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This is great GLWS!

I already have a menu system. Is it possible to only have your off-canvas load on mobile devices? If so that’d be really awesome!

I’ll do it myself. Ill be your first sale!

Thanks man :D Everything is possible with right approach ;) Contact me through my page , so I can help you integrate it only for mobile devices.


I think this item is not compatible with fullPage.js and animsition.js, because including rain menu js and css files, nothing works anymore.

Animsition is a jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions, fullPage.js a jQuery plugin for vertical full pages with transictions.

can you solve this issue please?

Thank you

Hi, thank you for buying my product.

Sure, send me a link of your website through my contact form so I can take a look.

I would like to publicly thank the author for the amazing support (it was my mistake installation )

Thanks, no problem ;)

Is it possible that the page menu is open when i open the page

You want Rain menu to opens when you load the web page? Sure I can tweak it to do that.

I would need an active state for the main menu links. Can you let me know what code I need to add?

Hello, thank you for buying Rain,

Contact me through contact form on my page so I can send you the code.

Best Regards

Have got the code I needed within 24 hours. It works. Great support. Thanks

No problem ;)

Awesome off canvas menu. Any plans to make it into a WordPress plugin?

Thanks :) Yes actually I’m planing to make a WordPress version soon :)

The menu should be scrollable. If the menu has 6 or more navigation items we can not reach all menu items on a smartphone, let alone if you have a accordion that opens. Do we have a chance that you solve this?

Will send it per email

It was not the script, it was me, removing an essential part for the scrolling. It does scroll the menu. Amazing fast and friendly support from the programmer. Thank you very much. 5 stars for sure.

No problem, thank you for your kind words :)

5 star product. Wonderful script, very good documentation as well. Looking forward to the future of this product, even though it’s already awesome.

Thanks cusdweb :)

Hi,I have purchased the rain side navbar. It has so much amazing features but it seems to be too heavy for mobile. I have made a test page on my website here:

I just want a simple slide menu like this. How can I make it more simple and faster on mobile?

Thanks for your help in advance.



Thanks for buying Rain,

I saw your email earlier, I have emailed you the reply (shortly – as mentioned you can set navDuration option to lower value like 230 so that Rain can open and close faster).

Best Regards.

Hi, how do I set the width of the hover space that automatically opens the menu?

Hi kingkong, Thank you for buying Rain,

Code usually gets stripped out of these comments, so contact me through contact form on my profile page ( ) so I can email you back the few lines of CSS which you can use to modify the hover space :)

Best Regards

Per ruffi0’s suggestion at the top. I would also like to see about incorporating this on small screens/devices only. Just sent you an email.

Really liking this so far.


Just saw you posted comment here :)

I will post solution here as well so that others can see it :

@media only screen and (min-width: 480px){ body #rn-open-button.btn-fly, body #senzor{ display: none; } }

Best Regards

Thanks bro :)