow.


Hi probably answer is there but couldn’t find it. All examples you used return a BW image. Doesn’t work in color?

Could return a transparent PNG image?

What’s the maximum size your script could handle?


Hi. It can geneate bw/duotone images and color images which are duotone with randomized dot color. You can randomize each color components (RGB) separately. Open the live demo and try to experiment with “randomization” slider and 3 component sub-sliders.

RasterPro does not use source image colors. I’ll add this feature in the future updates.

RasterPro can generate transparent PNG images. Open the live demo and enable “transparent canvas” or “transparent dot” checkbox. Of course you can also use any semi-transparent colors for dots or canvas.

The maximum size are limited by your device performance only. Mobile devices have some limitations on image data. There are no significant limitations on desktops & laptops.

Hi there,

I purchased your Halftone Image Generator last month.

I still cannot figure out how to get it to work in my own browser, locally.

- Could you please send me the online demo files along with instructions of how to set my own 5 images (5 buttons at the top of control panel)? You can send me a PM here through codecanyon (?)

Much appreciated.

PS: how much you could charge me for setting up an online editor like your online demo in my server?

Hi. Please, contact me via Facebook Messenger: . I’ll send you demo files along with instructions.

PRE-SALES Question:

1- Can I use this plugin locally on my pc using any browser? There´s any guide on how to do that?

2- It would be too hard to create something like your online demo with the feature of uploading/downloading images?

1. It’s possible. In browser settings you need to disable CORS restrictions so that you can use loaded image data within canvas element. 2. It can be done. I plan to make a full fledged halftone editor based on this plugin. For now I can additionally provide online demo files along with instructions of how to set your own 5 images (5 buttons at the top of controls panel). I can do this after August 16, because I’m in vacation now.

Thanks for your interest!

Great, I will purchase it then ;)

Can you please help me with the plugin? I followed the provided instructions in the documentation but didn’t get the required result. It should display the following result but it only displays the image without all these customizing options.

Required Result –

Current Result –

Hi, thanks for purchase! Your result is absolutely correct. Editor is not included in this product. Here, only Javascript plugin itself. Editor is available for online use only. It is made to demonstrate the options and to quickly create text with settings. Also, it is not a full-fledged halftone editor. It just has 5 slots for predefined images and a set of controls. If you need this editor, I can send it to you. For that please contact me via Facebook:

I have tried this on the following page:

It does not seem to be showing anything in the div id I have named halftone-container

Any suggestions?

Hi! Thanks for purchase! I looked through your source code. “raster-pro-min.js” was not imported correctly. Are you sure you set correct path to “raster-pro-min.js” ? If yes, try to place this line:
<script src="correct_path/raster-pro-min.js"></script>
right after this line
<div id="container" style="width:800px; height:800px; position: absolute; top:0; bottom:0; left:0; right:0; margin:auto"> </div>
By means of “correct_path/raster-pro-min.js” I conditionally indicated the correct path to “raster-pro-min.js”.

Can I get a refund please. Clearly does not work on ipads

It works on iPads through web-browser. It’s web-site plugin, not iOS application.

Rastorpro won’t download!

Ok it downloaded to my iPad pro but how do I access it?

It’s not an iPad application. It’s JavaScript plugin. It works on iPads through web-browser. Just move downloaded data to your desktop computer and follow the instructions given in the documentation.


great tool, I wanted to buy this but I am just wondering whether or not you can integrate it in nodejs as an npm package, and how performant it is?


Thanks for your reply, one more question, Would it be possible for me when I buy it to customize the code of the generator so that it will accept input images with some configs and give the output without using the plugin on the web page?

This product includes non-compressed source code (JavaScript). So, you’ll be able to modify it for your needs, add new features, etc. But, to implement this functionality (input/config/output) you don’t need to modify source code. You need to implement it in your custom application, and use RasterPro as rendering engine. It has API allowing you to modify halftone image on the fly. Did I understand your question correctly?

Yes, Thank you very much for your answer.

I bought this program and I cannot use it (rasterpro) iI need help

Hi, thanks for purchase! Have you tried using it on a web page?

OK, so I really messed up here. I thought I was going to be able to upload my images to your website and download halftone images for my screenprinting. I don’t know what rabbit hole I just fell down, but it doesn’t look like that’s what I bought. Can I get a refund?

Hello. I answered via Facebook messenger.


I have purchased Raster Pro but I am unable to get the complete tool like this:

Please let me know how I can get this done.


Thanks for purchase! Answered via Facebook Messenger.


i like rasterpro and i would like to style some photos of mine with it. I am a photographer and sometimes i want to create a style with it. But my biggest need is that i can controll this like your demo with the setting are. It is possible that you send me the gui code for your real time editor I want it only for myself. Thanks a lot

Hi! Thank you for purchase! Please, contact me via private message or Facebook page ( )

Hey, just a presale question. I want to embed your script in an existing app using fabric.js already. Would this work? And is only the minified js file included or the full source, so I could change it if needed? Michael

Yes. Fabric renders graphics into canvas using different sources. In particular, it can render contents of <image> or <canvas> elements. My script renders graphics into <canvas>. So, you can render this <canvas> into your Fabric composition. By the way, my plugin has API, so you can easily control it from Fabric app. Here is more info:

Of course, I included non-minified source code. It is well formatted and has comments for each function.


I’m getting this error in the developer console when I open the raster pro index.html:

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute ‘getImageData’ on ‘CanvasRenderingContext2D’: The canvas has been tainted by cross-origin data.

I haven’t made any modifications to the script. Could you please advise on how to fix this error (or release an update to fix it)? Thanks a lot


It’s not an error, it’s well known security limitation of browsers (except Firefox). You will not get this “error” when testing online. For local testing, you can use Firefox (I do so). For local testing in any browser, you can use some local web server. Here are explanations on this issue from Mozilla:

Hi, seems to be an interesting editor. Would you considder to add an option for users to set their own image meaning and “upload” and “download” function?

I will like to use this editor on a regular basis for generating images where at the moment it seems to be more a tool to modify existing images on a website. Kind regards

Editor is not included in this product. Here, only Javascript plugin itself. Editor is available for online use only. It is made to demonstrate the options and to quickly create text with settings. You can define any source image you want by editing plugin settings manually. Here is more info about plugin usage:

Ah, got it, thanks. Might be not for me then, as i am looking for “sas” related image manipulation tools. integrating it seems like to much work right now :) Good Work anyways!

I see. However, this plugin has API allowing you to change & read any property by Javascript. So you can easily create your own editor using certain free component library (e.g. Bootstrap, Material-UI, etc). Anyway, thanks for your interest and kind words.

Hey this looks really cool. I have a React app and would like to integrate your plugin as a React module. I’m just wondering if you could please give some honest feedback as to whether this would be feasible? For reference, I would consider myself a moderate-level developer

I’m not an expert in React but I think yes, it’s possible. In terms of DOM, my plugin is very simple: it just takes your div element, creates canvas within div and renders graphics to canvas. So, I think any developer familiar with React is able to wrap it in React component.

Great, thanks!

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)



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