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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Lakose, thank you very much! Happy New Year!

I know the purpose for this is to relax but can advertisement be added like an open and close ad By the way this is so cool outstanding job

Thank you for your interest in this app. Technically it is a regular web page. Thus advertisements can be added. This will require a basic knowledge of html.

I can provide the simple way to display advertisements in the next update. Does it make sense?

By the way… I want to remind that all images are replaceable. For example, the ball can be replaced with your company logo. So even the current version of the app can be used in promotional purposes.

One more thing do are you for hire to work on projects?

Why not? It depends on project.

We love this application, but when loading it in IE 11, it only shows solid color balls instead of the png file. When loaded in Chrome or Firefox, there are no issues. This is true of your preview and our installation.

Hi IMS_Admin! I know about that issue. IE does not yet support all the features of the HTML5. More precisely, it is still not support some blending modes within Canvas element. In terms of functionality, the application works properly in the IE. But instead of a full png-image it displays only silhouette.

Hi there.. This is what in my mind. Can you upgrade this to like more, ball will be random images from folder, Click to create Ball Item will be automatic by periods of time and at random place. Image / Ball will bounce back to screen when at edge of screen. Background can be replace with Video. Or it will be a separated project for you? ty

Hi! Thank you for your interest. Your ideas are rather new concept, not an upgrade. Here are a few points to illustrate that your suggestions are changing the concept rather than complement it.

1.“ball will be random images from folder”.
In this case, the application can not be used offline (the browser is limited to work with the file system). The current version can be used offline.
2.“Click to create Ball Item will be automatic by periods of time and at random place”.
This is contrary to the current concept. The user has full control over the process of creation, destruction and “scare” balls.
3.“Image / Ball will bounce back to screen when at edge of screen”.
In this case, we will need to limit the number of balls on the screen. Excessive number of balls can cause a heavy load on the processor and the performance drop. Currently this is no problem, because each ball leaves the screen at some moment.

Your ideas are interesting. They could form the basis of a separate application. Thanks again.

Hi, I’m thinking of downloading this, but I need to check if I can change the balls into different graphics and change the background image? I have a developer working with me but if he is too busy are you able to support us? Thanks

Hi, Yes, you can easily change the ball and background. Just put your images somewhere and change 2 paths in the settings. The settings are in the main html file (I put screenshot in the item description). For best results, replace the ball with some black-and-white png image (png24 with transparency). Background can be jpg or png. If you have problems with image replacement, feel free to contact me. I’ll help by commenting in this discussion or by email. Thanks for your interest.

By the way, I can make a separate demo based on your images. For free. Just send me a private message and we arrange everything via email.

Hi, very nice item. But it’s not responsive. Any update soon to make this item responsive ?

Thanks for your interest! This application adapts to any size and aspect ratio of the screen/window. You can change the window size & aspect ratio on the fly. You can also change screen orientation on the fly. Finally, you can use it as full-screen app. So, in my opinion, it’s responsive. ;) Why do you think otherwise?

well, i tested it via my phone (samsung s4), and i don’t see all the screen (i don’t see all the balls)

Each ball eventually leaves the screen space. Also, the balls can temporarily go beyond the upper border of the screen. It’s normal.

Great work. I bought your template and I made this game, thanks: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.pokandpok&hl=en

Hi! I’m glad that my application came in handy for your project. I will be grateful if you rate it 5 stars ;)

five stars done!

Thank you!

Hi, where can I find more information about lib: jsBand?

Hi! Thanks for your interest!
jsBand—is a library that I have been developing for several years for my own needs. I have not yet published it on github. The freshest jsBand version is used in my other product Air Gallery.
To stay up to date with the news, you can subscribe to the facebook page. Soon there will be information about this library, and perhaps links to lessons and examples.