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stupid question. Is there an android version of this app I can buy to modify and put up on the google/amazon play stores for android devices ? Kindly send me the link if there is one.

This app has been updated with CloudKit, you should have seen it already. Cheers!

Once I log into icloud drive it syncs with the app automatically ? What is the quickest way to delete everything and start over ?

Click on Deployment tab in the black menu on the left, then the red button that says “Reset Development Environment”


appz Purchased

Hi there. Great code thanks. Is it possible to show song name, artist name and album cover? DO you have any suggestions of an easy way or SDK I can use?

Hi, thanks for your feedback, but unfortunately is not possible to show songs info in this app, just radio name. Cheers!

what code do I need to use if if want to show the track playing on lock screen? When I lock the screen it only shows my title.

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible to show songs streaming info currently in this app, only radio name. Cheers!

is posible config for only one radio station?

With some workaround you can do so, if you’re an experienced developer, but it’s a multi station app so we suggest you to look for another template that may satisfy your needs. Cheers!

Can the application to play links icecast he-aac?

No, it does play m3u or mp3 files. Cheers!

In larger music lists and you choose a song it shows that every next 10th song is active the loudspeaker shows in front of every 10th number after

When have you purchased the app? Please take a screenshot or two of your issue and send its link by contacting us by our profile’s contact form, so we can check it out. Thanks!

I purchased it today. I will send you now the screenshots

Anyone found a work a round to the radio station stoping when you click on the back button. The audio stream stops when you click the back left button icon and go back to the home screen. Email me at timbojill@gmail.com with a solution.

Hi, that’s just the way it works, we won’t change it since if you’re listening to a radio, you just leave the screen as it is, it works also with lock screen enabled. When you tap the Back button you’re supposed to change radio station, so music stops. Cheers!

Is there an Apple TV version of this app ? If there is kindly post the link or email me at timbojill@gmail.com. Users have been asking for it.

It’s up to you, if you can’t work fine on an Xcode 7.x project then it’s better to first upgrade your Mac and then buy the app template. Make sure your computer supports Xcode 7.x

My macbook support the newest Xcode and swift. The problem is the machine is so slow the simulator takes forever to load and crashes alot.

Then you may expand the RAM, anyway, it’s up to you

is it works without parse.com ?

You’re welcome

according to the new document i changed my cloudkit to production but i have to retype all the station ! is there any way to transfer all registered station on development to the production ?

Hi, unfortunately CloudKit doesn’t allow it, that’s why we updated the documentation, in order to store data directly in the Production environment.

I downloaded the new project with the new cloudkit implementation. I got it to work on my iPhone 5s. All the stations load properly. But the project doesn’t load on my iPad. On the iPad it loads the app icon and then goes no further. Anyone else run into to this problem. Please email me at timbojill@gmail.com as well. Been working on this all week.

That’s the problem, the iPad should be yours since you’re using your Xcode to run the app, probably you need to register its UDID into your Developer Portal, Devices section. We don’t need your project since it’s like the original one so it works on both iPhone and iPad. You must login into your iCloud account on that iPad to run your app with Xcode on it, but you can’t as you said, so don’t worry, just submit your app since it works fine on your own iPhone 5, that’s enough to see that your app works properly.

I already have the ipad set for development in xcode/developers portal. I would like to send the project to you. It fails to load in the simulator as well.

ok, we’ll contact you by email soon

Does it work with Shoutcast link?.

Yes, we used the M3U links from SHOUTcast.com for the demo

I know the documentation doesn’t specify but just wondering if this app plays streaming video files/URLs as well. If it doesn’t is there another template that does ? My client want to add streaming video links as well to the app.

Hi, no it only plays audio streaming files, we have LiveTV for Apple tV in our Portfolio as an alternative, but not a video streaming template at the present.

Do you have a download link? Would like to test the app first.

Hi, no sorry, we don’t have lonks to our clients versions on the App Store, nir we have published this app on there. hopefully somebody will post his iTunes link here someday.

Does the newest app have support for Google admob/adsense since Apple’s iAds is no more?

Yes, check the description of the apps to see which ones have AdMob banners or interstitial ads

Ok thanks it has been months since I updated. That is the only thing I need to change. Thanks again for confirming.

you’re welcome!

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!

Does it supports all types of radio format like mms and rtmp? Thanks.

.pls, .m3u or .mp3 files only

I downloaded the newest update. When I try to run it out of the box I get two errors. “Umbrella header ‘GoogleMobileAds.h’ not found and Could not build Objective-C module ‘GoogleMobileAds. Kindly let me know what I am doing wrong.

Xcode has messed up with Googlemobileads.framework path. So select ot from the Frameworks folder in Xcode, hit delete but click on Reference only.
Drag Googlemobileads.framework file from your project folder into Frameworks folder in Xcode. Click Project-> Clean and run your app again, it should work

Cool. I will try that the next time I am behind my Mac. I just wanted to make sure the problem was not on my end or that I downloaded the wrong project file.

ok great.

Is the “PARSE_APP_Key” the same as the App Id in the back4app settings?

Yes, the Application ID

Does the app continue playing when in background (after home button is clicked)?

yes it does, you can also play a radio station and lock the screen, it’ll keep playing.

Perfect. Thank you for the fast response!

you’re welcome!

Hi sir. does this app support IPV6 protocol? because as apple guidelines IPV4 apps has rejected form June 6…peace!

yes, all our apps support IPv6.