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hi wanted a quote for this source code optimized for ipad and apple watch. In apple watch switches alone play, pause and logo. Thank you

Good day! Please contact support https://studio76.pro/support Thanks


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Hi there when will updates for ios 9 be done? tx

Updates will come later, as we currently publish another application

Dear, we have problem with new update to IOS9.. when our app is open and load song name then close to application.

please check it : https://itunes.apple.com/be/app/gold-fm/id499112426?l=tr&ls=1&mt=8

problem with last fm api ? or new IOS9 bug? or ?? thanks

Answered. You are welcome

Dear, i’m still waiting for my open ticket of support panel.. Thanks..

Are you there?

i send in https://studio76.pro/support now 7 days no answer yet ?

11 days no answer

it is possible to set only one radio station

I do not have a PC with operating system Mac, My computer has Windows 7, I have to edit the app to publish it with windows?

This APP can be used for only one radio? and or multiple?

YouTube videos in the documents are giving as private video where you can see the explanatory videos?

Only Multi, Write mail, i give you video tutorial

Volume Control is not working on IOS9 and your support website seems hacked

Good day. Website support in the process of transferring to a new hosting. Work service will be one day. We bring apologies for the inconvenience

the video documentation is private in Youtube, i can’t see video

Please contact support


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can I put file with links on dropbox?


s76 Author

Yes you can.


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Is there admob interstitial implemented, if yes, it is implemented with recommended google interstitial implementations policy?

Does it supports all types of radio format like mms and rtmp? Thanks.

Hi, How to make money with this app?


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Hi. Everything is ok with the app except one thing. It doesnt support radyonomy links. Please help me with this.