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Great Job i. Was the first buyer

Thank you :)

Let me know if you need any assistance. Also if you like Rain, don’t forget to rate/review it :)

Works GREAT using Chrome, FireFox, Edge and Opera, however it doesn’t work [for me] using the latest IE on Win 10..
Great Plugin.. GLWS


Thank’s for letting me know, I will need to check that.

This looks really nice. I have a few of presale questions.

1. I see that you have “open on page load” option. Can you please explain how it loads? Will it load before or after the page loads…or at the same time as the page? My preference would be for your menu to load first with no animation.

2. Can I have different menus on different pages. For example, an eCommerce menu on a shop page?

3. Is your menu able to push the page over instead of overlay on top of the page?


Sorry, it seems my answer for 2nd question was tripped out. 2. This feature is not yet implemented. For now one menu goes for all pages. I plan to include this deature in some of the future updates.

Thank you for your reply. I will buy this soon for an upcoming project.

No problem, thank you for taking interest in Rain :)

this is not actually off canvas, right ? since off canvas pushes content to side…

Hi there,

It was one of the animation in jQuery version (pushing content). I adopted it’s title in WP version (but for now pushing behavior not), not sure what title was more suitable. Pushing will be included back in some of the future updates, when I rewrite some parts of the code.

Best Regards

nevertheless, great looking plugin ! :)

Thank you :D

GLWS! I have the JS version and its a great menu.

ruffi0 :)

Thanks man


Let say I install your plug in my theme, will it replace its default mobile menu? I’m using THE7 theme. Thank you. Cheers

Hello sailor1978,

It depends. From what I can see this theme is creating mobile menu separately from the main menu. Now, depending from the way they are calling those menus in the theme file, Rain can be the only menu on both desktop and mobile devices (replacing it completely), or THE7 mobile menu could override Rain on mobile devices, displaying it as before. It is hard to say from here how will it behave. As I am aware Envato has full refund policy, if you like Rain, you can get it and see how will it work, if it replaces mobile menu completely and you do not like how that looks, I can try to combine something. maybe I can make them compatible. If all that fails, you can always refund :)

Best Regards

Presale question. I would like to use this menu only for mobile site and override the current theme mobile menu. Is this possible?

Hello Barks63, Thanks for taking interest in the Rain,

In it’s current state Rain can be the only menu – for both desktop and mobile devices. Making it to appear only on mobile devices can be useful feature, I will put it on the list of what to include in some of the future versions.

Hi I have a problem with Default State – Open option It works fine with subpages of my website but, on the main homepage it opens and then suddenly after 1 second it closes i think that some another script is still being loaded and it interferes with Rain, do you have any idea how to counter it ? for example some custom delay to rain ? so it loads a little bit later ?

Another question: is there a way to make it umm more stable ? i mean i dont want it to disappear at all, but for example if i resize the browser window or move it to a second screen then rain menu closes :(

Hello Vesparion, Thanks for purchasing rain,

Yes it could be another script, or loading of script on homepage could be messed, I need to check it to know more. Can you send me a link to your website? Considering second question, in order to keep it’s proportions on every screen, it closes when screen is resized, so it can re-check some options and work on every screen propertly, otherwise it can get buggy.

Send me a link to your website and you could create me a temporary admin account so I can investigate what’s happening on homepage. Send me those information to my email using contact form on my profile page here on codecanyon.

Best regards

Hi, is it possible to add widgets like woocommerce product tags or woo currency converter widget?

Hi, Thank you for taking interest in Rain. Yes Rain accepts all widgets, there are no limitations. Just like with any theme sidebar, only difference is that whatever you add to the Rain sidebar will be shown in Rain menu :)

Hi, i need support it seem that the rain menu still follows the css of my old nav menu how to fix the issue?

Hi watersphils,

Thanks for buying Rain :)

I just sent you an email with the answer.

Best Regards

Can the menu be exposed by time, such as three seconds after page load?

Hello there, thanks for taking interest in Rain.

If you want Rain to automatically opens 3 sec after page is loaded, yes, it can be done. I can modify original script easily to do that :)

If you decide to get Rain, just email me and I will send you modified script

Best Regards

I have installed this with the Divi theme from Elegant Themes and it appears to be incompatible, the menu does not appear but does if I switch to the WordPress 2016 theme.

Hi jimgrant, Thanks for buying my product.

It’s hardly to be incompatable with any theme, as it hooks into core menu system, there can be something omiting it from showing, probably some set up, don’t worry email me your site url and create me a temporary admin account so I can resolve this :)

Best Regards

Hi, Could you tell me if it’s possible to change the position of the menu depending on the page (on the left side for some, on the right side for others) ? And : is it possible to have a relative width (50%) on desktops and 100% width on mobiles ? Thanks!

Hi carabas,

Thank you for taking interest in Rain,

By default there are no options for that, but I can include paid modifications of plugin if you decide to include them. You can contact me via contact form on my profile page if you are interested.

Best Regards, Aleksej

I have installed “RAIN” with the True mag theme, it appears to be incompatible, the menu appear only with unclickable “topbar” and the menu doesn’t open at all.


