Radio Streaming

Radio Streaming

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Radio Streaming for iPhone and Android made easy!

This is a Titanium application that will save you a lot of time if you need make a Radio Streaming application in both platforms, iPhone and Android

  • Radio Streaming made easy
  • Full Titanium Source Code
  • 100% iPhone and Android compatible
  • Work over WiFi and 3G
  • Background streaming playback
  • Radio Shows, Network or Local XML data functionality
  • DJ’s Module
  • About ‘developer’ Module
  • MP3 Steaming

You can use this full app or use the modules for you own project.

All this App is built to be used over Titanium, please visit, for more titanium information.

In simples term you can build native iOS apps using the Titanium’s Javascript API, this app is not a web browser app, this will be 100% native after titanium compiling process.

Please keep in mind, you will need some Javascript and Titanium knowledge and Titanium IDE Working properly also the Titanium Kitchen Sink demo app running.

Be advice, Android streaming works properly using icecast MP3 steaming