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Hi, I have send you a Skype request from i.d : tecorb

Please accept invitation, as i want to share some throughs and if yes, i will buy the product and we can work to gather .


Sure. Will come back to you soon.

I Purchased this product i can not upload these file in my server because codeigniter version is 2.0.3 please update to 2.2.0

sure. I will do it.

Hello i want to buy that script but is it possible that multi users can log in ? So my costumers can create accounts and use the tool ?

Thanks :)

Yes. Admin can create new users & they can log in with this system.


I wanna buy it, but before buy I have a question. Will I get all the code in full version? ex: not minify version ? I want Javascript and all code need to be understandable. If you give me green light on it, I will buy right away. I will wait for the response.

thanks Ab

I can see by editor mystats\subtag\hii.js is minified . I want the main Javascript what you developed. “var q = N(), w = N(), e = N(), r = N(), y = N(),” This is not a understandable.

i sent you skype invition abhisekumar. lets talk

1. Please let me know your mysql version ? 2. This is not a minified version, Minified version is different, if you want i will give you. 3. Sure we will discuss on skype

Man l want to buy, buts l want to know if is difficult to install? and if have instructions

Thanks for Buying our product. Please give me your email id. i can forward you the latest version which is very easy to installable. like wordpress..

Hi! Has this tool a multiuser option? Track emails (emails read), track pages, visitors, clicks from email?

Yes. we have multiple user options are available & we are not tracking email clicks & read it.

Will this email tracking be included

Sorry! No.

Hey there :)

Purchased earlier today, Great script and cant wait to get into it but im having an issue logging in with Chrome, No problems with firefox but would like to use my default browser if possible

Any help is appreciated

Very Best Regards CJ

Hi, Thanks for the updated version,

Good news and Bad, ..

I finally got it installed, and can log in via chrome :) but now am faced with new issues,

1 – After i add a site in the admin area i get this message : Sorry! Limited Actions allowed in Demo Version. 2 – I have pasted the tracking javascript code to some pages to test but still no stats showing :/ 3 – “Manage Members” leads to a blank white page 4 – I can not change my profile details and they remain as (admin@gmail.com Thanks in advance CJ">/admin) 5 - Above profile info is "Sorry! Limited Actions allowed in Demo Version." Hope you can help, im starting to panic :( Thanks in advance CJ

Hi CJ, Supporting team will contact you through mail. Also ping it on Skype Id : haiinteractive If you need any clarifications .

in the admin demo, I am not seeing how these are achieved;

+ Able to find out how your visitors locate your website

+ Able to identify which pages and links your visitors click the most.

+ Conversion Analytics.

+ Visitor segmentation

+ Social Analytics

+ Advertising Analytics

these are not in screenshots either.

if it is because there is no data, perhaps you can add a site that has some?

In Behavior section, user able to see the visitors click events, might date range we need to change to get the data. Those features are available in our software.

Nice looking script.

Thanks Jamie136

I am interested in buying but I need a demo login user and admin to test this out. Would you be able to provide that to me? Thanks

Yeah. I have checked the live preview which require login. Thats why I have requested for login to it. I also added you on skype. I suppose you are: haiinteractive

yes. i am in skype. Please give me ur skype id. so that i can add it. & will discuss more.

No updates coms or …..

I have sent olso a support mail..

I have buy it a week ago still not working compleet…..... I have pasted the tracking javascript code to some pages to test but still no stats showing. 2 – “Manage Members” leads to a blank white page.

I tried my best. This is completely issue from server end. I tested with our three different servers & local as well. The same sql dump others are all using it. That’s fine…. Please check with your server provider

“You have 5 months of support remaining for this item” Where they at tho?

You said you would help set it up and never did , please get back to me My skype: Asentrix

I am sorry for the delay. Let me know your convenient time. We are ready to help you.

Messaged you on skype , seems you never got back to me again? Would love to have this set up please , thanks!

I am able to help you in the application end. not from application level. I hope you understand…

Hello , i just bought this and i have been trying to install this and config it, it seems pretty difficult , no straight forward way to get this , how can you help pls, if u are on skype , let me know.. Thanks

i have sent u my skype ID , no request from you yet… Can i gave this done asap pls

i m working on it. will update you once its done

Thanks for purchasing our product, unfortunately your site was down, so that we are not able to track it, anyway ping me at anytime we are ready to help you Kind regards Hai Interactive Team

Will it be updated to new versions?

Hi, Its in progress, Will update in few weeks

Will there come a feature where users can register?

Administrator can add multiple users, but users are not able to register themself due to security reason.


Your script you will not install. I tried installing on the website as well as on localhost and nothing. (Used in Google Chrome and Explorer)

Can you advise me how to circumvent the installation? So I could use this script?

thank you for answer


Sorry for the delay, Sure, can you please tell me what kind of error you are getting ?

t does not write anything. I copied the script to the root directory of the Web. Launched web. Launched the site with the installation. I put the information on the database and pressed the Install button and nothing.

I do not know what’s wrong, since neither showed no error message.


my skype id: sjragavan, kindly please let me know your convenient time. Will review

Today is January 27, 2017.

27 Sep 2016 I bought your script and still not functional.

Skype, I sent you a message on Jan. 18, 2017, but so far no response.

It is therefore right script and the error is on my side?