Thank you for buying Rain.

Due to it’s nature, Rain hardly can be incompatible with any theme, as it has fixed property – meaning theme predefined menu styles will have very little to no effect on Rain. What can be the issue is that either some container from the theme has greater z-index than Rain, so click on the button is not detected as click on the button but rather on the container in front of it, or there is some javascript conflict involved.

Anyway, just send me the link to your website so I can check it and fix it :)

Best Regards

Hi, i have sent you the wabsite link in a private massage

I have installed this with the Divi theme from Elegant Themes and it appears to be incompatible, the menu does not appear but does if I switch to the WordPress theme.

Hi, No problem I have replied to your email. I will help you to integrate it as I mentioned. Just send me those information I noted in my reply ;)

Best Regards

This may be exactly what I need! I’ve got a few pre-sale questions:

1) The search functionality is not shown off on the demo site. Does this use default search? Can I replace it? I need a custom search with custom results.

2) Do you think it will work with the Gecka Submenu plugin from the repository? Gecka auto-populates child pages as menu items. I would be using the sliding feature of your plugin with it.

3) Is full screen canvas available? If the menu can take over the entire screen on all devices, that would be great. Not a dealbreaker if not.

4) Can I use it as a secondary menu? I have the need to keep my regular menu, but use your menu at the same time, displaying different info entirely.

5) Can I reposition the box that triggers the menu to open? If I were to give an element the same ID and same class, could I use it that way? I would need to hide the original box.

Sorry for the barrage of questions. It’s a great looking menu. I’ve been aware of it for a while, and finally have a project that I think could use it.


Thank you for taking interest in Rain.

1) Yes Rain uses default WordPress search, so any plugin that alters default search functionality will be applied here as well.

2) I will have to test this, and I will let you know.

3) Rain has a width that you can set. This will be max width that will be applied on all screen. So if you set width of 320px, on larger screens Rain will have a width of 320px. But on devices that are smaller, Rain will have a full width, covering the whole screen, si if website is opened on mobile with 300px width, Rain wil have a 300px width – taking full screen.

4) Yes, but this depends upon the theme in which it is integrated. If it has a primary and secondary theme menu locations, you would assign a Rain to secondary location – having both menus available.

5) The menu button can be moved to the right or to the left corner of the screen. But you can apply a custom style to it from your CSS, by styling it any way you want. I can give you the ID you need to target.

I will test Rain with Gecka Submenu plugin, and just in case re-check the question 2, by integrating Rain with another menu. I will verify the results to you tomorrow :-)

Best Regards, Aleksej


I tested it. Since Gecka is integrating into menu system it would be hard to turn on/off automatic page populating checkbox after Rain is integrated, but you can set it up before that, and then activate Rain. Since Rain is not compatible with another menu, the “automatic populate pages” button from Gecka would not be affected while Rain is active. But if it is deactivated this can be checked on pages you want to be self populated and then after activating Rain this option will remain checked. All those subpages will be added as a drop-downs. The animated sub menus that can transition (like sliding, flipping, etc.) are built with custom menu elements, so they need to be built manually. Gecka auto populated child pages can only be added as drop down (submenu opening/dropping down on click).

Rain can be used side along main menu, but if that menu has some custom fields it will also has to be pre-built before Rain is activated.

Best Regards, Aleksej

Not compatible with “Publisher Theme”.. Breaks the Menu Setting there. Can not add a sidebar additionally to all menus.. Sorry, hm.


Can you email me (using the contact form on my profile with description of the problem and admin credentials so I can inspect on your website ? Thanks

Best Regards

^^ Update. works. :)

Great, I am glad it works now :) Thanks for the update.

Best Regards


0rca Purchased

This looks promising… Is it possible to place text or anything lese in the top bar? And can I easily modify the menu icon (e.g. swap it with a cart icon)? Cheers

Hi There,

Thank you for taking interest in Rain,

In Top bar layout the top bar is just top wrapper which holds the logo and hamburger icon, widgets will be placed inside the offcanvas menu, together with the menu elements. So all the content will go only to offcanvas menu and not the top bar.

The hamburger menu icon comes with two icon variations –, you can modify the line height and width, but if you want to include some custom icon like cart, you will need to modify the php file and replace the icon markup, as hamburger menu is not added as single icon, but a html markup consisting of lines and wrapper which is then styled and animated with css.

Best Regards


0rca Purchased

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I just bought it and will see if I can adapt it to my needs. In oline shops, like woocommerce, you often want to have a top bar for displaying the most important stuff like phone number and email on one side and cart and account login on the other side. And then place the cart in a off canvas sidebar. So your plugin comes really close.

You might wanna think about widgetising the top bar too or at least offer some html-enabled fields – your plugin would be the only solution like this out there – I know, because I have been looking for many days now ;-)


Thank you for buying my item,

This is interesting point, regarding top bar. I will definitely consider including some widgets into the top bar layout ;)

Thanks for pointing it out :)

Best Regards