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So this is radio roulette in other words?

Yes. That’s a cool name. :)

Right now, it only supports pls files. Due to reasons, I didn’t have any free time to check for compatibility with more formats.

That’s strange. I checked the apk file with 4 different phones and it worked perfectly. Is your Android version more than 4?

Will it Support Shoutcast V1 / v2 and Icecast or it have any restriction

It will support anything if a link to pls file is given.

Love it! :) One Error

Start App anything is ok. Start App again when it´s playing music only tabs will show. I must stop your app over task manager. Andoird 4.1.1

Thank you! I’ll fix it ASAP and send you an email once it’s been fixed.

Did you fix the above problem by Sonny1311 yet?

Is this android studio project ?

demo no working